I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl


I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl Chapter 243

My sudden act of violence shocked the front counter lady. She stared at the broken basketball and replied while trembling:

“The, the store owner said it’s ¥50 to compensate for a basketball…”

You can probably buy two basketballs of this quality at a superstore for ¥50, but I did not argue and generously pulled out ¥50 from my wallet and passed it to the lady.

“I’m sorry. We will also pay if we broke anything else.”

The front counter lady awkwardly accepted my money and reclaimed the corpse of Mr. Basketball. She stared at the keys between my finger the entire time on her way back to the counter like I would attack her at any time.

“Hmph, it got off easy!”

Ai Mi’s words also shocked the front desk lady, but I knew she was referring to the basketball.

“I was clearly planning on slowly torturing it with 500 million degrees of heat, but you executed it on the spot?”

That’s right, I gave it the easy way out. Also, if you’re using 500 million degrees of heat, how would you slowly torture it? It would immediately evaporate into smoke!

“But I guess it’s fine. This way it can’t escape during transport, or commit another crime….”

What? You’re afraid of being hit when there’s only one ball? How bad is your athletic ability? No wonder the gramps got mad, when someone with a physique as bad as you is acting in a martial arts movie!

After the criminal was put to death, Ai Mi spotted a Whac-A-Mole game nearby.

“Play this with me! I have to vent my anger!”

This Whac-A-Mole machine was similar to a Mahjong machine. There was tens of buttons on the machine itself which correlated to the mole mounds on the LED screen.

I set an arrangement with Ai Mi: The middle vertical line would be the boundary. I would be responsible for the buttons on the left, and she would be responsible for the ones on the right.

Ai Mi started to smash her buttons in a frenzy right when the game began, completely disregarding whether or not there was a mole. I fought steadily and surely and was the main reason we were able to advance to the second stage.

Although no words were spoken, Ai Mi was secretly watching my techniques.

From the start of the second round, Ai Mi changed her tactics and became more patient like me. She would only hit the button when a mole came out.

But she would always tap twice like she was worried it would not hit. She would also be excited every time she sees the dazed moles with spinning stars around their heads appear on the screen.

We also passed the second and third rounds uneventfully. But once we reached round four where the difficulty was gradually increasing, we still lost even though I tried my hardest because Ai Mi was moving around too much.

Ai Mi perked her lips when she saw the moles laughing at us in the end screen.

“Mere moles dare to laugh at me! I’m going to tell Peng TouSi to take this machine home and give it a beating every day!”

She did as she said and called Peng TouSi. He quickly got in touch with the boss of the arcade. The front counter lady was shocked once again when she was notified we would be purchasing the mole machine.

Even though the fates of these moles have been decided, Ai Mi wanted to try again before giving it to the bodyguards. At least she wanted to break our previous record.

“Hey manservant, move! I want to solo a round! I definitely lost because you got in the way last time!”

How unreasonable! I was the one who scored most of the points! How did I get in the way? You were the one who crossed the boundaries multiples times and hit the back of my hand. You were the one who got in the way!

Regardless of the truth, Ai Mi took control of the game. Since she was short, she actually used her limited Hermes bag as a step stool to get a better view. She was completely unconcerned about if her bag would get dirty or damaged.

Hey, hey, now everyone would think your bag is a counterfeit! Did you not hear about the number one way of detecting knockoffs is to see if people hold their bags over their heads or under their arms in a rainstorm! But does Ai Mi even care about what other people think?

I knew Ai Mi would definitely run into trouble playing by herself, so I tossed in a lot of coins just in case. She stood in place without moving (maybe it was hard to move while standing on her Hermes bag), so I had to toss in the coins while Ai Mi’s uncovered knees were next to me.

I inadvertently saw my sister’s beautiful slender legs and a feeling of guilt welled up from within me, so I quickly averted my gaze.

“Hurry up!” Ai Mi urged while slapping the machine, “I can pass with one more coin, who told you to put that many? —— Did you take the chance to peek under my skirt? Damn lowly manservant! “

Who’s peeking on you! This summer… no, from now on, the one I will never peek on is you! It’s because your dress is too short! I’m more worried someone else would peek!

