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Release that Witch Chapter 1489 - Once Again, Battle of Souls

Chapter 1489: Once Again, Battle of Souls

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This time, Roland fell silent for a very long period of time.

He looked at the thousands of screens behind the entity. The living beings active inside no doubt represented the countless cycles of the past. With the Battle of Divine Will continuing up to now, it implied that no creature was able to independently live beyond the barrier.

This world wasn’t deliberately named Cradle either, despite it having corpses and remains buried in it.

“… Then what is the Realm of Mind?” Roland asked after a long period of time.

“It’s critical to maintain evolution, which is the core of the Cradle.” God did not seem to have any intention of hiding things from him. “Magic power can be driven by will, but it isn’t as simple as having it turn into whatever you will it to be. After countless evolutions, it gradually could be used by life and turned into an energy under this world’s laws. This also proves that the Creator’s theory is accurate with just a little deviation in the method involved.”

A little deviation… Roland fell silent. Perhaps no one could imagine that simply based on thought, an action that couldn’t be seen or touched, could reduce entropy in reality. This was perhaps the most fascinating part about magic power.

“Usage of magic power still can’t be devoid of usage method and calculations; however, it is incompatible with mathematics and other natural laws which we are already aware of. If it wasn’t because I had been changed by magic power, I wouldn’t even be able to comprehend the laws.”

It stretched out its finger and waved it. The screens behind it coalesced into one—countless beams of light shot up into the sky, and after reflection from the barrier, gathered within the Bottomless Land. “After a tremendous period of time, the Cradle discovered that even with the Battle of Divine Will, lifeforms need to experience an extremely long period of growth and comprehension, even if they were born in an environment with magic power. In order to speed up this process, the Realm of Mind replaces a portion of the conversion work. This speeds up their ability to use magic power and this magic power will then change their bodies.”

“So those light beams which are called ‘keys’ are actually pipes to transmit data?” Roland asked.

“Calling them pipes isn’t accurate, because they are magic power materialized as information. The Realm of Mind would complete a calculation based on the user’s pleas and expectations before transmitting the outcome back. This allows lifeforms to possess the ability to control large amounts of magic power in an extremely short period of time, so as to shorten the time needed for their growth.”

“So you know of every change in the Cradle—” Roland said in a deep voice.

“That’s right. This is a necessary measure to ensure that the system will operate as per normal.”

So that’s how it is… Some of his previous questions received an answer. For instance, why certain witches had light beams which were obviously thicker than other witches, even if the former’s abilities didn’t seem that powerful. This was because it had nothing to do with the power produced, but the complexity of the process.

Meanwhile, things like Andrea’s sure-hit and Momo’s ability to see lifespan were abilities that stemmed from some prediction of the future. They were all established on the pretext of a massive information web, and that the Cradle could control everything in the world. As long as the processing abilities were powerful enough, all indeterminable factors such as Chaos effects could be resolved within the barrier.

When the conditions of the exterior world were deterministic, the outcome became naturally obvious.

To be able to reach such achievements technologically, he was convinced that this was a civilization that tried to play God.

“In that case… the Dream World is already interfering with your plan?”

“That’s right. Not only does it occupy lots of resources and influences the stability of the core—as you should have already noticed. The magic users in the world are decreasing. This is all a symptom of the Realm of Mind being overtaxed. In order to prevent the Cradle’s structure from collapsing, I have to return everything to its original state.” With that said, God’s tone turned a little sorrowful. “Child, see what you have done. All the evolution information that has happened to this day will all return to its original point.”

This blame is really… a little too much for anyone to shoulder.

Roland curled his lips. “I don’t understand. If you can create the Cradle, I believe you can control the entire Realm of Mind as well. Why not let the Dream World be destroyed from the beginning?”

“That’s because the evolution of life comprises of infinite possibilities. It’s even more so under the influence of magic power.” God had apparently guessed that he would ask such a question. “I allocated a portion of the resources for the Realm of Mind to other civilizations, mainly a form of acquiesce to allow them to study the power of cores. Artificial interference and correction might end up missing that sliver of evolution possibility. But to ensure a multifaceted outcome, any external interference will be restricted, unless it has already threatened the entire project and the Cradle itself.”

So it’s not that God can’t do it, but it has already bound itself by the most basic rules…

“I believe expressing my apologies at this moment would already be too late?”

It shook its head. “From the moment you arrived here, it was already too late.”

“But I do not believe that the resistance of life as shackles on themselves is a mistake.” Roland wiped away his teasing expression and stared straight at God. “Even if I were given a choice to redo it, I’ll still do the same.”

“I can understand because you believe yourselves as extraordinary. Sentient lifeforms develop logic, but seldom do they abide by logic. This might be the reason why magic power would resonate with you.”

“It’s best if there’s less mutual understanding. Speaking of which, this place is fundamentally a part of the Realm of Mind, am I right?” Roland spread his hands and secretly focused. Then, he conjured a short sword in his palm. “It doesn’t seem like I’m wrong. Entering the Divine Domain isn’t crucial, after all this is your territory. Reckless intrusion will lead to a simple annihilation. Only by using Erosion to change the laws can your existence be threatened.”

“So you always had such an idea from the very beginning?” God pointed its finger at Roland. “Whatever. Although I’m unable to agree with such acts, I can give you the requisite amount of respect. Apart from letting you know everything, I can even give you a chance to resist, so as to let you know the gap between us.”

As it finished speaking, Roland suddenly felt something being stuffed into his head. The excruciating pain from the swelling made him shout out intolerably!

Countless words and formulas flashed by his eyes like an illusory light show.

Grand unification theory, superstring theory, multidimension law, theory of everything…

The knowledge that had troubled humanity for extended periods of time presented itself in front of him. Not only that, he realized that he could completely understand the content, just like a brand new door was opening up to him.

“The Realm of Mind had a record of an abnormal fight. Calling it the Battle of Souls is quite apt for the present situation.” God slowly floated up. “At this moment, your brain is being connected to the Cradle’s knowledge vault. Knowledge accumulated for tens of millions of years are free for you to acquire. Of course, if you wish to give up, that’s fine. The world’s remolding will not bring you any pain. Everything is but an instant—”

“What are you saying?” Roland did not hesitate to cut God off. “Since you have bestowed me with such a chance, how can I miss it?”

He raised his hand and swung it, causing the platform and stairs to shatter. The pure white background began crumbling, revealing the black universe with its twinkling lights.

Armadas appeared out of thin air as they arranged themselves neatly behind him, forming a vast matrix—it was the scene which he had seen from Epsilon’s memories.

All sorts of weapon systems were aimed at God under Roland’s will. At the moment the thought for attack arose, a blinding beam of light instantly lit up the entire starry space!


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