Physician's Odyssey


Physician's Odyssey Chapter 292 - Trash the place

South Korea was a religious country, with the most Christian populations in Southeast Asia. But due to the influence of China, there was also Buddhism in the country, and Tongdosa was the biggest Buddism temple in South Korea. It was often visited by believers of Buddism on an annual basis, and it was famous for its marriage divinations. There was a legend that hanging a marriage seeking divination on the seven-colored three in the courtyard would bless you in finding your other half.

After the hotel's failure, Lee Jun-na ordered the chauffeur to drive her to Tongdosa to visit Master Qian. Despite being late at night, Master Qian was still receiving his believers.

"Venerable Father, I've failed!" Lee Jun-na sincerely kneeled. She had absolute faith in Master Qian. She had witnessed many miracles with her eyes, such as Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu falling unconscious, or how Sim Chang-suk was willing to listen to her orders and launch an attack against Park Joong-sun with explosives.

Master Qian couldn't accomplish it if he wasn't someone blessed by the heavens. Thus, Master Qian was omnipotent in her eyes.

"Failure was within my expectations." Master Qian patiently consoled. He understood Korean, since it was due to his believers being mostly South Koreans.

"Why?" Lee Jun-na asked in shock.

"The reason why I allowed you to try despite knowing that it would fail was to resolve the knot in your heart." Master Qian profoundly said.

Actually, Lee Jun-na was unaware that Master Qian had a set of routines with his speech.

If the plan succeeded, he would say somewhere in the line of: "Success was within my expectations. You don't have to be too excited as it was the will of Buddha that resolved your difficulties."

Most preachers were shams, they were just better in their skills to brainwash others. Not only that, but the brainwashed party would also show revere and respect towards them.

"I still can't resolve the hatred in my heart! My older brother was sent to prison, and he treated me well since young. He would stand out to defend me every time I was bullied. This time, it's my turn to protect him!" Lee Jun-na sobbed as she continued, "Master, please enlighten me. Please tell me how I should take my vengeance!"

"Revenge breeds revenge; will there ever be an end to it?" Master Qian let out a deep sigh as he continued, "You should find the cause of your failure!"

"It's that man again, Su Tao. He was the one who stopped Sim Chang-suk from detonating himself!" Lee Jun-na further analysed, "If Sim Chang-suk had succeeded in detonating the explosive, then everyone would have been killed. The plan was flawless!"

Hearing Su Tao's name, Master Qian's eyes flashed with an unnoticeable chill, but he maintained a calm voice, "You have already found the cause, so I believe I don't have to give you any more suggestions."

Giving a kowtow in respect, Lee Jun-na bade her farewell and left.

After a long silence, a shadow kneeled onto the ground. "Venerable Father, please allow me to make a trip back to China and rescue Nida."

Shaking his head, Master Qian replied, "Bassoon, I have once told you that you are now allowed to have any personal feelings while being my disciple!"

"But Nida is my younger sister, and I can't just watch her suffer!" Bassoon begged.

"You're Buddha's disciple. You should only have Buddha in your heart and not any worldly desires. Leave, you are grounded for five days!" Master Qian closed his eyes before coldly saying again, "She has failed her mission, and death is her only way home. If you want to take vengeance for Nida, then deal with that Chinese, Su Tao. He's currently in South Korea."

In the end, Bassoon disappeared. Master Qian wielded the life and death of his disciples. Although they were nominally his disciples, they were just cheap lives. Their lives were akin to slaves, and if the Venerable Father requested it, they would take the role of assassins.

They're not allowed to make any decisions in their life, and Bassoon has overstepped himself today. If it wasn't for his capability, Master Qian would probably issue a punishment and allow Bassoon to taste the torment of being burnt by hellfire.

As Master Qian slowly stood up, his monk robes fluttered and the candles nearby swayed before they extinguished. His silhouette was akin to a black statue before he disappeared from the living room.

You can find South Koreans that could speak Mandarin easily. Despite the conflicts between countries, where China implemented several policies targeted at South Korea, such as a limitation to tourism and custom adjustments, the number of Chinese visiting South Korea never decreased. A few years ago, South Korea noticed the lack of domestic demands, so they made promotions to attract tourists from China to push forth the development of the economy in South Korea. But it was a pity that the South Korean president, who was recently involved in a scandal, was lacking in vision and fell out with the Chinese government, which greatly affected the benefits of South Korea's Chaebols.

Although Su Tao wasn't willing to be a supporting character, he still made an appearance at Kim Jung-ho's medical center when it was officially opened. When the latter saw Su Tao, he was extremely excited and introduced Su Tao to others as the youngest divine physician in China.

Because many people in the circle have heard of stories about how Su Tao saved Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu, they were immediately curious upon seeing the actual person, which made Su Tao feel better. Although Kim Jung-ho was the protagonist today, he was an important character here. It was natural for humans to pursue vanity, and Su Tao wasn't an exception.

