ONE NIGHT WITH THE PRINCE Chapter 225 - Inviting Alexa To His Room

Prince Alexander was feeling good about himself.  After seeing the Eva had left, he knew she's going to be his by the time the night was over.  He couldn't understand why he was so drawn to her, and as he stared at her coming his way, his heart was beating faster and faster...  "Thud-thud-thud!"

' What is this?  I'm supposed to be in love with Alexa Grant, why is it that I had forgotten our time together, and now my heart is beating like crazy for this woman? '  He's thinking while Alexa was approaching.

As soon as Alexa arrived at the table, she grabbed the glass full of Long Island Ice Tea and gulped it in one go.  She needed to find the courage to have a one on one with her boyfriend.  She needed to find out what is going on?  The only way to do that is to get out of the noisy club and go someplace quiet where they could talk.  And the only place she could think of at the moment is his room...

After finishing the first glass, she took the other one and did the same thing.  She gulps it all in one go like a madwoman.  That shocked Prince Alexander and his brow raised.  'Is she trying to get herself drunk or what? Hmmm, If you want to get drunk, sure, why not!  I will help you all the way.'  

Prince Alexander raised his hand and motioned to the waiter to bring two more of the same drink Alexa was drinking.  

A moment later, two more long island ice tea was in front of Alexa, whose now more than tipsy.  She looked at the tall glass of cocktail in front of her and smiled.  "Hmmm, am I seeing two, or It's two?  Hahaha!  I think I'm drunk."  Alexa blurt out happily.

"  No, you are not drunk yet, there's actually two in front of you."  Prince Alexander whispered in her ears.  He was so close to her that the heat emitting from his body was shooting straight to Alexa.

Alexa couldn't handle it any longer and grabs Prince Alexander's face with her two palms and kissed him lips to lips.  "Hmmm, you taste so sweet..."  She mumbles between the kiss.

At first,  Prince Alexander was stunned by the way Alexa had kissed him.  He couldn't believe how bold she is and had actually initiated the kiss.  With that, he gives all he knows and kissed her back.  The two were locked lips for more than a minute, and they were totally heated.  

When they came apart, both were trying to catch their breath. "Wow!  That was something!" Said Prince Alexander with a smile.  "Do you want to go somewhere more private so we could continue this without interruption?" He whispered into her ears before kissing the bottom of her earlobe. 

Alexa was totally drunk and the only thing that matter to her was, she's with the only man she ever loved.  She would go until the end of the earth with him if he asked.  "Sure!  Take me to heaven, loverboy!"  Alexa said boldly, words she would never utter unless she's out of her mind... Which she is at the moment.

Prince Alexander's brows raised.  He couldn't believe the word that came out of her mouth.  He began thinking that he might have made a mistake and run into a professional. [Hooker]

The only way to know was to get out of there and check her out.  If she's, in fact, a professional, he cannot under any circumstances touch or have anything to do with her.  He's a Crown Prince and anything that could stain his reputation, and he must stay away.  He raised his hand and motioned to Pierre to come.  

"Yes, Alex!  What's up?"  Was all Pierre said while looking at Alexa disgustingly.

Alexa saw Pierre and gave him a look that cook kill.  Pierre does not understand why the girl was giving him a killer look.  From what he gathered, and from the way she looks... She could be one of those girls, 'an escort'  No good breed woman would dress as she does, she flaunted all the assets of her body for all the men to see.

Unknown to him that Alexa was giving him that look because she's still mad at him for the last year that she's been in pain missing Prince Alexander.  She thought that Pierre would be on her side and would do everything in his power to help them be together...

However, he never once tried to contact her or do anything for her to be able to see Prince Alexander.  Therefore, she concluded that he's against her, and if he knew who she is, he would do everything in his power to get rid of her.

Alexa decided to find a way to get rid of Pierre.  "Alex, how about we get out of her now... I'm a little too hot..." Her voice was too sexy as she whispered into his ears.

Prince Alexander couldn't understand why he was so into her.  A mear whisper and a little touch under his earlobe... made him shiver and wanted to take her right there and then.  They need to get out of there as fast as they could before his friend down below decided to wake up and stand proud and tall.

"Pierre, buddy!  Take care of everything. I'll see you tomorrow!" He then got up and helped Alexa to get up as well.  She was over the limit already and was swaggering as she tries to walk with high heels.  However, she's still coherent enough to know that one of the bodyguards that Jeff had sent was still there and watching from afar.

She had to think of something to be able to speak to the person, or he might follow them, and Prince Alexander, my wonder who he is and who she is to have a bodyguard.   She thought of something and tried if it would work.

"Alex, would you give me a minute... I need to speak to my handler.  I will be right back, do you go away!"  She said while blowing a kiss to him as she went towards her bodyguard.

Prince Alexander was agape from what she just said. "A handler?  Does that mean that she's a... a... Oh' my God! Do I want to do this?"  He's now debating if he wanted to go through with taking her to his room?  As Prince Alexander contemplated, Alexa came back with the biggest smile on her face...

"My handler said that if you want me overnight..."  She didn't get to finish what she was about to say because Prince Alexander quickly covered her mouth.

"Will talk in my room!  For now, shut up and act normal until we get to my room.  Do you understand?"  He warned Alexa while he still has his hands covering her mouth...

Alexa couldn't believe what she was hearing.  Was Prince Alexander willing to spend a night with a hooker? She stared at him while he still has his hand on her mouth...

"WTF!!!  Is this the person that I had been pinning for over a year?  Couldn't he even recognize me?  The person that he promised to love and cherish till the day he dies?  This is unbelievable!!!"

'Prince Alexander, you just wait until we get to your room and I will show you who I am!"  Alexa promised to herself while they were walking towards the private elevator...


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