Little Merman


Little Merman Chapter 1

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Less than nine o’clock in the morning, at the entrance of the Haiyin Entertainment Building, there were ten girls holding a sign.

The guards on the door was used to it. Haiyin Entertainment was one of the best entertainment companies in China. There were so many artists in the industry. And there were also many popular idol stars. Every day, many girls were encircled at the company’s door, just to see their idols.

Just after nine o’clock, a black nanny car came over and stopped. The girls swarmed and screamed through the sky.

"South, south!"

From the car, an 18 years old boy with outstanding looks appeared, surrounded by assistants and bodyguards, smiled and greeted, the girls screamed.

Wu Jiajia stood in the back row with her idols in front of her, she tried to ask for a signature but she was pushed by the girl next to her. She couldn't stop herself from falling to the ground when suddenly a hand was stretched out behind her, holding her arm, "Be careful."

Wu Jiajia gratefully looked at the person behind him, and was suddenly stunned: …This little brother, looks very good.

The man smiled at her and turned to go to the door of the Haiyin Building.

Wu Jiajia looked at him walking away until he was pushed by the girl next to her. She returned to her senses and her eyes rounded. He is an idol from Haiyin Entertainment? How come she had never seen him on TV before?

Jiang Yu went to the door of the Haiyin Building and nervously pressed his cap. He then pushed the glass door open.

The girl at the front desk had stayed up till the middle of the night last night, and was slouching and drinking coffee. Then she heard a voice, "Hello, I want to find someone."

“Is there an appointment?” The front desk girl placed down the coffee and opened the computer.

“…No, no.” The man hesitantly said.

“Sorry, we need…” The voice of the man was so warm that the girl at the front desk couldn’t help but looked up and then spoke aloud, “You are the newcomer? Go there and wait."

She pointed her finger at the sofa opposite the hall. Jiang Yu shook his head, “No, I am looking for someone. I am looking for Lin Cheng.”

Looking for Lin Cheng? The girl's eyes widened. Lin Cheng was the company’s most popular singer. He was famous since two years ago from the company’s high-profile singing contest, with his singing voice and bright eyes, he unsurprisingly won the championship, with 100,000 popularity more than the second place. Even when the game wasn't over yet, the company immediately signed him.

Lin Cheng released his first album last year. His sales number had never been more popular. The domestic song rankings had been slaughtered by his songs. In recent years, with the increasingly depressing music in the market, his appearance is a miracle.

“You are his fan?” The front desk girl looked at him curiously. There were too many fans who came to the company to find their artists. The security guard at the door would not let these people come in. Maybe since this person is very good looking, the security guards thought that he was a new person who wants to sign a contract with the company, and thus he was not stopped.

Jiang Yu squeezed his fingers, and said nervously, “…No, I know him.”

Oh, he knew him. Good looking people always had the privilege. The girl smiled at him and warmly said, "Cheng Cheng has not arrived yet. You should sit on the sofa and wait for a while."

Jiang Yu thanked her and went to the sofa

The girl gently stirred the coffee with one hand and held her chin with the other hand. This good looking people, even his back was good looking. It was obvious that the newcomers who wanted to sign the contract were beautiful but compared to this man, some are not even worth it.

There were a few young people sitting on the sofa, and Jiang Yu found a corner to sit down. As soon as he sat down, the eyes of the young people looked at him, and he pressed his hat tightly. Fortunately, there were not many meetings, and some people came to chase the young people away..

Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief and touched his own legs. Why do people here like to stare at him? It was obvious that he is like them.

He looked up and quietly looked in the hall. The front desk girl came over and poured him a glass of water. After waiting for a while, the door of the hall was suddenly pushed open. A twenty-something, handsome young man came in.

The girl at the front desk got up and said something to the young man. The young man turned his head and looked over at Jiang Yu. His face showed a pleasant look and he walked quickly toward him.

Jiang Yu also saw him and happily stood up from the sofa.

“You are here, how did you came?” Lin Cheng reached out, grabbed his shoulder and asked happily, “How long have you been waiting?”

Jiang Yu smiled at him, "Not long."

An around thirty years old man who was wearing glasses came behind Lin Cheng and asked him, "This is?"

"This is my…" Lin Cheng paused, smiled and continued to introduce, "This is my cousin Jiang Yu. Yu er, this is my agent brother Zheng."

"Let's go up and talk more," Lin Cheng hooked Jiang Yu's neck and went to the elevator together.

Jiang Yu took the elevator for the first time. When he rose, he was shocked. He grabbed Lin Cheng's hand and did not scream.

On the floor, coming out of the elevator, Zheng Ming glanced at Jiang Yu and asked Lin Cheng, “How did your cousin’s face suddenly become so white?”

“Nothing, brother Zheng, you go first, I want to say a few words with Yu er, go to the studio first," Lin Cheng laughed slightly and pulled Jiang Yu to the lounge next door and locked the door.

Lin Cheng poured a cup of hot water and handed it to Jiang Yu, “When I first took the elevator I was also scared."

"I have been busy recording songs for the past two months, and when I'm done, I will pick you up from the shore to play. But I didn't expect you to find me first," Lin Cheng was happy, and suddenly looked at Jiang Yu, wondering, "Yu er, what's wrong with your body smell?"

His eyes fell on Jiang Yu's lower abdomen, squinting his round eyes, “Are you carrying fish egg?!”

Jiang Yu didn't want to hide any secrets from him, he held the cup and sighed gently.

Lin Cheng was angry and asked, "Which fish did this?!"

His family Yu er had just reached adulthood a month ago, he definitely haven't went to the shore yet, it must be one of the stinky fish in the family!

“…It's not.” Jiang Yu then told him about that night a month ago.

Merman could only grow legs and walk on land after reaching adulthood. A month ago, on the night of Jiang Yu reaching adulthood, because of the excitement of being able to walk on land, he swam from the deep sea to the shallow waters and saw a cruise ship. There were a lot of people on the cruise ship and they were very busy. He was very curious, so he sneaked into the cruise ship and accidentally drank a cup of strange water. Then he stumbled and slept with a man.

Lin Cheng had mixed in the entertainment circle for two years. Once he heard it, he knew that the strange water was wine. Jiang Yu was drunk and had a one-night stand. He at once was angered, “You are so daring, running on the cruise ship and not afraid to be discovered!” Not only he slept with a stranger, now he there are fish eggs in his stomach.

Jiang Yu also knew that he had done something wrong, not saying anything, he obediently listened to Lin Cheng.

“What can I do? I have to find the man.” After Lin Cheng was angry, he was terrible.

Because they were different from human beings, they had various rare rumors. They had been captured since ancient times. Even if they were hidden in the deep sea, they were becoming less and less. For the sake of ethnic reproduction, the genes evolved hundreds of years ago, and the mermans could have children.

Just as a price against the rules of birth, the male mermans needed the other father to soothe the egg in the process of carrying the egg. Otherwise, the fish egg would be restless and, in the end, became a lifeless dead fish egg. When the fish eggs were shaking, they would also bring pain to the pregnant merman. This pain would become more and more severe. Finally, the fish egg will become a dead fish egg, and the merman would die.

Mermaid pregnancy was not easy, and merman pregnancy was not easy either. In their family, there had been no newborn mermaid babies for more than a decade. He did not expect Jiang Yu to have a one-night stand with a man, and that he was pregnant with a fish egg.

Whether it was for the continuation of race or for the life of Jiang Yu, he must find the man.


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