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[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds Chapter 69

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Xia Chen often took Wu Han Ying out to play during New Year days. Of course, occasionally Xiao Shang would tag along with the couple. The two people were going on a date with a third wheel on the side, but Xia Chen just completely ignored the little kiddo and kept on doing what a couple would do.

After the fifteenth of the Lantern Festival, people started to go back to work, and Xia Chen said to let Wu Han Ying come to the company to let himself adapt to the working environment. Although Wu Han Ying had no understanding of how this company worked, he still agreed on the idea. Papa Xia had finally agreed to let him and Xia Chen be together, but he still needed to prove that he was worthy of the other man.

Wu Han Ying returned to his home on the night of the fifteenth, and he agreed to meet Xia Chen in the morning to let the man drive him to the company.

Wu Han Ying walked up the stairs and readily sent a text message to Xia Chen telling the older man to quickly go home since it's getting cold outside. Right after the first of the New Year, that small apartment of Xia Chen became of no use, and the man directly moved into the new home. Papa Xia had quickly found a good house for them and even made sure to decorate the house with essential living equipment; plus it's very close to the Xia family home. Of course, it's quite far away from where Wu Han Ying lives.

Xia Chen responded to the text quite fast, telling the boy to not get up too early the next day and to just call him when the boy woke up.

Wu Han Ying typed in a "good" reply then sent out. He could not help but sigh that his phone bill this month certainly is not going to be a small number...

Right when he opened the door, he already heard his aunt saying something inside the house. Her voice was particularly loud and it sounded quite angry, but it had a "not caring" tone in it. And his uncle's voice sounded out, "Okay, okay, I'll see if Xiao Li's company is currently hiring, tomorrow."

"Hmph, your boss really likes to bully other people. He must be afraid that you will take over his spot. He dares to bully people like that?! Not like our family's only income is based on that job of yours, just hurry and quit your job. I will call my cousin and ask her, just go over to her company to work there; it's much more laid-back than your old place... Ning Ning, get to the side, don't you see that the adults are talking? What are you crying for; are you trying to cause trouble?"

"It's okay, it's okay, no need to curse at the child. Ning Ning, come here to play with me. Quit if you want to quit your job, just find a new one tomorrow, not like we will be starving tomorrow." The grandmother coaxed the child.

Wu Han Ying thought this discussion won't be stopping soon, and he had no desire to chime in. Just when he was about to head to his room, his aunt called out to him, so he had to stop on his track.

"I say, Han Ying ah, you're about to graduate from college, yet you're not looking for any part-time to do during your long break. Most of the college students are working as a private tutor or something. They can earn a few hundred with just two hours of tutoring. Today your uncle resigned from his workplace. Our family will be on a tight budget, you should stop going out to play to save money for the family. The suit you wore last time, how much did you buy it for? You haven't started working yet and already spent money on such luxury. You know how much money we have to put in your allowance ah."

His aunt kept on blabbering non-stop, but Wu Han Ying showed absolutely no interest. He didn't even bother to listen to what the other woman was trying to say and simply disregarded her words. He only perfunctorily nodded and left. He had to go to work the next day; actually he had wanted to tell his grandma about it, but then he remembered Xia Chen said the other company is now under his name. If he told his grandma, then his aunt and uncle would know about it. Then they would try to secretly take over the assets like what they did in the past. That company is Xia Chen's hard earnings; he does not want to give it to others.

Wu Han Ying spent the night playing games with everyone, and even though he closed the door, he could still hear his aunt lamenting outside. He couldn't help but rub his nose; she was complaining to his grandmother about how poor she is, but his grandmother's monthly retirement pay is no more than 2,000 yuan {approx. $300}.

He played games until 1 o'clock, of course the next day he got up late. Wu Han Ying drowsily woke up and took a look at the phone. It was almost 9 o'clock, so he immediately texted Xia Chen to tell him that he had woken up. He then sat up on the bed to get ready to wash up, yet he just sat there staring in space for a long period.

He had not gotten out of bed, when he heard someone ringing the doorbell. His room was located right next to the door, so he could hear it clearly. It seemed like his aunt went to answer the door, there was also Wu Ning's voice shouting "Looking for who?"

Wu Han Ying still felt super cold, so he let himself be wrapped in the warm blanket. As he opened the door to his room, he heard a very familiar voice saying "Is Wu Han Ying home?"

