A Sunset With Izaya Orihara


A Sunset With Izaya Orihara afterword

For those being a first time, nice to meet you. For those that have been around a while, it’s been a while. It’s Ryohgo Narita.

And so thank you for reading “A Sunset with Izaya Orihara!”

Although the name is in the title, this story is not necessarily an adventure ballad about a man Izaya Orihara overcoming hardships and growing. I hope you think of it as a story like that of a kind of calamity panic movie (disaster movie) where a city that maintained its form while also on the edge crumbles by a foreign person named “Izaya Orihara” getting into the mix.

And so this work is a spin-off of my own work called Durarara!! which is set in Ikebukuro.

He is one of the main characters in that work, and Izaya Orihara was someone who secretly maneuvered events as an intentional troublemaker, stirring up the city. This work is drawn up on what he is doing somewhere after the last volume of the original.

For those who do not know Dura I hope you think of it as “I don’t really know, but it’s a story of a city being trifled with by a man with abnormal information collecting abilities.” For those who know Dura, I hope you enjoy it as “a spin-off on the man Izaya who was released from the constraints called Ikebukuro.”

Yes, constraints.

Personally as the author it is easy to let my pen run extraordinarily when it comes to writing the character that is Izaya Orihara, and even now among the characters that I have written he is one of characters really well liked. Whether it be a character walking alone or talking to himself, he is also a character where his lines come up one after the other. However in the work Durarara!! this character Izaya Orihara could not completely move freely. Just as you know for those who have read Dura there is always an “enemy” that would come to interfere, and as such there is an existence as “shackles” to force him to act with consciousness for Izaya to release himself.

And so this is a series where Izaya is released from “elsewhere that is named home ground” and does as he would like in an unknown land. I hope you enjoy the concept of “what would happen if there was no one to stop Izaya’s hobbies?”

At first the work was written thinking it was going to be published from Media Works, but having received opinions from the editorial department in the middle it has instead been published by Dengeki Bunko.

As a label there is not any particular rules, but personally as according to the image I bear I think if it was from Media Works Candiru and Usubara would not appear, the true culprit who killed Ryuuichi and the accomplice would take up half the book while Izaya would viscously run them up the wall with his crafty words, reveal their pasts, and then it would become a development where it all breaks down.

If it was planned for Dengeki Bunko from the beginning, I think it would have been gaudy considered stories like “Having gotten pulled into a hijacking incident, in the plane there are a series of killings occurring! A killer even the hijackers fear of is on this plane…..!?” “Izaya Orihara vs. A Bomber! A closed off village trying to exclude outsiders finally becomes a vacant land!” “A fake Izaya Orihara Appears! A legend of a doppelganger being circulated in a famous sight-seeing area!”, so I think that this book has become like that sort of midway.

Next time if a story of an “informant” getting pulled into a showy event like what I said just now, and the culprits and the victims are at the whim of an “informant” …..it may become such a composition story, so once a continuation comes out I hope you would enjoy this “Izaya Orihara to…..” series……..!

Now then, I think everyone who has just seen Izaya for the first time in this work would say “Hey, this composed informant – even though he’s a terrible person he didn’t get hardly any consequences! What about some karma?!” –

For everyone thinking that I recommend the origin of the spin-off the Durarara!! series! Fundamentally the character Izaya Orihara has the same personality like in the original work…….Well, he was a more troubling man with a bit of ill intent rather than neutrality, so he gets bad consequences at times, and many characters who can be called a “barrier” to stop him, so I think you can enjoy the character Izaya Orihara with him a bit different in the original work!

And now, this July the third of the anime series Durarara!! x2 Ten will begin airing! It is not just the anime, but starting from the manga release of the Durarara!! RE Dollars Saga comic there will be various other Media Works developments, so with those additions I hope you enjoy other sides of Izaya Orihara with this opportunity!

At last this will be appreciations.

Starting from Papio-san (Wada-san) in charge of having to work with my very, very tight schedule to everyone in the AMW printing division proofreading, thank you so much……!

To everyone who has made various medium Media Works products in relation to the basis of the spin-off Durarara!!.

To my family always supporting me, my friends, and illustrators lined up with authors.

To Suzuhito Yasuda-san having drawn wonderful illustrations for the Izaya spin-off while working vigorously on various other works.

And more than anything, to everyone who has picked up the book that is a new series as well as the spin-off of the story Durarara!!.

Thank you very much! I look forward to more hereafter!

“While watching the ‘Kowasugi!’ (Too Scary) series.” June 2015. Ryohgo Narita.


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