Reborn into A Slash Game


Reborn into A Slash Game Chapter 2

Suo Fei who was on top of the quilt rolled and rolled until there was no more space for retreat, only stopping when he was stuck to the ice-cold wall.

He felt that he was only wearing a small piece of underwear. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see a great beauty at his bedside.

His mind went blank.

Who will tell him what on earth happened?

Come on, don’t shirk your responsiblity — yes, he must have woken up the wrong way, oh dear, this can't fool him.

He's a pure 24k , unchangeable, ultimate gong; a bona fide gay. Even if he was offered a beautiful lady with an earthshaking beauty, he will not have even a teeny bit of interest. Why was it not a pretty little shou ah … okay, that's not the point. The point is, beauty, go back to where you came from, all right? I just woke up and I can't afford another shock.

He had a belly full of complaints, it's a pity that an out-and-out otaku like Suo Fei is a bona fide gay with a max-level social phobia. Hence, he could only hold the quilt and stare at the great beauty in dismay. Fortunately, the great beauty was able to talk and communicate.

"Phil, yesterday, mother was too much."

The great beauty sounded as elegant as herself… but what did she mean by that?

Mother? Suo Fei earnestly looked at the beauty who seemed to be only eighteen years old; snow-white skin, big eyes, small and cute chin. She didn't look like a mother from any angle.

It's a pity that the great beauty firmly identified herself as a mother and continued to say: "Don't be angry with your mother, alright?"

Suo Fei was petrified…

He tried to analyse using his mushy brain. The beauty must be talking to him and judging from her words, she thinks she's his mom?

Come on!

Although he's an orphan and he had never seen his mother, from a scientific point of view, he’s already twenty-seven years old, even if his mother gave birth when she was twenty, she should already be forty-seven years old, close to turning fifty.

Not only does this fifty-year-old mother look like an eighteen-year-old, but she's also unscientifically beautiful?!

Wait a minute. Even if it all made sense, his mother is a Tianshan Tonglao. Who can tell him why was it that his mother has dazzling, silvery long hair and silver eyes?

Alright, he gets it, he's definitely dreaming the wrong way. Currently, going back to sleep is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, God didn't give him this opportunity.

Another sentence from the beauty completely sobered him up.

"Get up early and tidy up. Manzy His Highness has returned to Valinor."

Scanning keywords: Manzy, Valinor

Piupiu….Suo Fei's brain ran at high capacity and the corresponding information came out.

It's not that his memory was good, it was just that he's an idiot that played hard for the past three days and three nights, so he's very sensitive to these keywords.

Valinor — the Holy Land of Elves, the City of Stars.

Manzy — Full Name: Manzy Agu. The Young Patriarch of the Elves, noble, elegant, beautiful and extraordinary.

The key point is…. Valinor is in the world of "Yalance"!

Manzy was the sixth shou that the ultimate gong Suo Fei daren conquered — he has facial paralysis, cold on the surface, but is enchanting and coquettishly wild inside.

What's wrong with this world, I just went to sleep…

The beauty had left, so Suo Fei who was rolled up in a quilt climbed out of bed, walking towards the closest mirror.

Despite being mentally prepared, seeing a strange but familiar person in the mirror still shocked him.

He had silvery-white short, fluffy and curly hair, snow-white skin, and brows that resembled Suo Fei's except it was too exquisite that it looked like it got photoshopped.

When Suo Fei moved his ears, the pointy and droopy ears of the man in the mirror also moved…

He had been a human for more than twenty years, yet he unexpectedly turned into a legendary elf just after he played a game for three days straights and slept.

The great beauty seemed to call him Phil. Suo Fei racked his brains thinking about the characters who appeared in Yalance but he didn’t seem to recall a young Elven boy named Phil.

Could it be that he was an insignificant passerby?

Considering the huge worldview of "Yalance", it's already impossible to count the number of important figures having powerful connections and background, it can be assumed that there will be even more nameless passersby.

Suo Fei was somewhat regretful, why was he not lucky enough to become a legendary gong, the gong of all gongs, the ultimate gong daren, ne!

Well, being an elf is not bad either, anyhow, first I'll have a look at the peerless beauty, Manzy baobei.

He was impressed by Manzy, not to mention the time and effort he put in to conquer him, just his beauty alone made his heart beat faster.