Wu Han Ying froze for a moment at seeing Jun Zhe, who was in suit and tie and leather shoes, standing at the front door. Even putting on a pair of sunglasses during this winter season...

"Little boss!"

Wu Han Ying got dumbfounded at being called by the other man, but then he suddenly remembered back to his current condition... Wearing pajamas, with bed hair, looking very messy... and there is a big cute cat head on his pajama shirt, which was being picked out by Xiao Shang last time, and Xia Chen said it looks cute. He had thought that no one would see it anyway, it does look a bit childish and all, but now...

"Lao Da told me to take little Boss to the company." Jun Zhe looked at the pajama Wu Han Ying wearing and let out a small chuckle.

"I'll be done in a minute." Wu Han Ying quickly ran back to change out of his pajama...

Jun Zhe waved his hand, "Little Boss, no need to rush yourself."

"Come in and have a seat." The Aunt dragged Wu Ning to the side and stopped her from blocking the way, as she hurried invited the person to come in. Jun Zhe only smiled and politely refused, as he was still standing at the door, "It's okay, it's okay, I'm good standing here. Plus it would be crowded to have that many people come inside."

Wu Han Ying hurriedly put on his clothes, he felt a bit strange at hearing the other man's reply, but he did not have time to think about it. By the time he got out of the house, he immediately turned into stone... There were also people standing in the corridor. Jun Zhe did not come alone; he took a horde of people with him which made them look like a huge yakuza gang...

When they got downstairs, he really had nothing better to say, a long black car waiting for them. He could not even say the name of the car right...that car was so long that he wondered how it is going to turn in this small alley!

"How is it, the car is not so bad eh." Jun Zhe put on his sunglasses, laughing quite evilly.

Wu Han Ying got 囧, "Bring a normal car next time, this is too long to..."

"Little boss, you're a perfect example of different environments provide different influence. You've been hanging around Lao Da too much that you have learned to hurt people without using a knife." Jun Zhe laughed heartily, "Although these are my ideas, Lao Da showed subtle acquiescence; what you think, made you feel good eh?"

Wu Han Ying with a gloomy cloud followed Jun Zhe into the car, and when they arrived at the new company's parking lot, he noticed a very familiar black Mercedes-Benz.

Xia Chen had been waiting for him at the parking lot, then the two of them headed upstairs. The extra people were sent away. According to Jun Zhe's words, those two people were being too much and immediately threw him out after they had used him.

Ultimately, he could not avoid the interrogation at night when he got home. His aunt began to ask, what is going on, who are those people this morning, how is that he keeps quiet about becoming a boss like that.

Wu Han Ying only said that the company belongs to his teacher. Since they are of the same profession, he applied to work there, so of course it's inevitable that he receives special treatment.

His aunt and uncle obviously did not believe him, so they kept on asking him. Wu Han Ying did not say anything in return, but his grandma, on the other hand, was very happy at hearing this, saying that he has a promising future ahead of him, and told him to be good and learn well from his teacher; she told him to endure some hardship and to not complain, since it would be benefiting him later on, and to create good relationships with his colleagues.

After that, Wu Han Ying used the excuse of wanting to invest into the company so he wanted them to turnover the property to under his name. Of course his aunt and uncle did not agree; although his parents did not leave him with much money before, Beijing's housing had been escalating at a fast pace; a house of less than 80 square meters was already worth 3 million yuan {approx. $440,000}. How could they just give it back to him that easily, not to mention his uncle just lost his job. Both sides were getting into a heat argument, but Xia Chen had prepared everything with the lawyers and his connections; of course, he would not let the Aunt and Uncle take everything from Xiao Wu.

Wu Han Ying did not quite understand how these legal issues worked, but he did not have to worry about it since he already had Xia Chen. Although it was really tough at the beginning, half a month later he was able to get his property back.

On a Sunday at later time, Xia Chen followed Wu Han Ying back to that house that the boy used to live with his parents in his childhood. Although it is in a good location, it had very old board floors. It is being towered by those high towers around it; it really is rundown.

He was thinking, he forgot how many years have it been that he does not come to this place. Since he went to live with his grandmother, his aunt and uncle rented out this place.

