Let's Raise My Female Cousin Who Woke up from Vegetative State after 10 Years into a Meat Slave!


Let's Raise My Female Cousin Who Woke up from Vegetative State after 10 Years into a Meat Slave! Chapter 6

Episode 6 (no ero)

Hai, raise your right leg. Slowly, slowly」

Haa, haa……! Fuu……!」

In the lying down posture, Mifuyu-chan raises her stretching leg.

Although she seems to be out of breath, she tries her best to slowly raise her leg.

She stops when her leg has risen to some extent, holds it for 5 seconds and releases.

Repeating that, it's to train her muscle to a natural degree.

What we are doing now is a rehabitation exercise to become able to live a normal daily life.

Everyday, I make Mifuyu-chan move her body to improve her muscle, but even so, since she had continued to sleep for 10 years, her muscle has become extremely weak.

It's harsh to Mifuyu-chan, but because having a bedridden live is unpleasant no matter what, rehabitation is absolutely a must.

I don't know whether she understands that, but for now Mifuyu-chan has been trying her best with the beginning rahabitation exercise and she can already carry it out.

「That's enough (otsukaresama). You've done your best. Good girl」

「Haa, haa……Un, I too, want to be able to walk……」

Mifuyu-chan smiled at me and answered with a sweaty face.

While thinking "with this mood, the rehabitation can be continued, huh?", I continue my conversation with Mifuyu-chan.

「Mifuyu-chan , if you are able to walk, where do you want to go?」

「E? U, un, that is……」

「??? Where? A far place?」

For some reason, when I asked back Mifuyu-chan who hesitated to answer, she answered while being bashful.

Etto ne……properly by myself, I want to go to the to, toilet……」

(I see……)

Until now, I didn't count the amount, but I always take her to the toilet by a wheelchair, perhaps it's embarrassing for Mifuyu-chan.

Not embarrassed with masturbation and fellatio but embarrased with going to toilet, those visible irregularities of Mifuyu-chan is really amusing.

To the blushing Mifuyu-chan, I gently said "it's like that, huh?" and brushed her head.

No matter what her motive is, if she works hard with the rehabitation, there's no problem.

(In order to do the hard play, she should be able to move to a certain extend……)

I murmured to add it into my mind.


After finishing the rehabitation, it's lunch time.

I worry whether she would have a stomache or not, but following the order, she must have a meal with solid food.

This time, I tried adding just a few considerably tenderly coocked rice to the liquid food.

I think it will be fine because it's tender to the point that there's no chewy texture, but I don't really know if I don't try it out.

「Thank you for the meal」 (gochisousamadeshita)

Hai, you are welcome」 (osomatsusamadeshita)

Mifuyu-chan's appetite was quite good, she also ate this time's liquid food really quickly.

She doesn't have any compaint with the liquid food, that's very appreciated.

I clean the emptied tableware, bring it to the kitchen and put it in the dishwashing machine.

Then, after having a quick lunch myself, I returned to Mifuyu-chan's room.


When I returned, Mifuyu-chan was fixing her eyes upon the anime displayed on the TV.

She didn't show any reaction when I returned, her expression was considerably serious.

(It's that interesting, huh……)

The anime displayed on the TV is about a bread-faced hero surpassing the scheme of the villain, performing "rewarding good and punishing evil", it has that kind of contents. It's the show that I also liked when I was a child. (anpanman?)

As a grown-up, I see it with cooled-down eyes, but perhaps it still feels interesting to Mifuyu-chan whose mental age is 8

(The training will start when it is finished……)

I sit on the chair and fold my arm, absent-mindedly look at the TV.

Then, while having a sidelong glance at Mifuyu-chan's serious expression sometimes, I quietly wait until the end of the anime.


「n……are……? 」

While feeling listless, I open my heavy eyelids.

It looks like I felt asleep before I realized.

I looked forwards to the training, but it seems like I was worn out more than expected.

While stretching myself, "then, let's start the training" I shift my attention to Mifuyu-chan on the bed.

Then I realized the abnormality.


Mifuyu-chan doesn't sleep, she entrusts her back to the raised reclining bed and looks at me.

However, her state is strange somehow.

Somehow, her face is pale and she seems to cry.

「!!! Mifuyu-chan, does it hurt somewhere!? Or, do you feel bad!?」

To Mifuyu-chan's strange state, I immediately stand up, approach her and ask.

She seemed healthy on the surface, but did some problem occur inside her body?

Was this morning's rehabitation too intense? Or the meal was bad?

