Apocalypse Meltdown


Apocalypse Meltdown Chapter 136


The meltdown system transmitted, "Shangguan Yuxin’s loyalty has reached 30%"

Chu Han could not help sighing in his heart. In this generation, everything had started taking a different route from his previous life. Luckily, he didn’t kill his lifesaver.

He was not a good person but he wouldn’t betray his ideals. He wouldn’t follow his previous life’s path.

"Chu Han!" Shangguan Yuxin followed him rapidly with eyes full of amazement. She had never felt like that in the military, it was like her life had gained a new meaning, "I will be your team’s doctor."

Chu Han looked at her and his tone was different from that toward Bai Yun’er and Shang Jiuti, "Just take care of Luo Xiaoxiao."

Undoubtedly, he would never stop feeling indebted to Shangguan Yuxin, she was his lifesaver, even though the timeline was different.

"Okay!" Shangguan Yuxin nodded heavily and she walked beside Chu Han. Her voice sounded worried, "We should go back, I am afraid they will be in danger without you."

Chu Han grinned and said, "No one can hurt them as long as Bai Yun’er it there."

Bai Yun'er was a woman who similarly had a deep relationship with Chu Han in her previous life. It was not that Chu Han understood the female killer thoroughly but he knew her character. Although he was loyal to her in any way, he did not express his stand either.

She would not let anyone harm Luo Xiaoxiao and the others while he was absent, even though she was eating and drinking for free. However, if Chu Han was present she would do nothing, even if a team member was going to die.

She was weird but not useless.

"Bai Yun’er?" Shangguan Yuner was shocked since Chu Han mentioned Bai Yun’er, instead of the sniper Chen Shaoye or the powerful Shang Jiuti.

"We’ll kill our way out, follow me." Chu Han stood up and went to the stairs after finishing his words.

She did not think too much and just followed him.


In the supermarket’s first floor, Cheng Xianguo, Yue Zi, and He Peiyuan, with loaded guns, were aiming at the bald man drinking his beer.

The bald man didn’t react to the guns aiming at him. He looked like a foolish person while eating and drinking.

"Baldie, where are you from?" Yue Zi asked after a long time. It was the first sentence he uttered since the groups were comforting each other.

"Me?" The bald man smiled as a Maitreya Buddha, "I come from Ange Town."

"Why are you looking for Chu Han?" Cheng Xiaoguo aimed at him and asked a sensitive question.

Once the bald man said something offensive about Chu Han, Cheng Xianguo the soldier who had built a base and lost his family would pull the trigger to shoot the bald man. He had lost everything and now what he did not fear most was fighting, especially fighting for Chu Han.

"So why are you looking for Chu Han?" The bald man just stopped eating and played with something that looked like a toy gun with intriguing eyes; however, the people could see that it was not that simple.

He Shang was not that foolish and could not betray Chu Han as he knew nothing about the other party. Besides, he always followed his idol with the purpose of solving the problems his idol would face. He could not lose the chance to keep close to Chu Han.

Cheng Xianguo grit his teeth, the bald man was slippery!

They did not retreat so Cheng Xianguo, a veteran and the high-tech homeboy with the 250 IQ, these two people having 60% loyalty to Chu Han confronted with each other. The starting point of the confrontation was almost the same. Besides, both parties’ intentions were unknown.

While Cheng Xianguo and He Shang confronted each other, Yue Zi was aiming at He Peiyuan and his men. He should be alert as he did not know their intentions, no matter how many old people, children and women there were.

He Peiyuan was aiming at He Shang and Lu Hongsheng’s weapon was focused on Yue Zi and Cheng Xianguo. These people thought about Chu Han. Cheng Xianguo, Yue Zi and He Shang were not good people. They had to prevent each other although their purpose was unclear.

The three groups formed a triangle, no one could move recklessly. It was a messy situation!

The sixty residents were dazed and they retreated to the corner silently. What they hoped was not to get involved in the battle. Several treacherous people kept silent since they finally knew how powerful Chu Han was as he had so many enemies. They should get rid of the trouble.

The scene was so messy that Chu Han would almost vomit blood. At that moment, footsteps came from the supermarket’s entrance.

Simultaneously, the three groups became nervous and they almost pulled their guns’ triggers. A battle would escalate no matter who would appear.

The residents didn’t want to die and squeezed in the corner.


Finally, someone from the entrance. It was a beautiful woman.

Everyone was dazed and the three groups didn’t know how to react. The standoff would only come to a stop after Chu Han’s arrival. They would listen to Chu Han’s orders.

He Peiyuan and Lu Hongsheng’s eyes brightened and they wanted to say something--


Shangguan Yuxin looked at the mass and then rushed to the second floor. She only looked at He Peiyuan and Lu Hongsheng for one second. She seemed to ignore the supermarket’s tense atmosphere and kept ascending the stairs...

What happened to her? Pretended to see nothing?!

He Peiyuan, Lu Hongsheng, and their men were dazed. Looking at her shadow rushing to the second floor, they did not know what she wanted to do.

Shangguan Yuxin who was rushing upward did not care about their thoughts. She recognized He Peiyuan but ignored him. The atmosphere was really bad so she thought about finding Chen Shaoye.

As for the other three, the female doctor knew that something was wrong but she just forgot their faces. She did not know them so she just forgot them!