My Husband Extends My Life with His Money


My Husband Extends My Life with His Money Chapter 3

Title: My Husband Extends My Life with His Money
Translator: Fringe Alpaca
Chapter 3 - Your Life Is Running Out (3)

Feeling extremely nervous, Gu Shishi grabbed the sleeves of the suits closest to her and balled them up in her palms.

Holding her breath, she listened intently to any noises from the outside.

It sounded like her fiancé was now flipping through a book on the outside, the sound it made was crisp and clear. It seemed like he'd be here for a while.

Gu Shishi bit down on her lips. She had no choice but to continue to kneel inside the closet and tried to remember more about this man. 

In the story, Huo Sishen seemed to have cursed his father and his grandfather to death. 

(T/N: "Curse" in this context was not that he voluntarily putting a spell on anyway, but that his "luck" was so bad that people die around him. Same meaning when referencing to him cursing his wives earlier in the story.)

He had been treated like a virus and isolated by his birth mother since he was a child. He was a cold and proud individual whose personal net worth had well exceeded that of the entire Huo's Corporation a long time ago.

In the novel, his only role was to facilitate the relationship between the male and female leads. It wasn't a big role, and he also died quite early on.

Gu Shishi wrapped her arms around her knees. She, too, was someone who was supposed to die….

While she was thinking, Gu Shishi carefully remove a man's jacket from the hanger under the cover of the sound of pages being turned and put it over her own shoulder that was getting cold.

And, what should her next move be?

Gu Shishi bit down on her lips and clenched her fists. To live!

Now that she was able to have a second chance in life, she would do anything within her power to stay alive for as long as she could!

Death was too painful. It made her shudder just from thinking about it. She didn't want to experience that again casually.

Gu Shishi made up her mind from inside the closet.

Yet, from the stuffiness of the closet, the lack of food, and from being tense the entire time, she started passing out shortly thereafter…


The sun was starting to set, and the room was getting dark quickly.

"Young Master, we will take off now."


A coarse voice and a simple but powerful response.

Huo Sishen waved his hand and dismissed the butler and the maid that was following behind him.

His cold, dark eyes swept passed the guest room at the end of the hallway, and a sliver of impatience flashed through his eyes. Another fiancée that was pushed onto him; did these people really think he has unlimited patience?

"Throw that woman out tomorrow!"

"Yes, Sir." Neither the butler nor the maids dare to argue with him. All they could do was to lower their heads and bowed.

After he had taken a cold bath and wrapped a towel around himself, Huo Sishen walked in front of the closet and opened its doors.

When the doors were just half opened, a big ball with a hint of sweet fruit fragrance rolled out with a loud noise and fell right into his chest!

Huo Sishen reflexively reached out to block this object that was coming at him. When he pushed forward, what he felt was a girl as soft as snow. His face darkened and his action froze!

He looked down and saw a girl with black hair down to her waist, a small face elegant like in a painting, wrapped up in one of his custom suits.

His clothes were so much bigger and darker than her delicate body that, when wrapped around her, made her look even more petite and white.

Gu Shishi's red lips were opened slightly. She was dreaming about happy days when she was counting money and she thought she was sleeping with a big, yellow dog in her chest. Happily, she reached out to pat the dog's fuzzy head and drooled.

Huo Sishen, about to explode and with his eyes filled with the calmness before the storm, didn't expect to be patted by that small hand of hers. Immediately, he froze.

Gu Shishi, on the other hand, was jerked awake from the fall. She focused her limpid eyes and saw the close up of the cold man's handsome face.

At this very moment, she heard an electrical chime:[Orange alert!]

[Life remaining: 9 minutes and 1 second!]

Gu Shishi: "!?"

Random thoughts from the translator: Next time you read a novel, especially a cliché webnovel with a MC that has the same name as you, be sure to pay attention to all the details in the story - it just might save your life someday. :P



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