Elves were born magnificent, their temperament was even more outstanding, and Manzy was one of the best. He has silver hair that reaches the floor that seemed as if it was being enshrouded by a halo of light, pointed ears and soft skin that cannot compare to lanolin.

Also…. Under his ice-cold front is a fervent beating heart. He especially likes to be on top during a moment of passion.

Ai….. I'm going to have a nosebleed!

Suo Fei quickly stopped playing the little theater in his head, he's really itching to see the real version of Manzy. With a wretched heart, Suo Fei suppressed his urge to drool.

Unexpectedly, the quick and agile elves were dressed in cumbersome clothing.

The door was pushed open, illuminating the whole room. From the sun came forth holy light, bathing Valinor with boundless light and all the buildings were enshrouded with a light halo.

The reason why Valinor was called the City of Stars was not only because of the beautiful starry night in the early morning, it's more because of the sunlight enveloping the place during the day. All the stars in the sky will fall into the world, like colorful fireflies, fluttering through the whole space; within reach, but unable to touch.

The top visual effects designed by the "Yalance" production team already shocked Suo Fei when he saw it on his computer screen but now that he's really here, personally seeing the beautiful scenery was a direct assault on his heart.

The young Elven boy Phil's family looked well-off. Through the corridor, a maid was leading Suo Fei towards the main hall.

After walking across a long courtyard, he arrived at the main hall where Vixanne Evans was already waiting. Suo Fei simply saluted and, overcoming his psychological barriers, he whispered: "Mother."

Vixanne nodded and greeted Suo Fei with a faint smile. She tidied his collar first before softly saying: "Your father went to the temple early in the morning, I only realized after he went out that Manzy His Highness is back from travelling. Wait for your father to come back and we'll go see him together."

Suo Fei nodded in understanding but in his mind, he was already thinking that it's a good night, a wonderful night. It's a great night to see his Manzy baobei.

Vixanne asked Suo Fei to have breakfast, Elves have a light diet but it all tasted good, especially the wine, but the wine here was very different from the Dwarves.

Dwarves are heavy drinkers, whereas the Elves are more graceful. The variety of beautiful colorful drinks were just like their race, resplendent and exquisite.

Suo Fei ate contentedly, while Vixanne didn't eat much as she took care of Suo Fei. Seeing how satisfied he was, she couldn't help but smile: "Yesterday, it was mother who was too tough."

Listening to her bring it up again, Suo Fei looked up at her.

Although they haven't been in contact for a long time, Vixanne was not only beautiful but she was also gentle and considerate. This kind of thoughtfulness made Suo Fei, this wild child, feel warm.

Because of this, Suo Fei looked at Vixanne and could't help but feel guilty. He had no idea where Phil went and he couldn't explain it clearly. However, his fear of the unfamiliar surrounding alleviated due to Vixanne's care.

To be honest, he wanted to get closer to Vixanne even though he only knew her for a day.

Therefore, Suo Fei wanted to reassure her over what happened yesterday, so he stumbled and said: "Mother, it's fine, it's alright."

Vixanne was clearly surprised, then she smiled and her silver eyes turned softer as she said: "Mother doesn't want to confine you forever, I just hope that you don't leave Valinor for a month after you reach adulthood, just one month."

Hearing this, Suo Fei understood the so-called dispute between the mother and son. Elves have a habit, as a teenager reaches adulthood where they will ask permission to go out and travel which could last anywhere from a year to many decades. The chances are Vixanne loved her son dearly, therefore she wanted him to stay for a while. Hence, Suo Fei didn't think too much about it.

The day passed by faster than it seemed. The holy light converged on the horizon and the stars rose covering the sky. Vixanne's husband, Fei Er's father, came back.

Unsurprisingly, Phil's father was a brilliant and dashing elf. Standing beside Vixanne, they truly looked like a perfect match. He believed that there was no better match than Phil's parents.

Vixanne called him Grantlyn. When Suo Fei heard the name, something flashed in his head, however, the memory was a bit vague when he tried to recall it.

Grantlyn…. He probably heard the name but it was definitely not on the main plot, otherwise, he won't forget about it.

He didn't mull over it for long. Even though Suo Fei didn't continue to delve into it, but because of this distraction, he didn't notice Grantlyn looking at him with a concern that cannot be hidden and a feeling of deep irresolvable sorrow.

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