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Release that Witch Chapter 1467 - Different Fates

Chapter 1467: Different Fates

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Nassaupelle only felt a chill run down his back.

He had seen the iron bird’s launching bombs when they swooped down. Since the first attack came from a huge metallic object, then the bigger iron bird which Undeserved discovered was a complete match. Ignoring the discussion on when the humans managed to build such large iron birds, at the very least, their principles and structure were interrelated.

And for the belly to only have a huge hole, it meant that the enemy had already dropped the second metallic object!

Then where was it now?

As Nassaupelle changed the direction of King’s City, he looked up towards the smoke pillar. But he soon gave up his meaningless attempts. Without the aid of the Eye Demon guards, his several pairs of half-blind eyes were unable to find the answer in the chaotic sky. There were traces of battle between the Bogle Beasts and the iron birds, and any black speck that fell could be a fragment of the iron birds or a limb of a Bogle Beast, or even a Primal Demon who had lost its mount.

In fact, he couldn’t even see the gigantic black iron bird which Undeserved saw. The billowing smoke had already spread out for dozens of miles. A huge ‘umbrella’ had formed above his head and had undoubtedly formed a contiguous screen. Trying to figure out the overall situation from a low elevation was basically impossible.

“Did it throw something? Or is there any black object that’s rapidly descending?”Mask asked with a roar.

“Yes, there’re things like that everywhere.” Undeserved answer did not exceed his expectations. “If you want me to find something, it’s best you be clearer in your description.”

There’s no more time! Nassaupelle came to a realization.

What else could he do?

How was he to dodge such a strike?

Many hypotheses surfaced in his mind, but they were quickly written off.

This won’t do… That won’t do… Not this either!

Finally, Mask discovered that he was at his wits’ end.

Faced with the enemy’s incredible legacy weapon, there was little he could do. The Deity of Gods was massive, so trying to change the direction in a short period of time was basically impossible. Even if he had issued a command for a full retreat towards the core apparatus, the massive inertia pushed the mountain body slowly forward.

Intercept the metallic object? Ignoring the problem of not knowing the precise location and its speed, realizing the given order would be impossible. The Bogle Beast troops have already fully scattered and had targeted the huge iron bird. The Birth Tower’s conscious transmission could only be sensed by higher ascendants who had touched the Realm of Mind. There was no way for him to immediately inform the threat to more than a thousand Primal Demons and Junior Demons who were in battle.

The only thing Mask could pin his hopes on was that the fellows with one head could be a little smarter, treating the humans’ weapon as “another abnormality,” and not allow the black metallic object to crash into King’s City.

The fate of the demons no longer had anything to do with his personal will.

Sylvie could not help but bite down on her lips.

The Ark of Peace was already billowing in smoke due to the attacks of the demons’ encirclement. The plane’s nose was indented from the enemy’s strikes and although two of its engines were still working, it did not reverse the fate of it crashing.

Around the Ark of Peace was a dense horde of Devilbeasts. They were coming from every direction, throwing their long spears with explosive effects at the plane which had lost control. The scene reminded her of vultures splitting the meat of their prey.

This was also a decision made by the squadron.

In order to reduce the errors from dropping the bomb, Ark of Peace had descended from seven thousand meters to four thousand meters. This distance was already smaller than the safety limit, and the trajectory calculated was basically that of a direct drop into the enemy’s search zone. At the same time, with them passing through the fatal radiating column, it meant that there was no turning back once they decided on a course of action.

After obtaining the modified parameters and calculating the outcome, the aircraft commander, Eagle Face, did not say much to her. All he said was two sentences.

“Ark of Peace, roger that.

“Thank you. The rest of the mission is up to you.”

It was as though this was a most ordinary matter.

If she had not informed the numbers she observed or had chosen a safer route…

Wendy suddenly held her hand, as though she could see that she lacked the heart of what had just happened. “This is not your fault. Eagle Face knows very well of his responsibilities. He also completed his mission in outstanding fashion. If not for the Ark of Peace attracting a large number of enemies, the Aerial Knights would have probably suffered an inestimable loss. Let them retreat from the blast zone and be prepared for the blast.”

Sylvie knew that Wendy was right. When fighting the enemy on their homeground while they held the absolute data advantage, it already wasn’t easy for the Aerial Knights to last so long. She could not let Eagle Face’s efforts be in vain.


She took a deep breath and rallied herself. She passed the news through a sigil and transmitter simultaneously. The planes which received the notice turned directions and used the advantage of their speed to escape the battlefield. It was also at this moment that Sylvie saw an incredible scene. Not all the Aerial Knights were retreating into the distance. Three Fury of Heaven planes had no intention of leaving and were instead flying towards the demons’ King’s City!

“Hey, do you know what you are doing!?” In the receiver, Finkin’s rowdy voice blared ceaselessly. “This is not an exercise!”

“I know that obviously!” Good roared as well. As he spoke, he shot and finished a Devilbeast which was charging straight at him. “If everyone is flying out, the enemy is bound to discover that the Ark of Peace has dropped the bomb. Although changing its trajectory isn’t easy, who knows what will eventually happen! If you don’t believe, look at that fellow—he clearly has the same idea as me!”

The reason why Good insisted on staying in the original area of attack was precisely because he was worried that the demons would notice the bomb which was dropped from a high altitude and manage to stop it from landing on the Deity of Gods.

The second high-explosive bomb weighed four tons and it was installed with a God’s Stone of Retaliation. Be it spear-throwing or the power of magic stones, it was difficult to damage it. However, the problem lay in the fact that it only produced the best effects by exploding in the core region of the floating city. This was something that was emphasized numerous times in the battle briefings. It was nearly impossible for the Devilbeasts to chase after it by their own initiative, but one could never be too careful. If a Devilbeast were to happen to intercept it while it followed its trajectory, the outcome might be greatly altered.

And he was the guardian to see it to the end.

Regretfully, he was not the only one who had thought of this. Someone had acted faster than him. Perhaps he had taken action the moment the bomb left the plane.

That person was none other than Manfeld Castein.

In fact, he was the first to notice Manfeld’s plane and, from the chaos, found the round bomb.

The three Fury of Heaven planes took up a triangular formation and chased after the bomb. Their engines produced ear-splitting booms that tore through their earmuffs. Good even saw the stabilizer fins located at the end of the bomb.

If he was maneuvering a former Fire of Heaven, his plane would probably be reduced to pieces from traveling at such high speeds.

Thankfully, the journey wasn’t too far. After destroying two Devilbeasts which attempted an approach, the huge hole in the dome of the Deity of Gods appeared before their eyes.


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