I Really Can't Act


I Really Can't Act Chapter 1 part2

I Really Can’t Act 

Chapter 1 Mr. Snail (part 2/3)

Translated by and proofread by Maraylynx

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Wang Xiaoman was born beautiful and graceful. Now she is only in her early thirties. Ten years ago, she was also popular for a while. The female lead two and three had played some idol dramas before were later determined. Her career plummeted. If she hadn’t taken over the drama in time, she would have had to retire. It’s hard to play those good roles if you just take over the drama.

Aunt drama is fast in shooting and broadcasting. It’s five, six, seven or eight episodes a day. It’ll be finished in a week or two. There’s no sweat at all. Wang Xiaoman is also back and forth several groups acting, anyway, people set up the same, do not have to recite lines, make up can also make up. Similarly, Mei Zihan is the same.

Since this year, “Li’s Widowed Wife” has been the fourth drama that Mei Zihan and Wang Xiaoman have cooperated on!

Counting their previous cooperation, Mei Zihan himself can't count how many times have they cooperated over the last five or six years, and how familiar they were in contrast to his relationship with brother-in-law.

“Sister Wang, next month you will have to get a license with your brother-in-law.” Mei Zihan laughed, “My brother-in-law sends some necessary knowledge to pregnant women in WeChat group everyday these days. Let me watch you more.”

Wang Xiaoman had a smile on her face and touched her belly.”I didn’t expect that the child would come so fast. This play can’t be pushed again. Fortunately, after shooting this one, it’s done.”

“My brother-in-law chased sister Xiaoman for such a long time, and finally got the beauty back.” Mei Zihan is also happy for Wang Xiaoman.

Wang Xiaoman is generous and forthright, but she has a straight temperament. She has offended some people before. Although her acting skills are really good, she has never made her debut. The brother-in-law is Wang Xiaoman’s former classmate. After chasing Wang Xiaoman for more than ten years, he has finally achieved his wish.

“Fuck you.” Wang Xiaoman tries to fight, but Mei Zihan escapes.

“Xiao Mei, big sister has something to say to you. You can’t go on fighting like this.” Wang Xiaoman took a look at Mei Zihan and said, “Actors and actresses are different. Twenty seven is just the beginning. I have no choice, age is also a deciding factor, there is no turning back. But you’re different. If you stay in this kind of play, you won’t be able to turn over in the future.”

In the circle of TV series, the lowest level is the actors in plays, which can’t even compare with those crude idols.

Idol dramas can cheat little girls, but aunt dramas aren't popular.

Even the TV series that once won the top ratings didn’t add much value to the actors!

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