I Really Can't Act


I Really Can't Act Chapter 1 part3

I Really Can’t Act

Chapter 1 Mr. Snail (part 3)

Translated by and proofread by Maralynx

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Xiaohong depends on holding, Dahong depends on life. Ratings can really represent some things, but not all.

This circle is changing with each passing day, but its charm is increasing instead of decreasing.

According to Wang Xiaoman’s vision, Mei Zihan’s condition is actually very good, and its plasticity is quite strong.

The height of one meter and seventy-nine, not particularly tall, is a very good height to play with actresses. The skin is also very good. It can easily challenge the role of teenagers to thirty years old. The face also has the characteristics of beauty and sunshine. The variety of roles in this case is unlimited.

If you want to be a good actor, it’s not appropriate to be too ugly or too good-looking. If you’re too ugly, you can’t play those lofty and superior roles. If you’re too good-looking, you can easily be used as a vase. If you can play those grounded roles, such as Mei Zihan, you’re just right.

Unfortunately, Mei Zihan has been in the entertainment circle for five or six years with such good conditions, but I (from WXM POV) can only live in such a group to live a mixed life. 

Wang Xiaoman always felt a little angry.

What does Mei lack from cold? Don’t you want a good teacher and a good chance!

“Sister Xiaoman, you don’t know if I’m unlucky." This is not the first time Mei Zihan has listened to Wang Xiaoman's words, and he became very skilled in coping with it. “I’ve gotten a good role, but I can only play a passing role. That play hasn’t been broadcasted yet! I’ve thought about it. My acting skills are still lacking. At most, I am on the level of idol drama. When I get a few years older, I’ll be able to choose roles. “

Wang Xiaoman sighed for a while, and then the crew handed out boxed lunch.

“I bought it myself today, no need.” Mei Zihan waved his hand and refused the box lunch.

It’s terrible that the crew is stingy. All the boxed meals are eight yuan.

He didn’t know that there’s a single digit lunch box. It’s not worth mentioning.

“Well, you, kitchen killer, can bring your own lunch? It won’t be bread and sushi or something, right?" Wang Xiaoman is a pregnant woman, so it’s impossible to eat a boxed meal.

(TLN: By "kitchen killer" they mean bad in the kitchen)

She looked out and saw that Mei Zihan really took out a lunch box. She opened the box. Inside, there was a very good-looking double cooked pork. There were several kinds of vegetables. In the small lattice of the lunch box, there were some cherry tomatoes.

“Oh, is there a snail girl in your family?” Wang Xiaoman jokes.

(TN: A legend from China about a snail creature that can transform into a beautiful woman. For full story go to: )

Mei Zihan has a smile on his face, and his eyes are gentle. “There’s no snail shell girl, but there is a Mr. Snail!”


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