In order to avoid being called a lecher by Ai Mi, and to avoid me seeing her face when she loses miserably, I went to check out the crowd in another part of the arcade.

The crowd surrounding the fighting game was still there and I wasn’t sure how many rounds they already played. When young people play fighting games, it’s totally possible for it to turn into a real-life PK when one side loses terribly. I have to be prepared if that happens and protect Ai Mi.

I stood on my tiptoes and saw it was a ‘Super Street Fighter IV’ machine.

There were all sorts of people watching in the crowd. Some had gold chains around their necks with a flowery shirt, some looked lanky with round glasses, also some who took up the spot of two people… What’s worth mentioning was that over half the crowd was wearing a white gi with a black belt. Red letters were written on their backs: Golden Victory Taekwondo.

Huh? That name looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I saw it before.

Since I got destroyed the last time I played with Xiao Qin at her house, I was curious and moved forward to see if I could learn new techniques.

When I pushed forward, I slightly bumped into the guy wearing the flowery shirt. He turned around and glared at me, but he quickly turned around and walked away when he saw my face.

Huh? He seems familiar, is he a hoodlum who got beat up by me before? If he finds someone to help him get revenge, I have to put extra effort to make sure Ai Mi doesn’t get hurt. Should I notify Peng TouSi beforehand?

Since there was the possibility someone would recognize me, I wore the sunglasses Ai Mi left in my breast pocket. I tried it and it actually just barely fits. No wonder it kept sliding off her face, it’s because she bought a larger size!

So I wore the sunglasses with my hands in my pockets and stood behind a short fatty as a spectator.

As I expected, the player on the right machine was a taekwondo member. The other taekwondo students were there to cheer him on.

But why does his opponent look so familiar.

Short, messy hair and wheat brown skin, and would shout out loud every time they land their moves.

Fuck, isn’t that Xiong YaoYue? I originally thought you were only good at sports, I never expected you to be an expert in games too!

“Who’s better?”

I asked the fatty in front of me in a quiet voice.

The fatty turned around to look at me. Because the most ferocious part of my appearance was covered, he didn’t seem to be afraid of me.

What a tragedy! Usually, other people seem like bad guys when they wear sunglasses, but I look like a good person when I wear one?

The fatty replied slowly: “Big Sis Xiong is kick-ass. This was already the sixth round the taekwondo member lost to her. This round also seems hopeless for him…”

Big Sis… Xiong? Wouldn’t she get pissed if she heard you call her that? Also, you seem older than her, why are you calling her big sis?

“Huh? I can’t believe you don’t know big sis Xiong!” The fatty looked at me with contempt, “Big sis Xiong is famous at Henderson! She has never lost in a fighting game before. That’s why all the players here call her big sis! Do you want to play a match? Don’t complain when you lose miserably!”

Hey, hey, why are you getting so gleeful! What’s so amazing about knowing her? Not only do I know her… I even rode on her once!

The taekwondo member was KO’ed before the fatty finished speaking, it was already the seventh round he lost.

Xiong YaoYue was playing the Russian . His physique was as bulky as a bear just like Xiong YaoYue’s surname. In contrast, the taekwondo member was playing .

As Zangief held his arms in the air in victory, Xiong YaoYue imitated her character and also spoke Russian: “Хорошо!” (It means ‘okay’)

It was like this was the first time the taekwondo member witnessed the greatness of ‘big sis Xiong’. He also seemed to be the leader of the five or six other taekwondo members. After suffering from such humiliation, he slammed his hand on the machine and maliciously stared at the overjoyed girl who was next to him.

I was worried they would use their numbers as an advantage to bully Xiong YaoYue.

Since she’s a classmate and also a committee member, I can’t just leave her alone.

Also when the taekwondo member swept his ferocious gaze at the audience to force them to retreat, I realized he had a familiar face.

Huh? Isn’t he the peaked cap guy who I beat up cause he was bullying Shu Zhe under the bridge?

I can’t believe he’s not wearing his peaked cap! Why is he not wearing the one thing that gives him his characteristic!


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