Rebirth Junior High School: The Exceling Top Student Goddess


Rebirth Junior High School: The Exceling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Back to 13 years old (2)

Yun Hua wasn't clear about the specifics of the situation.

But more or less, the situation was that Yun Hua's grandfather had saved the life of Qi Ziheng's grandfather. In an act of thanks, the marriage contract had been drawn. But that was all, there was no declaration to the public.

When Yun Hua had gotten to know about the contract in her past life, she had almost gone mad from the happiness and excitement bubbling in her heart!

It was senior Qi Ziheng in question ah! She had filled several diaries with writings about the senior, he was handsome, he was brilliant, and he was always elegant. To her he had always been the unattainable hero who had saved her from ridicule; he was the person she respected the most!

Yun Hua had never imagined that one day she would turn out to be Qi Ziheng's fiancée.

She must have saved her country, no, the universe in her past life!

When she had heard the news last time, she was so happy that she was practically walking in the clouds. She wanted to tell every person she met; she wanted the world to know that only she was Qi Ziheng's fiancée, a fiancée with a marriage contract oh!

She dreamed all the dreams. When the news spread, how many women would look at her with jealous eyes?

In her past life, just like today, someone added her on QQ. Verifying the person, she had found out that the person was Qi Ziheng. She excitedly accepted.

The other party had immediately sent those messages last time, just like today. Qi Ziheng had asked her if she was a weak coward, it depended on the answer whether or not she was really worthy of being his fiancée.

The test was simple. Yun Hua was to put on the sexy underwear and wait for him in the sports equipment storage room.

Qi Ziheng also said that if she didn't come, then forget it, he would just talk to his grandfather and dismiss the contract. Of course, he would make sure to compensate with money to the Yun family.

She had been secretly in love with him for so long, how could she have cared about money?

Yun Hua had already set her heart on Qi Ziheng, it never crossed her mind that the other party was treating her in a demeaning manner; it never crossed her mind that the entire thing might have been a trap. She readily agreed to it.

She had changed her underwear, wearing the school uniform on the outside; she had slipped out during the second period during self-study time. She directly went to the sports equipment room.

She had been trembling all over as she removed her uniform until she was left wearing nothing but the lace underwear.

She hid in a cabinet and waited, she waited for a while until she fell asleep. Suddenly she had heard some footsteps approaching; she was both excited and nervous, thinking that it was definitely Qi Ziheng who had come!

Yun Hua had bitten her on to her lip as she tried to remove the excitement from her face.

The next second, the cabinet opened from the outside.

The originally dark room was illuminated as the light switch was flicked.

Clad in nothing but sexy black lingerie, Yun Hua could only look up as a group of people walked inside!

The person who opened the cabinet was He Yuxiang and behind… there was a large group of boys and girls…

There were people from her class, people from the classes next door, and even people from the upper grades.

When everyone saw Yun Hua's appearance, they were stirred up.

"Oh, look at what she's wearing, how shameless. Wearing this kind of thing and inviting Yuxiang… god knows what she wanted to do!"

"Exactly! Ah, she's not famous for this, is she? Here, take a picture and put on the school forum, say that the cheap girl wears sexy lingerie and invites seniors late at night…"

"Yes ah, look at her face, make sure to take a good one!"

"Hehe, I heard that she has a crush on senior Qi Ziheng. Looking this shameless, senior would be disgusted if he saw her!"

"Ah, do you guys think she's done…that? I mean, a person who dresses up like this to meet with boys, she can't be a virgin…"