Release that Witch

Release that Witch Chapter 1470 - Fracturing

Chapter 1470: Fracturing

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"This—is impossible—"

Blood Conqueror looked at the reddened horizon as he roared with battle ax in hand.

Although he couldn't see the exact situation of the Deity of Gods, be it the red hurricane that surged towards the firmaments, or the successive explosion sounds, it all meant that the situation was not optimistic. As one of the first senior lords of the race to upgrade, he was the first to see man-made "fiery rain." In his memory, only the calamities of the Blackstone region would produce such phenomena of a resonating world and flames reaching into the sky.

And when it was so strong in intensity that even higher ascendants could sense the magic power blast sweeping towards them, they received confirmation of their worst expectations. It was no longer considered a ripple, but a thud that struck them on the heart. Only the King's death would trigger such a clear palpitation.

If one wanted to kill the King, one had to first attack the Deity of Gods. That implied battling thousands of Junior Demons, more than a hundred thousand Primal Demons, and even more Symbiotic Demons. Blood Conqueror could not imagine how the humans could accomplish that.

"What's happening over there? What are Undeserved and Mask doing?" His rage reached its peak. The two bastards had confidently claimed of being able to protect the Deity of Gods, but in less than an hour, the rear had fallen under the enemy's hands. If they were to appear in the camp, he would not hesitate to chop them up!

"Wait, where are you going?"

Just as Blood Conqueror gritted his teeth and headed out the camp, Death Scar stopped him.

"Is there a need to ask? Of course, it's to kill the enemy! Make way!"

"How are you going to touch that metal lump in the sky?" The latter remained motionless. "Besides, once the Deity of Gods is damaged, the Birth Tower here is the only Red Mist source that can be reached. The surviving members of the race will definitely retreat towards Arrieta. Are you planning on forging forward against the incoming horde?"

"So what? I'll destroy anyone who stops me!" Blood Conqueror spat.

"And as a result lower the morale of the migrants to rock-bottom?" Death Scar said heavily. "The blast from before has already left the camp uneasy. If you were to leave alone, it will probably make them think that you're panic-stricken and fled alone! As such, order in the army would collapse—"

"Bullshit!" Blood Conqueror couldn't contain his anger. "Even while facing the legions of the Sky-sea Realm, I never took a single step back. How dare you say I'm afraid?"

"So what if you aren't afraid? What matters is how the other upgraded demons think. Even if a surmise is incongruent with reality, when there's chaos and danger, it can also leave one in doubt. Regretfully, it's probably difficult for you to understand this point with your comprehensive abilities."

A voice suddenly sounded from behind them.

Blood Conqueror immediately widened his eyes, completely unable to forget the owner of the voice.

It was none other than the long-missing Sky Lord—Hackzord!

Without any hesitation, he raised his ax and turned around to cleave downwards. The reverberating magic power blasted out, leaving a crater tens of feet wide!

Before the dust settled, Hackzord walked out from another Distortion Door.

"You—traitor!" Blood Conqueror turned his head and roared.

"That's why I say that regardless of how ridiculous a surmise is, no one will care what the truth is," he said indifferently. "I have never betrayed the race."

"Where have you been the past few months?" Death Scar's expression was filled with shock as well. Although he wasn't as angry as Blood Conqueror, he still took on a wary pose.

"I went to the Bottomless Land… which is also what the race calls the origins of magic power, the Realm of Mind," Hackzord answered.

"What… did you say?" Death Scar was taken aback.

"It's in between the Land of Dawn and the Blackstone region, above the sea where the fog rises." Sky Lord recounted his experiences and discovery simply. "And the person who informed me of this news is Nightmare Lord, Valkries."

This series of stunning news left the two senior lords agape. It also made the other members of the race who gathered over when they heard the commotion to break out into murmurs.

Moments later, Blood Conqueror snapped to his senses. "So you chose to join forces with them to betray the King? Is this assault the result of your collusion with the humans?"

"I know you can't understand, just like you are having anger wash over your heads, insistent on seeking revenge on the humans, but throwing the interests of the race to the back of your mind." Hackzord turned his head to look at Death Scar. "But you are different from Blood Conqueror. You should understand the meaning behind these clues. In addition, although I've had contact with the humans, I didn't participate in their assault plans. Calling it a collusion is completely ridiculous."

Death Scar maintained a moment of silence before speaking. "Indeed, I'm not Blood Conqueror. As such, sophistry is meaningless to me. But it is undeniable that your desertion indirectly weakened King's City's defenses. Even if you had not involved yourself in the attack, it cannot be said that this assault had nothing to do with you. Sitting idly by the sidelines is in a way helping the humans."

"Cut the crap!" Blood Conqueror roared. "Use your ability to restrain him. I'll tear him to shreds with my own hands!"

However, Death Scar didn't take action. "What I wish to ask is that even after going this far, do you think you are doing this for the race?"

"What I think is meaningless," Hackzord answered calmly. "The facts of the matter is that the humans grasp a legacy that far exceeds our expectations. It's already impossible to completely destroy them. The final outcome would only be an internecine one. No one can continue this battle that repeats itself. However, by viewing it from another angle, if the Battle of Divine Will isn't necessary, it's possible that both races can survive."

"Why is it our race that makes the compromise?"

"…" This time, Sky Lord's voice had a tinge of wistfulness. "It's because the one that can affect god… is a human."

"Are you sure?"

"If you were to see that imaginary world, you wouldn't say so." Sky Lord sighed. "From what Nightmare Lord said, the race once had a chance to go that far. Heathtalese, who created the Cloud School, had heard the whispers of the Oracles, and back then, humans were nothing but in a state of disunity."

Death Scar stared at him for an extended period of time, seemingly trying to determine if it was something he said from the heart. Finally, he asked softly, "What direction does Nightmare Lord actually wish to take the race? Has she pledged loyalty to the human you mentioned?"

"No, there's no need for us to do anything. All we need to do is bring him to the Bottomless Land."

"In that case…"

"Ridiculous!" Blood Conqueror raised his foot and suddenly stomped the ground, interrupting the duo's conversation. "What difference does this have from surrendering in submission, leaving your fate in the hands of someone else? You believe the lowlifes' promises? I reckon you must be crazy! Nightmare Lord is nothing worth mentioning either!"

"This is the only chan—"

"Hahaha… Are you treating charity as a chance?" He raised his ax. "Has the centuries of war with the Sky-sea Realm not emboldened you at all? Oh, I forgot. You really lack the guts. After all, how can you truly encounter a strong enemy by hiding in the rear?"

Hackzord's expression sank.

"I was born for blood and slaughter! And so-called fate is something that only I can hold!" Blood Conqueror roared. "Lowering our weapons to our enemy and pleading for their kindness? No… I, Blood Conqueror, would rather die than surrender to anyone!"

"Although I knew this would be the outcome, I still wished to try my best to avoid it." Hackzord raised his hand and snapped his fingers. A new Distortion Door slowly opened up behind it.

Out of the door was the expressionless Silent Disaster.

Dark clouds billowed in the sky.

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