My Girlfriend Is Really a Superstar


My Girlfriend Is Really a Superstar Chapter 3

Mu Kexin: Bastard! This is obviously my private photo.

Tang BaoBao: HeHeHe (Emoji)

Tang BaoBao leaves the chat and starts to play the game but the continuously gets the chat alerts.

Mu Kexin: I am not a liar. You should not have such an avatar. This avatar is the representation of justice.

Mu Kexin: Why are you not replying? If you have the guts chat with me I have never lost to anyone in a debate.

Mu Kexin: I will continuously send you chat alerts if you do not reply. Let's see if you surrender after seeing my typing skill.

The brows of Tang Baobao wrinkled. He thought sending continuous chat message is also a type of skill!

She continued to give chat messages before finally, she got tired. After ten minutes or so there was another alert.

Mu Kexin: Little brother, I am wrong. Please be a compassionate person and give me 50 yuan. I promise to return it to you.

Mu Kexin: Little brother, I accept that I am a liar but can you not sympathise with a liar? Please little brotheeeeerrr

Mu Kexin: Little brother as long as you can give me 50 yuan, I will be your online girlfriend.

Seeing this chat message, Tang BaoBao cannot stand it any longer due to her claim of a superstar.

Tang BaoBao: Who wants a liar as a girlfriend?

Mu Kexin: (Crying Emoji) (Crying Emoji) (Crying Emoji)

Tang BaoBao had no doubt that the person in the chat was shameless to the extreme and definitely a super liar instead of a superstar. However, he hesitated seeing her like this. What is she really needed it? If these fifty yuan can save someone's life or solve a big problem for her then it is best to give it to her. Who told me to be a good person? She has been asking for so long it is best to give it to her.

Tang BaoBao: I am giving you 100 yuan. Please do not lie in the future.

Tang BaoBao looked at the screen and waited fro the reply of Mu Kexin. He found that the other party did not collect the money neither did they reply. Was the other party moved by his sincerity and wanted to stop lying? If 100 yuan was the result of improving the character of someone then it was definitely a good deal.

Mu Kexin: We are brothers in the future!

Tang Baobao had a very dark face when he saw that. The motherf*** is actually a man.

In the female toilet of the airport, a 'masked' woman collected the red envelope and then slipped out of the airport like a thief. She called out to a taxi before boarding it and slipping away.

Mu Kexin who got on the taxi lowered her head in thought. She just wanted to take a relaxed vacation. How can she be so embarrassed today? She could easily borrow 5 million on any other day. It just had to be today she needed just 50 yuan. She was even regarded as a liar. However, that Tang BaoBao is extremely stupid. How could a liar be influenced with just 50 yuan? Such a small amount of money is impossible to have any influence on a real liar.

Tang BaoBao continued to play games in his mobile. He was thinking he was too soft, maybe the liar at this time was cursing him to death.

He looked at the time and it was finally ten o'clock. Tang BaoBao got up and made his way towards the passenger exit to welcome his sister.

As the people came out of the exit, a beautiful figure caught the attention of everyone. A breath-taking woman wearing small black suit with smooth long hair and a pair of extremely long legs walked out, her face though was exceeding cold.  

This is my sister. The president of the company Gao Leng. She has been with me since my childhood days.

"Sisteeerrr" Tang Baobao shouted and waved towards her.

Xia Hanrui who was dragging the suitcase heard the voice of his brother and realized he had come. She looked at her brother's waving hand and a blooming smile lit up her face.

Tang BaoBao was ready to go to her to take the suitcase from her hands. However, he found that a man in suit was faster in approaching his sister than him.

The handsome man revealed a dazzling smile: "Xiao Hanrui, I have the car ready. Do you want to eat something now?

Xiao Hanrui frowned slightly "Chief Song, thank you for your troubles, however, my brother has come to pick me up. You can drive the car to Guangming Community parking lot and give the key to the guard there.

Song Li was extremely stunned for a few moments before replying, "Yes, Chief Xiao."

This Song Li is the new general manager of the Haikou Branch of the company of Xiao Hanrui.

Xiao Hanrui dragged her luggage and went over to where Tang BaoBao was standing "Baobao, How do you know I will be coming to the city today?"

Tang Baby spoke while taking the suitcase "Was this news supposed to be confidential?"

Xiao Hanrui chuckled "I just wanted to surprise you guys."

"Sister you scared me" Tang Baobao chuckled.

Xiao Hanrui raised his hands to hit him. Tang BaoBao quickly defended himself by protecting his head with his hands.

Song Li, who was watching the whole exchange from behind them was extremely surprised. He understood that legend that Xiao Hanrui had a brother and their relationship was very good was true.

As he got out of the airport, Tang BaoBao placed the suitcase in his car trunk before starting the car. The car right behind him was his sister's car, "The Porche Panamera Turbo" It had a base price of 2.17 million which was way put of his league. This car though was specially modified by his sister and required an enormous amount on top of the base price.

The two brothers and sisters got into the small POLO before heading towards the city. Xiao Hanrui opened the windows allowing the breeze to touch her cheeks and neck. She said softly "The air in the harbour city is of a much better quality than my own city."

"You are talking like you have not been here for a few years" Tang BaoBao spoke with a grin.

Xiao Hanrui suddenly asked "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Why are you talking like my mother? Do you have a boyfriend yet?" Tang BaoBao asked.

Xiao Hanrui opened her bundled hair. Her swaying lustrous hair in the wind could dazzle many men of the world.

"The man who deserves to be the boyfriend of your sister has not been born yet."

"Don't pretend that you are my sister."


"Don't hit me while I am drive."

After the chitchat between the two finished Xiao Hanrui asked "Do you want to come to my company?"

"I don't want others to think of me as a small white face[1]" Tang BaoBao is not willing to work in his sister's company. He is a man who wants to have his own successful career.

"Since when have been a person with high self-esteem?"

"Of course, your brother is now a man" Tang Baobao patted his chest to show his chest muscles.

"Sister how many days will you stay here?"

"I will stay one week maybe a little longer" Xiao Hanrui replied.

"Will your company become a public limited company now?"

"Yes, that is why I was asking for your help. However, I did not expect you to be someone who does not care for his sister. You really do not have any conscience left nowadays."

Tang Baobao completely shut up after he heard that.

After an hour, the two brother and sister reached the Guangming District only to find Song Li waiting for them in the parking lot. He did not leave before giving them the key to the car.

This community area is actually pretty old. However, the location is extremely good and the value of their original purchase has gone up considerably.

"Godmother, Godfather." As soon as they entered the house, Xiao Hanrui spoke in a flattering tone. The way she spoke everytime made it feel like she was calling her biological parents.

"Rui Rui[2] I have not seen you for a few months and you have grown extremely beautiful. I am envious of our beauty." Luo Bai quickly come out of the kitchen.

Xiao Hanrui smiled softly "Godmother how can you saying this when you are much more beautiful than me."

[1] White face- Gigolo essentially it describes a man who is being supported financially by a woman   

[2] Rui Rui -Sometimes Chinese people speak affectionately like this


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