Many possibilities come to mind, while being impatient, I wait for Mifuyu-chan's reply.

Mifuyu-chan answered with a trembling voice.

「S, Sou-chan……! F, from my pussy……b, blood……!」

……From her pussy, blood?

Perhaps, that's……

When I look carefully, Mifuyu-chan's pants and diaper are taken down, her secret place becomes exposed.

Then just like Mifuyu-chan said, a little blood hang down from her secret place, it also stick to the diaper a bit.

Perhaps because the sensation of something coming out  was strange so she tried to see, and was surprised because it was blood

I ease my strained mind and exhale *haaa……*

Mifuyu-chan is perplexed because she sees it for the first time, but bacause I had taken care of her while she continued to sleep, I know really well.

This is……menstruation.

Whether it becomes a chance when I taught her sexual thing (refer to the time he fucked her) or when I made her drink the contraceptive, I don't really know, but it looks like her menstruation came a bit faster than the cycle I knew.

I laugh to relieve Mifuyu-chan, stroke her head gently and calm her down.

「Be relieved, Mifuyu-chan. This blood is called menstrual blood, it's alright even if this comes out」

「E……? It, it's alright……!?」

「Un, an adult woman would have blood leaked from her pussy. Blood leaked from the pussy is called menstruation」

However, to the words intended to relieve her, Mifuyu-chan's face becomes stiff on the contrary.

「A, adult……!? I, I'm still a 8 year-old……!!」

Mifuyu-chan let out an astonished voice.

Her expression is distorted sorrowfully, as if expressing her complicated emotion.

(P, perhaps, she still hasn't accepted the fact that her own body has become that of a 18 year-old……!?)

While feeling impatient because of my own verbal slip, I stroke Mifuyu-chan's head gently to calm her down, end her confusion for now.

「Alright……it's alright」


My hand and voice have born fruit, Mifuyu-chan somehow seems to be at ease.

But since it's quite a shock, she looks at her secret place which became dirty with her own blood and continues to groan.

(This is, it seems like I should stop today's training……)

I decided in my head that I would use this one day to calm Mifuyu-chan down.

I clean her secret place with a wet towel, tightly put on her diaper and pants and lie Mifuyu-chan down, hold her hand while stroking her head.


To show her anxious feeling, Mifuyu-chan squeezed my hand back *gyuu*


The next day and the day after that too, because of the tiresome from menstruation, Mifuyu-chan had a gloomy expression.

Using the internet, I downloaded the videos explaing about menstruation to children and tried showing that to Mifuyu-chan, but it didn't have such a dramatic effect.

I spent most of the time together with Mifuyu-chan to wait for her restoration, but somehow Mifuyu-chan's shock has become a deep-rooted one, she shows no sign of changing for the better.

Honestly, I didn't think Mifuyu-chan would feel this sad with her menstruation.

While showing Mifuyu-chan a mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime to distract her, I look at her with a sidelong glance and think about how to breakthrough.

The TV's light reflected in her eyes, but as if because she's feeling sad, the usual childish expression disappears from her face, she totally looks like a 18 year-old girl even to the heart

However that's a big mistake, even until now, Mifuyu-chan's heart is still of a pure, fragile 8 year-old little girl.

I thought Mifuyu-chan's heart was a too convenient thing……

That thing, I've fully realized it.

The feeling of extreme remorse boiled up in my heart.

Of course, I still have the desire of wanting to do sexual thing to Mifuyu-chan even now, but if Mifuyu-chan dislikes it, I will immediately stop.

Because Mifuyu-chan is still a small child.

I put power into the left hand that was holding Mifuyu-chan's hand tightly to convey that thought.


「A, Sorry……did it hurt?」

Perhaps reacting to the strength in my hand, Mifuyu-chan calls my name.

I immediately apology, but Mifuyu-chan doesn't mind and continue to talk.

「Sou-chan……me becoming an adult, what do you think?」


I immediately noticed this question was something important that had a great influence to Mifuyu-chan's heart.

The tone of her voice was a serious one that I have never heard it before, so although my vision was towards the TV, the hand that grasped her trembled a little.

Surely, Mifuyu-chan must have mustered her courageous to ask that question.

I turn my head, groping for how should I answer Mifuyu-chan.

Etto, ne……」

I haven't decide the answer, but to show my presence, I spoke out for now.

However, the continuation doesn't come out.

I have a hunch that Mifuyu-chan's smile will be lost if I make even just a small mistake, I can't take out my courage.

Perhaps, even the will to live will be gone with my answer.

