I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce

Other name: Hazure Potion ga Shouyu datta node Ryouri Suru Koto ni Shimashita; ハズレポーションが醤油だったので料理することにしました

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Date released: 2018
Views: 23534

Author: Fuji Tomato; 富士とまと

Status: Ongoing

Translator: kerukeruTL

A 30 year old housewife who was unilaterally abandoned marriage (divorce). The Hello Work that I visited turned out to be another world guild. An old adventurer, Self-proclaimed S rank adventurer, introduced me to a job, To the potion field. When harvesting potions, I noticed that the losing potion with no recovery effect was soy sauce and decided to cook. It seems a correction effect will be attached to dishes made with Losing potion, Is that amazing? A slow life story about develops cooking potions while increasing levels as an adventurer.

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