A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss


A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss Chapter 5

Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 5 My First Encounter was with a Supreme Dragon

"Hoho, this is quite convenient, this ability."

Shelmi herb: Has great effect as a medicine. Also has a lot of mana in it.

When I concentrate on a pretty flower sprouting at the root of a tree, its details just pop up inside my head.

So this is the effect of Analyze.

It seems like I acquired the analyze skill thanks to my chuunibyou like left eye. So it was of some use after all. Yosh!

Baktengdak: Explodes when eaten.

Woah, there are some dangerous things sprouting around here.

I have been analyzing all the things I have come across till now and this being a different world, there are quite a lot of interesting stuff here.

I also found some vegetables and fruits for food so it looks like I won't completely need to depend on DP for food.

And speaking of my initial objective of checking the geography of the surroundings, I stopped caring about it midway.

The reason for that is that getting out of the dungeon added a new option to the menu, called Map.

Really, Menu-san is the best.

It seems to keep updating the geography information of everything I can see. So I just kept going freely, enjoying the view and the map was being completed on its own.

The presence of any enemy in the region, it seems like I can sense if anything enters the dungeon. But, this feature too can be upgraded with DP to display any and all the living things with hostile intent on the map.

I don't quite have the necessary amount of DP for it but it seems very useful so I do plan to get it gradually.

After exploring the surroundings, I decided to turn back since I am afraid of something happening to the dungeon while I am far away.

—– That creature, suddenly appeared.

At first, I thought it was just a huge island.

When I heard flapping noise of wings far away, I reflexively ended up looking that way and spotted something big flying in the sky.

The moment I had thought 'There's something there.', it abruptly started gliding down with absurd speed, decelerating just above ground and landed elegantly.


The wind pressure from the wind flaps hit me all at once and I instinctively closed my eyes.

When the wind had stopped, and I timidly opened my eyes, it was there—- not an island, but an enormous, silver-scaled beautiful dragon.

Name: Leficios

Race: Ancient Dragon

Class: Supreme Dragon

Level: 987

Title: Supreme Dragon





Oi oi oi oi, eh, are you kidding me?

Wai-eh-just wait a moment. Please, just wait a bit.

I thought I was completely aware of the fact that this world is different from my previous world and much more cruel; I had resolved to also encounter monsters but my first encounter being a dragon is just beyond my expectations.

And not only that, it also doesn't seem to be just any dragon, the race says Ancient Dragon and on top of that the class is Supreme Dragon. What is the meaning of this? This is way worse than a shitty video game.

In addition to that, what is with the 'Near Max Level!' kind of level. That's a whopping 987 times my level, isn't it?! I mean, it is, since I am just level 1.

About it's ability scores, maybe because the difference in level is too big, I can't seem to read it.

……Ah, calm down, Yuki. Don't panic, nothing good comes out of panicking, as granny used to say. Well, I don't really have a granny, though. ('Baccha ga itte ta–parody of a phrase in the anime, Otome Hime which aired in Niconico.)

It might also be possible that the levels here are generally pretty high like they are in the inflated net-games. Well, it still doesn't change the fact that it's a threat but it gives me a little room.

While I was thinking that, I noticed that I couldn't analyze the Class so when I tried analyzing the Title, the details were displayed,

Supreme Dragon: The one who establishes dominance over the world, the strongest of the dragon race. Immense adjustment to Status: Supreme Leader's Aura, Unique Class: Supreme Dragon.

Yep, seems about right.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like the being who is at the top of this world. I knew that, you shithead.

……I see, it makes sense now. I thought it was kind of strange.

That around this area, even an amateur like me could find edible plants here and there with analyze but there was absolutely no presence of any living creature.

To the point I was kinda disappointed to not find any monster around the area even after being told that there were some.

They had probably realized it. That a being of a completely different level was living here.

I mean, of course everyone would run away if such a ultra-living-thing-monster-ish being existed here.

While I was lost for words to the immense presence and grandness of the dragon, it opened its mouth while looking at me—-

"You… are a demon, and a really high ranking one at that?"  the dragon started talking.


Kyeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh, it taaaaaallkeeeeeddddd!!

I was just about to shout out instinctively but stopped myself. I took a deep breath, calmed myself down, and started talking to not let it sense my nervousness.

"…..Ah, yes. I don't know about high ranking but it seems like I am a demon."

My race is arch demon after all.

There's no doubt I am a demon.

By the way, this parallel world too, like any other parallel world, has elves, dwarfs, furries with ears and tails and demons like myself.

I really want to touch the ears of a furry.

……Calm down, Yuki. You are starting to escape reality.

"? That is a quite odd speaking style. Well, that is fine. More importantly, what is a higher demon doing at a place like this?" the dragon said not even trying to cover that it was on alert.


It does not really matter much but, it had a more beautiful voice than I had expected.

I could feel that it was a female.

"E-even if you ask something like that…. exploring?"

"…..What an odd demon."


From its voice, the dragon seemed a bit surprised but it didn't seem like it would come attacking me as of now.

……Could it be that? That the demons in this world don't have opposition towards its surroundings?

Having replied more calmly than I thought, such a thought had popped in my mind.

I actually did not know much about that from the memory I received from the dungeon.

I could more or less differentiate between the wildlife — the monsters and the humans and demi-human who have intelligence. But, as I had also said before, from the dungeon's perspective, they are all akin to devils who come to kill it. The dungeon did not have any sort of knowledge about them except that.

I had completely thought that the demons were thought of as evil, judging from my previous world knowledge….

……This, maybe it will let me go—–

"….Well, that is fine. Either way, this is my territory. I will just exterminate you if you came to invade."

I did not intend on doing such a thing, please forgive me!