Thinking so, the inside of my mouth become dry and soon my body seems to tremble.

However, Mifuyu-chan waits without saying anything.


「I'm, happy!」

Thinking too much make my head overheat, I stopped thinking and decided to express my own honest feeling through that word. (he said ureshii, a single word)

The reason of me nursing Mifuyu-chan in vegetative state for 10 years was also because I thought of wanting to protect her, the thing I told Mifuyu-chan just now is also my feeling. (植物状態の美冬ちゃんを10年も看病し続けてこれたのも理屈抜きで美冬ちゃんを守りたいと思ったからだし、今美冬ちゃんとこうして話していられるのも、自分の気持ちがあったからだ)

Therefore, I cast away all calculation and aim,  look fixedly at Mifuyu-chan's eyes and say with a loud voice.

「I'm happy that Mifuyu-chan has become an adult! I really love seeing Mifuyu-chan masturbate with your grown-up body and fellatio! Although all-out sex still seems to be impossible, but I'm looking forward to when it's possible too much that I can't help it!!」

I say like shouting to the end, therefore, I will finish it to the end (俺は叫ぶようにそう言うと最後に、だから、と最後に締めくくる)

「Therefore, I'm happy because Mifuyu-chan becomes an adult!!」

Finish saying everything, I closed my eyes tightly.

The confession covered with desire that even make me stunned.

If it's recorded, I will be handed over to the police and have to go to jail.


Mifuyu-chan's trembling voice.

I endure the feeling of wanting to close my eyes no matter what, open my eyelids forcibly and look at Mifuyu-chan's face.

Mifuyu-chan's expression is――。

「Sou-chan……un……I, if Sou-chan is delighted, then becoming an adult is fine, maybe」

Mifuyu-chan becomes teary, although her expression seems to be troubled somewhere, she shows me a smile for a first time in these days.

That smile is somehow different from the smiles until now, I can feel the childishness has become thin while the adult-ish has increased a little.


I suddenly became embarrassed because of the strangeness, even myself know that my face has become red.

However, to oppose that embarrassment,my face moves impulsively, as if being attracted by Mifuyu-chan.

With that impulse, fixing onto Mifuyu-chan's shoulders, I catch them with both hands.


Mifuyu-chan didn't know why I caught her shoulders, she had a curious face.

Just like that, I move my face close, push my own lips onto Mifuyu-chan's lips.


A kiss

Thinking back at the time I violated the unconscious Mifuyu-chan, and the time of the training after she woke up, I haven't kissed Mifuyu-chan.

Therefore, this is, our genuine first kiss.

Mifuyu-chan's face became a little red as she knew about kissing, but she closed her eyes and received my lips.

While being intoxicated by the euphoria that make even myself surprised, I continue the kiss.

I want to do this forever.

While thinking so, the long time when our lips only touched each other continued.


「Mi, Mifuyu-chan, d, dinner time」

「Wa, wa-i, what a nice smell……!」

We are obviously too conscious about it, so this conversation is really awkward.

After that, without knowing who started it, I and Mifuyu-chan separated our lips, then while feeling happy together, our face became red.

As if to gloss over her bashfulness, Mifuyu-chan shouted  「S, Sou-chan, I will do fellatio」, I also accepted 「U, un, p, please」, she began the fellatio with a complicated atmosphere.

Somehow Mifuyu-chan also entered the mood with today's fellatio, both of us did it with enthusiasm, but when it finished, our embarrassment increased on the contrary

Such a thing happened, the awkward atmosphere continued to flow between me and Mifuyu-chan.

(Maa, it's good that Mifuyu-chan became lively……)

While moving the spoon to Mifuyu-chan's mouth, I breathe a sigh in my heart.

Despite her appearance, Mifuyu-chan has the mind of a 8 year-old child. But I kissed a child like her seriously, right now my feeling is beyond my control.

The doubt "I'm not a lolicon, right?" suddenly appears, but "no no, Mifuyu-chan's appearance is of a 18 year-old girl" I deny that doubt with all my might.

There's no reason to deny that I'm a pervert because of the fact that I violated the unconscious Mifuyu-chan, but  at least, I want to avoid to acquire the "lolicon" title.

「……? Sou-chan?」

「! S, sorry」

I stopped my hand that was about to carry the meal to Mifuyu-chan because of too much conflict in my heart, so Mifuyu-chan had a curious face.

I become panic and scoop out the liquid food, deliver it to Mifuyu-chan's mouth.

Mifuyu-chan regained her smile after this and that,  I changed my awareness about Mifuyu-chan just a little.