A few days later, the holiday break came to an end, Wu Han Ying had to go back to school again. On the weekends, he would follow Xia Chen to the company to learn how to manage it. Every couple of weeks or so, he went to the Xia family home to have dinner and so on. He had been really busy. But whether it was at school, at the company, or at the Xia family's big villa, Xia Chen would always accompany him.

Wu Han Ying often thinks how fortunate and how happy he is. The other man would accompany him around when he is busy, and the other would be there to chat with him when he is not busy.


Wu Han Ying's graduation day was also his grandma's birthday. Wu Han Ying felt annoyed at himself, if it was not for him inadvertently looking into his family tree information, he would not even know his own grandma's birthday. In his memory, no one seemed to celebrate his grandma's birthday, but his grandma would cook a lot of food to celebrate the grandchildren's birthday, even giving them lot of spending money.

Xia Chen reserved a spot at a restaurant, while Wu Han Ying drove home to pick up his grandma. He was driving a blue car with automatic transmission; it was a less expensive model that Xia Chen gave him as a graduation gift. Originally Xia Chen wanted to buy him a better quality one, but Wu Han Ying said it would be too wasteful. He just wanted something drivable at an affordable price, the most important thing was it has to be an automatic transmission one!

"Really good, really nice." His grandma sat in the car and touched the seat, "It's not expensive but good quality. I used to think that if I don't live long, my only wish is to see my grandson pick me up in a car with a promising future in front of you."

Wu Han Ying smiled, "Don't say such bad luck things, Grandma; we're almost there. Xia Chen has ordered a table full of food and is waiting for us."

"That's very good."

When they arrived, his grandma wanted to follow him to the parking lot. Wu Han Ying parked the car and got out, but he did not see his grandma open the door; he thought that she couldn't open the door, and wanted to help her. But he was surprised to see his grandma sitting in the back with tearful eyes.

"What happened..." Wu Han Ying worriedly asked.

"Nothing, nothing." His grandma waved her hand, she held tightly onto Wu Han Ying's arm but her tears kept on falling, after a long time, she suddenly asked him if he likes his teacher.

Wu Han Ying immediately fell into a stupor. Although Xia Chen's family already knew about their relationship, Xia Chen said to wait until after he graduated, then they would come out to his family, so he had never said anything...

He got stunned for a long time, then Wu Han Ying nodded his head, "I like Xia Chen. Really, really like him... Grandma, you..." for a moment he did not know what to say.

His grandma still waved her hand, her other hand still clutched tightly onto his arm, not letting go. "It's okay, it's okay, I know, I know. I'm not against you two. I know that he is very good to you. Just that, I want to know what you think. If you like him, then go ahead... At first I felt uneasy in my heart when I suspected it, thinking that he must have forced you, but then I can see that you're very happy to be with him. Just that it is not that easy to accept it, now that it turns out like that... those days I could not sleep at night, it made me uncomfortable thinking about it, I even cried over it. But... now you've graduated, it's already been two years, your grandma, of course, can see what is good and not..."

Xia Chen got shocked when the two people got into the room, both Wu Han Ying and his grandma's eyes were red and swollen. But the atmosphere was very good during meal, there was no unpleasantry at all. The grandma smiled holding onto Wu Han Ying's hand and said to Xia Chen, Wu Han Ying is her pride and flesh, he must treat the boy well; if one day she knows he is mistreating the boy, she would never let him off. As she finished the last word, her tears started to fall, which caused Wu Han Ying to cry along.

Later that night, Wu Han Ying sent his grandma home, when he got downstairs, he saw Xia Chen waiting for him. The early summer weather is not so hot; there are two big and thick trees with dense foliage, and Xia Chen was standing next to the trees, he could clearly see the man's silhouette from the small opening of the apartment gate.

Xia Chen seemed to have seen him, lifted up his arm, and waved at him.

Wu Han Ying was thinking, Xia Chen seems to be always standing there to wait for him, just that the trees next to the man have gained more leaves, just that there is no snow lingering on the trees...

-The End-

Words from Midori: This is a gift to all the graduates out there. I bet this chapter gives all of us a nostalgic feeling of we were once a student. I have so much feel for this story. Because it reminds me of my years of lazying around the dorm and playing game all day. It was the best memories of all time~ I bet you all share the same feeling, maybe not an online game like me, but maybe other games or just being with your friends. ^^  The story ends here but you can always come back here to reread it to find that nostalgic feeling again. I have read this stories several time for the past 5 years, and I still love it ^^ 


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