Sitting in a corner, Su Tao watched as Kim Jung-ho received guests. Truth be told, he actually felt a little admiration from Kim Jung-ho. You can always learn a thing or two from an outstanding person, and Kim Jung-ho was outstanding. He excelled in every factor, and it was no surprise that he would be placed with such great importance by the South Korean medical field.

The international medical circle wasn't small, nor was it big. Thus, there were also some familiar faces to Liu Ruochen amongst those that Kim Jung-ho knew. When she saw her acquaintances, she informed Su Tao before she went over. The Sect Master of the Aqua Cloud Stream was pretty good in her command of English, and it was no wonder why she was confident that she could be his guide before they boarded the plane.

A fragrant breeze blew past him and a gorgeous silhouette stood before Su Tao with a bright smile plastered on her face. "What's a handsome stud like you doing here, standing alone?"

She was fluent in her Mandarin, and if one disregarded her South Korean-style makeup, they would've mistaken her for a Chinese. However, Su Tao did not look her in the eyes and shrugged his shoulders. "Even a handsome stud would occasionally enjoy silence. I never expected that pretending to be depressed would attract me a babe."

"Heheā€¦" That woman chuckled and continued, "You're humorous. Let me introduce myself, I'm Kim Jung-yeon, and Kim Jung-ho is my older brother!"

Hearing her words, Su Tao looked at her in the eyes. She looked delicate with rosy lips without any traces of surgery and even shared a 70-80% resemblance with Kim Jung-ho. He said, "Your Mandarin is so much better than your brother's."

"That's because I majored in Mandarin at university!" Kim Jung-yeon smiled as she continued, "Welcome to South Korea. I initially wanted to pick you up yesterday, but my brother stopped me."

Su Tao went along with her and asked, "Why?"

"Because I declared that I wanted to woo you!" Kim Jung-yeon gave a playful smile.

"That's pretty difficult. Your brother is probably afraid that you might be hurt and stopped you." Su Tao smiled.

"Hmph, I don't believe it!" Kim Jung-yeon playfully glared at Su Tao before she swirled her hand. "You won't be able to escape from my grasp!"

If Su Tao was judging her words alone, he would find that she was similar to any Chinese woman.

As the two of them chatted, Kim Jung-ho saw this scene and immediately apologised to his guests before walking over with a stern expression.

"Jung-yeon, what are you doing here?" Kim Jung-ho asked in perplexion.

"Oppa, I'm not here for you. I'm here to look for Su Tao Oppa." Kim Jung-yeon made a face at Kim Jung-ho.

Letting out a weak sigh, Kim Jung-ho smiled as he turned to Su Tao. "I apologise if Jung-yeon was bothering you. My younger sister is more extroverted."

Waving his hand, Su Tao replied with a smile, "Thanks for your reminder. I've just experienced it, and I will remain a respectful distance from her!"

Kim Jung-yeon was way too passionate. Although her appearance was outstanding, Su Tao was cautious, since it might be a honey trap from Kim Jung-ho to get his sister to bewitch him.

If Kim Jung-ho knew what Su Tao was thinking, he would probably blow up. Although he would occasionally use underhanded means to achieve his objectives, he wasn't the kind to sell his sister out.

Kim Jung-ho was satisfied with Su Tao's attitude, since the latter was his rival. Thus, he wouldn't feel good if Su Tao seized his younger sister.

But it was a pity that this younger sister of his was stubborn. She disregarded all her admirers and insisted on going after Su Tao.

Suddenly, a commotion came from outside and Kim Jung-ho locked his brows. He immediately left his younger sister and Su Tao before walking over.

A man that was roughly 5'9" and seemed to be in his mid-thirties walked in. He wore formal clothing with a few people following behind him. Those people all had unusual hairstyles. Not only did they have piercings in their ears, but there were also some dangling silver ornaments on their noses and lips, which made them look intimidating.

Watching this scene, Su Tao let out a sigh. South Korea was indeed a non-mainstream export country.

"How can I help you?" Kim Jung-ho could tell that they weren't coming with good intentions, so he immediately gave an eye signal to his secretary.

"This is a medical center, so we're naturally here to seek medical treatment!" A sharp voice resounded from amongst the group before he showed up with an unusual appearance. He was the leader of that group.

"Kang Eun-tae, what are you doing here?" Kim Jung-ho locked his brows together.

This wasn't someone that he would welcome. The other party was considered to be his greatest opponent in South Korea. Kang Eun-tae was his senior back in medical university and was once praised as the future of South Korea's medical field. Kang Eun-tae practiced western medicine and Kim Jung-ho humiliated him through medical skills several times to prove the worth of TKM. However, he never expected that the former would have the courage to come and cause trouble in his medical center.

"Junior Brother, I'm naturally here to present you business for your opening." Kang Eun-tae pinched his nose as he continued, "Here are a few patients for you to treat. You will be paid for your service if you're able to treat them. If you're incapable, then I think you should close down this medical center of yours."

Kang Eun-tae's words were blatant; he was here to trash the place!


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