My Girlfriend Is Really a Superstar


My Girlfriend Is Really a Superstar Chapter 4

"Godmother loves you a lot, Rui Rui"

Xiao Hanrui smiled very sweetly exactly like the smile she first had when she heard the voice of Tang BaoBao in the airport "Godmother, I love you too."

Tang BaoBao was having a lot of difficulty in dragging the heavy suitcase "Why do you have to repeat the same old words every time you guys meet?"

"Go! Quickly clean the room of your sister!" Luo Bai shouted. She had completely forgotten her son since her goddaughter came.

Xiao Hanrui chuckled knowing every time her brother will receive a scolding whenever she came.

"How is the situation of your business, Rui Rui?" Tang Cheng had a slight smile as he greeted her.

Xiao Hanrui nodded "Godfather, the situation of the company is great, I am having a lot of meetings as it will finally get listed."

"Rui Rui you handle everything so well, look at my son, he goes to work every day and plays games. He never goes out to socialise." Tang Cheng had a headache, when BaoBao was a child he always wanted him to stay inside the house but now that he had grown up his wish is that his son goes out and socialises to understand the world better.

"He plays games?" Xiao Hanrui was confused when he heard this.

Luo Bai sighed "He used to read books during the evening but he started playing games every day since the last two months."

Tang Cheng sighed softly. He knows the girl in front of him is the best choice to be the wife for his son. It can even be said that she is much better than his own son. He is really envious of his friend to give birth to such an outstanding daughter.

"Godfather, Godmother I will go and talk to him

The two parents nodded. As Rui strode out of the room, they knew only she could persuade their son.

Tang BaoBao was getting the bed ready when he heard the sound of opening the door.

"What did my Empress Dowager complain about me to you" Tang BaoBao asked out loudly so that his mother could hear it as well.

"The emperor is idle all day. He needs to be exiled from the palace." [1]

"Don't speak about all of that. They say that they want me to go out but the truth of the matter is they themselves do not want me to move out from the house. Tang Baobao spread his hand to indicate his hopelessness but he was speaking the truth they did not want him to occupy another house.

"Why do you play games at night? Now I understand why you never reply to my WeChat messages at night!"

"Sister, you are the president of the company, you should eb reviewing documents at night instead of giving me messages."

"If I am asking you a serious question, you should give me a reply."

Tang Baobao was sitting nervously on the bedside "Sister, I don't play for games too long, only 1 hour.


"Sister when have I ever lied to you?"

Xiao Hanrui believed her brother when she heard him say that because she knows he has never lied to her before.

Tang BaoBao was thinking that is a good faith lie ….

"Rui Rui, BaoBao, come out to eat lunch." Tang Cheng shouted towards them but in response got hit by his wife Luo Bai.

"Why are you hitting me? I am calling them to eat lunch."

"Why are you calling them now? Can't you see they are alone in the room? What if Ruirui is in the process of becoming our daughter-in-law? Luo Bai had been hoping for such a situation for a long time. She even asked them about it, however, Hanrui turned beef red, while her son had no response at all. It really made her mad when she saw her wood son never making a move on such a beautiful woman.

Tang Cheng immediately closed his mouth, he also hoped that his son could take the step towards that direction.

It is just that reality is cruel to them and their imagination could not come true as they saw the two coming out of the room.

"Godmother, thank you for all the dishes you have prepared for me"

"Rui Rui, why are you being so polite, you need to treat me like your family otherwise godmother will be angry" Luo Bai spoke while her eyes were dripping with love.

Xiao Hanrui blushingly gushed "It is so good to have a godmother like you."

"OK sit down and eat, I know you are hungry, godmother has prepared your favourite steamed fish."


Tang BaoBao felt that he had no status in the family as long as his sister came to the house. He loses even the most basic human rights.

"BaoBao, serve that dish to your sister, why are you so engrossed with eating?" Luo Bai glared at her own son as if tell why are you not paying more attention to the needs of your sister.


Under the Majesty of Empress Dowager, Tang BaoBao quickly served his sister her favourite fish head.

"Thank you, BaoBao." Xiao Hanrui touched her brother's head just like an elder would touch a child's head making Tang BaoBao even more depressed.

"BaoBao, I have sent the number of Song Lingling in your phone, you can take a haircut before calling her." Luo Bai suddenly reminded.

Xiao Hanrui was completely stunned, her face becoming darker with every passing moment.

Tang Cheng was also stunned, what was going on her mind? Was she trying to hit two stones with one bird? She was indeed worthy of being a famous judge, her way of doing things was much better than his own.

Tang Baobao had no other choice but to bit the bullet and replied "Yes, I will do so"

"Godmother, what is Baobao going to do today?" Xiao Hanrui appeared to casually ask.

"Actually, the daughter of one of my colleagues has returned to China, she was looking for a husband candidate, when she asked me I was too embarrassed to say no." Luo Bai smiled.

Blind date?

Xiao Hanrui looked at her younger brother with her wrinkled brows deep in thought.

Tang Cheng gestured to his wife through the eyes indicating that although your move was wonderful but it is still bad to trick their daughter.

On the other hand, Luo Bai's thought process was simple, she needed to add fire[2] so that the relationship progresses. Otherwise, it is best that the Song family girl can become her daughter-in-law.

"Godmother, I am free this afternoon, I will accompany my brother so that I can check out the girl." Xiao Hanrui spoke softly but there was a murderous edge in her tone.

Luo was extremely satisfied when she saw the reaction of her daughter "Rui Rui, you are so busy with your company's work, you do not have to worry about the personal matters of Baobao."

"Godmother, what are you saying? He is my brother; how can I ignore such an important thing of my brother's life?

Luo Bai did not expect her daughter to be so persistent, she was wondering why her son had still not spoken up.

Tang Baobao felt today is the blackest day in his life. He did not how but when his sister found out about the first two dates, she started a cold war with him. The reason was he did not tell her about those dates before going on them, he had to placate her by buying ice-cream. He does not know if there will be another cold war today now that his sister had come to know about it.

After they had finished their lunch Luo Bai commanded "Go change your clothes before leaving."

"BaoBao, I will help you choose your clothes." Xiao Hanrui grabbed Tang Baobao before heading in the bedroom.

Luo Bai was extremely happy. She had successfully ignited the fire now everything depends on the performance of his son, if he can take advantage of the situation, she will be able to hold her grandson at the same date next year.

"Why did you not tell me about such a big thing as a blind date? Why did you want to hide from me? Which fox are you going to meet for your blind date?" Xiao Hanrui squatted BaoBao on the bed and severely questioned him.

Tang Baobao raised his hands in surrender "Sister please believe me I only knew about this matter in the morning."

"Why did you not tell me when we were in the car?"

"Sister, I was too embarrassed." Tang BaoBao pitifully said, sister you are too ferocious, how could I stimulate you before arriving in the house.

Xiao Hanrui snorted and opened the wardrobe of Tang BaoBao. After looking at all the clothes, she decided the clothes that Tan Baobao had to wear today.

After Tang BaoBao saw the clothes his sister had chosen for himself, his forehead was full of black lines. "Sister, these clothes…"

"What happened, will you not wear the clothes your sister has chosen?"

"I will ……"

Tang Baobao wore a funny T-shirt, loose trousers and was dressed exactly like a high school student thanks to the pressure from his sister.

"You wait for me! Do not change your clothes under any situation!"

After that Xiao Hanrui walked into her room and Tang Baobao was left to deal with his parents who were shocked to see his clothes.

Translator notes:

[1] Here they are talking about Tang Baobao cryptically, saying that he should go out more often in fact they urge him to move out from his parent’s home

[2] Stimulate


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