At the same time my faint hope was crushed to pieces, a murderous intent had started to fill the surroundings, even someone like me who had never been in a brawl properly could tell.

I had cold sweats all over my face.

This is bad.

Frankly speaking, this is extremely bad.

For what it matters, I had thought about what to do when I encounter monsters but I surely did not think of encountering a dragon from the very beginning.

What should I do? What will be good?

While I was using my brain in full throttle, which was not used very often instead of when I was learning game conquering tactics, to try to come up with a breakthrough solution —- Using my sense of smell, which along with all my other 5 senses had been oddly sharp since becoming a demon, I caught a sweet fragrant coming out from the dragon's mouth.

—–This scent is—-!


I sign with my hands towards the dragon who was already in a position to attack,



The dragon, looking like I had just killed its enthusiasm, did seem like it would at least listen to what I have to say. I stopped my movements.

Ah, that is a relief that it didn't come killing me without saying anything.

"I do not have the strength to even be able to fight with you. But, I also do not want to die…. And so, let's make a deal."

"Oho? A deal, you say?"


"Yes. You like sweet stuff, don't you?"

When I said that, the dragon became quite flustered.

"A-wha-I don't know what you're talking about. It-it's not like I have been attacking the beehive at the temple for honey for lunch!"


Ah… this dragon, it is the type which can't lie properly.

Rather, why is it getting flustered? If you like sweet food, you do not need to be ashamed about it.

"No, like, I can really smell the honey from your mouth. Like that one yellow bear who wears red shirt and keeps having honey."

"Th-there is a bear like that….?"


"Yep. —–And, so. And to you, who loves sweet food, I have just the perfect item."

Saying that, I pulled out a bar of chocolate from the tear in the air.

Actually, I had brought this along side some other stuff I had exchanged for DP before heading out of the throne.

Chocolate can make you feel full after all. I heard it was best for mountain climbing or stuff like these.

"Wh-what is that….? It smells quite good but…."


"This is a sweet called chocolate. For now, try eating one."

After saying that, I tore apart the aluminium foil of the bar of chocolate and threw it towards the dragon. It caught the bar skillfully and put the whole thing in its mouth.

"—–!! How sweet…!!! To-to think such a sweet food existed in this world…!!"


The dragon opened its eyes wide as if it was hit by lightning.

…..It does not really matter but this dragon, it has quite rich expressions.

It kinda felt really majestic at first but after seeing it become so happy with the chocolate, I had felt relieved for a while but…. There is no mistaking that the difference between us is huge and it could kill me just by touching me lightly so being conscious of that, I continued with the negotiations.

"Now then, here is the real deal. I can make this sweet. And I might be wrong but, I am probably the only one who can make it in this world. You have not seen anything like it before, right?"

"Ye-yes, that is true. It is my first time seeing anything like it."


It would be a different story if there were other people like me in this world.

And even if that is true, there's no doubt that the number of such people will be extremely low.

Much less someone who is a dungeon master on top of being a demon lord.

"Which means, if you just kill me now, you won't be able to have this chocolate anymore. But, if you let me live, you can come here anytime you wish and have chocolates.'

It would cost me some DP but that is still better than being eaten alive here.

Moreover, it seems like every living creature around here ran away because of this dragon so if it comes to the dungeon to have chocolate we could avoid monsters. At least that is what I expect.

"I only have two conditions. To not kill me. And that cave a little far off from here where I live — to recognize it and not destroy it."



Wearing a conflicted expression, the dragon pondered.

It seems like it was enough to change its intentions.

This – it can probably work…

"I am not asking for much, right? If you just let me live, you can eat this. I don't want to die so that will save me. Literally. It's a win-win situation."

"Uuu… what is that?"


"It means we both profit from it. How about it?"

Then the dragon kept staring at me fixedly for a while, opening and closing its mouth trying to say something. But before long, it made up its mind and said,

"…..Well, I guess it is fine. I understand. I will let you live."



I was about to give a winning pose there but I held myself back as the negotiations were still not over.

"In return, you will let me have that chocolate-something, right?"


"Yep. Well, of course, it would be impossible to make a lot at once. Your body is huge after all. It would be hard to satisfy your needs."

"…..That is true. Hmm, I understand."


After saying that, the dragon nodded once and light came shining from its body—

—-Before long, when the light had disappeared, a silver-haired girl stood there.


A beautiful girl, with pretty silver hair as if a craftsman perfectly made it so.

From her appearance, she looked 13 to 14 years old.

However— the two things fundamentally different from humans were, two horns coming out from her head and a long tail coming out from above her waist.

…..This dragon, it really was a female.

"What happened? You're making a stupid face like a goblin."

"……Ah, n-no…. I see you can also be like that, huh…"

"I have lived for quite a long time after all. Of course I would know something as simple as taking a human's shape. With this figure, I won't have to eat as much too."

When I tried analyzing again, her race name was still ancient dragon.

…….I see, so that is also okay in this world….

"Oi, demon, as promised! Give me more chocolate already!"

The dragon said, raising both of her hands overhead like a spoiled brat.

To hell with the dignity it had in the beginning.

"Wa-wait, for now, wear this."

Saying that, I took of my T-shirt and threw it over to the dragon.

"Nn? What? Your clothes?"

"That appearance is like poison to my eyes."

The dragon who had transformed into a girl was completely naked.

I mean, of course, since she was not wearing anything while she was in dragon form.

She seems more like a younger sister from her appearance but it might have been quite bad if she had grown a bit more.

"Well, if you say so. It would not be so fun to have someone come attacking me for this appearance. I will wear that but in return, gimme that brown food —"

"I got it, I got it! I will let you have some so just wear it already!"

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