Other name: No other name

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Date released: Unknown
Views: 2231

Author: AJZHEN

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Webnovel

Alexa W. Grant is a beautiful 19-year-old half-American, half-Filipino.


With her blinding beauty, pure kind heart, and alluring body... Three handsome Princes would do anything to have her... In or out of bed...


Thus, she always keeps them at arm's length.


One night...


Unbeknownst to Alexa, her drink had been previously spiked, and when she went to the ladies' room, she started feeling dizzy and hot.



The last thing she felt before succumbing to the darkness was strong hands picking her up...



They never thought that something like that could happen to her in the Palace, but all secret services were wrong…






The next morning Alexa woke up in a palace room, lying butt naked in a bed.


She couldn't remember anything after she passed out, but the bloodstain on the bedsheets could only mean one thing...


She had spent a night with someone, and there were only three possible candidates:


Crown Prince Alexander of Stonasia


Prince Ramon


Crown Prince Romano of Spaniard Kingdom


She feverishly started to contemplate which one of them could it be, but one thing was sure…



She, Alexa Grant, had spent "One Night With The Prince.




Why not come and journey with us and find out what happened after she spent "One Night With The Prince."






This novel's story and characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary.



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