A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss


A Demon Lord's Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss Chapter 3

Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 3 Let's understand our current state – 2

Name: Yuki

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 1

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 6700/6700

Strength: 651

Resistance: 685

Agility: 550

Mana: 897

Dexterity: 1250

Luck: 70

Skill point: 5

Unique Skill: Mana Eye, Language Translation

Skill: Item Box, Analyze Lv1

Title: Demon Lord of a Parallel World

DP: 1000

Wait a minute, now that I look at it closely, not only did I stop being a human, I am also a Demon Lord now. That's troubling.

….Hmmm, looks like here—-

Looks like the dungeon master who maintains the dungeon is generally called the Demon Lord. It appeared in my mind's wikipedia.

My name too, got turned into only katakana and my surname disappeared, making it just Yuki. I had thought it was kind of a girly name to begin with but now it just seems more like this is natural.

I don't really have anything else to compare my status with to know whether they are good or not but, this exceedingly low Luck kinda bothers me…. Well, I did die in an accident so I guess that is how it is.

I don't quite understand why Dexterity is one head above the others either. It is not like my hobby was handicrafts or something.

When I slid my fingers over the listed skills, it displayed the details.

Analyze, Item Box and Language Translation are pretty much what they say. The stuff I can analyze increases as I level up and the amount of mana I can store in the item box also increases as I level up. Language Translation is pretty self-explanatory.

As for Mana Eye…. it seems like a race-special skill. I could probably visualize the opponent's mana but I don't really understand its usefulness yet.

Skill Point seems to be the amount of points I have which I could use to level up my skills. It seems my current limit of skill level seems to be 10. As it keeps increasing, the amount of skill points needed to level it up also increases proportionally.

Next, when I tried to reaffirm my title, this was displayed,

Demon Lord of a Parallel World: The one who appeared from another world — is what I got from using Language Translation.

……..Ah, yep. This is really a different world then, isn't it? Well, I did sort of expect as much.

For now, after confirming the basics of the status screen, I closed it and opened up the DP Catalogue.

It seems to also be just as the name suggests, a catalogue of things you can exchange with DP — Dungeon Points.

There are things all the way from the realms of fantasy like sword, shield and armours to normal daily life items such as toothbrush, drinking glass and food. If you have a ton of DP, it looks like you could even get a video game. What is this, online shopping?! Well, since it is convenient, I am not complaining.

It might be that there are two kinds of things available in this DP Catalogue, the things I know of and the things which are in this dungeon from the start. If that was not the case, then these video game or toothbrush-like items which crush the different world vibe would not exist in it.

Just that the Earth goods are relatively pricey compared to this world's goods. It looks like it will take me quite some time to get those things.

Gacha is just gacha. Nothing more, nothing less. There are four of them inside: 100DP, 1000DP, 10000DP, and 100000DP. I won't know what comes out unless I roll one.

The remaining option, Dungeon, has the main features needed in a dungeon, for example: Dungeon layers, expansion, monster summoning, etc.

Well, I shall get to the minute details sometime later.

—- The dungeon is a living thing.

It is born at places where this world's exclusive Magical Essence is at large.

A dungeon which just spawned recently is weak without exception and can easily be crushed.

And the ones who come to crush it are mostly the humans. They probably come for the dungeon core — that rainbow-coloured jewel I saw a while ago. It did look quite rare.

And also, the wildlife of this world, the monsters also seem to be drawn by the enormous mana inside the jewel and come to attack.

—- In short, for a dungeon, everything in the surrounding are enemies.

And there, the dungeon summons a manager for it and tries to increase its survival rate. It discovered a way to exist together.

The Demon Lord is summoned just like that.

They manage the dungeon and protect it.

In most cases, the dungeons seem to call and bring their Demon Lords from the surrounding but, as the place where this one was born was thick with Magical Essence, it seems to have more power than most.

Using majority of that power, it seems to have summoned me as its manager as I was a more appropriate being for its Demon Lord.

It seems like I am more adequate to be a Demon Lord from others' (?) perspectives. It is quite regrettable.

The reason I had reincarnated into an arch demon from a human was also the cause of another one of the dungeon's self-defense mechanisms. It probably judged that it's survival rate would increase more if I was born into an arch demon rather than a human.

And this does not seem to be possible if the soul is not suitable for it but… Well, yep, it's probably that. Probably because the character in the game I played the most was an arch demon so that probably influenced it…. Who am I kidding?

….However, having powers is not such a bad feeling. After the knowledge was planted into my brain I understood that this world was much more dangerous than my previous one. Tons of monsters, tons of wars. On top of that, because low IQ Demon Lords have been killing humans all over the place, there seems to be quite the hatred towards Demon Lords.

Being born in such a world as a Demon Lord, it is probably better to have some strength to increase my survival rate as well.

I glared at the jewel— the jewel that made me go through that intense pain, that shitty annoying dungeon core.

As the dungeon's power influences the Demon Lord's vessels survival a lot, if the dungeon falls apart, so does the Demon Lord. Also, as it is giving most of its resources to the Demon Lord, if the Demon Lord dies, its power also reduces dramatically and it also ends up dying.

—- In short, we share the same life.

"Darn it, calling me into such a troublesome world."

However, if it was not for this guy, it is also true that I would have not regained consciousness ever again.

I touched the dungeon core once again. It didn't give me the intense headaches anymore.

This, right here, is my second heart.

…..Since I have got this second chance in life, this time, I shall live to my fullest… all the while protecting this guy.. yep, does not sound too bad.

While I was wondering that, I had remembered that I had not confirmed my appearance after becoming an arch demon so I went into the DP Catalogue and got myself a hand mirror ——.

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