I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce


I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce side story 5

I Decided to Start Cooking Since I Found Out the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce
【Meanwhile, in Japan…】

Chapter 5

Author’s Notes:
The husband's side story is, as always, full of content that may piss you off. I suggest that those who don't like them to skip this chapter.

「Now just hold on there. This is a problem.」

Someone said to me as I placed down a bag at our apartment's garbage collection area.

It was a nagging old man. He must be retired with a lot of free time. Was he pretending to be the watchman for the garbage?

「What's the problem? It's PET bottle recycling today, isn't it?」

That was why I even bothered to gather up the PET bottles into a bag to bring out.


Why does somebody like me have to throw out the garbage?

I can't help it if the PET bottles accumulate since I'm buying and drinking one everyday. When I checked the garbage collection schedule that was stuck on the fridge, I saw that PET bottles were only collected twice a month.

Since I had to wait for the next collection day, the entrance way ended up being buried in PET bottles.

These two situations are basically the same; I am humiliated for having to throw out the garbage, and humiliated by having to live amongst PET bottles until the next collection day.


Throwing out the trash is nothing more than throwing everything into a bag and dumping it off at the collection area. That's right, it's a simple task.

There's no pride or anything involved.

That's what society thinks of a household head who helps their wife with chores. Ah, that's not a bad image to have.

That's why I made an agreement with myself and decided to throw out the garbage.

So why was there a problem?!

「Did you wash these out properly?」


Why was he asking me if I washed the trash?

「Also, the caps are still on the bottles. You didn't even peel off the labels. Just what are you thinking?」

Caps? Labels?

「Look, you have to wash the bottles and make sure the bottles are like this before bringing them out!」

The old man picked up one of the bags piled up in the collection area and showed me.

The bag was filled with crushed clear bottles. I have no idea what kind of drinks they used to be.

「It'll trouble all the other residents if there is one senseless person who can't follow the rules, so please fix it, alright? By the way, I haven't seen you around before, what's your name?」

Senseless? He's saying I'm senseless?

He pissed me off, but I held in my anger.

「Ah, sorry about this. My wife left the bottles like this at the entrance way, so I thought it'd be okay to just bring it out here… It seems like they were not ready to be brought out yet.」

「Ah, I see. You must have angered your wife and thought you'd tried to appease her, but instead you failed? You must not be used to doing things like this. Hahaha!」

The old man interpreted my words as he pleased and laughed.

Hah? I angered my wife? I'm the one who's angry!

Besides, even if that woman was mad at me, why would I throw out the garbage just to appease her?

Is this old fart the type of husband that is dominated by his wife? I don't want to be lumped together with him.

But still, this misunderstanding helped me out.

Now he doesn't believe that I am a senseless human being.

I returned to the apartment, opened up the bag, and began unscrewing the caps. Then I have to remove the labels…

What the heck? How am I supposed to remove these?

Peel here? Tch, I can't get a good grip on the corner.

Dammit! What a pain. How many more do I have to do?

There's about twenty to thirty bottles here.

I peeled off the label on the fourth bottle. I looked at the time, and it was already time for me to leave for work.

It's just trash, how can something like this take up so much time!

You don't have to remove the cap and peel the label when you throw out a bottle at the convenience store! You don't even have to wash the inside!

Whatever! I'll just make that woman do it when she comes back!

I tied off the bag of PET bottles and left it out on the veranda.

Ah, shit. I felt so much discomfort because of that woman again!

Hurry up and come back so we can get divorced already!

Author's Notes:

Thank you for reading.
This is part one of the trash arc. We're starting off lightly with PET bottles.


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