I Already Said I Don't Want to Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering of the Goddess of Reincarnation~


I Already Said I Don't Want to Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering of the Goddess of Reincarnation~ Chapter 1

Goddess-sama, Place a Trap

Next Morning.

Today too, I was preparing for work to earn money.

Preparing myself, I fixed my appearance in the bathroom, and then wore my suit and leather shoes. My preparation completed as I took my briefcase.

As I left the entrance, I was greeted by the refreshing morning sun.

The place I lived at, 『Tsunoura Manor』, despite it being a run down 45 years old apartment, with the cool air and the sunshine illuminating the place early in the morning, it exuded a bright atmosphere.

Let’s do our best today too, while having such enthusiasm, I walked on the exposed passageway on the second floor. Though I felt a sign of people on the staircase, so I stopped.

Strange, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one live on the second floor.

When I took a peek at the presence cautiously, I saw a person squatting with her back on me.

It was a little girl, with silver hair extended to her waist, pure with robe, and a pair of wings on her back.

——- Ugehh~ Why is she here.

Looking at the girl with her peculiar attire, I remembered the exchange that happened last night and felt a headache coming.

I don’t know what kind of harassment she will utter, but it sure spoils the refreshing morning.

Observing her dejectedly, I saw her checking the tension of the thread she tied to the stairs’ handrails.

——- Trap huh?

So, if I walk there without knowing about it, it’ll caught my leg. There’s no mistaking it, that’s the trap that would be made in one person Ikedaya make-believe.

Rather, oi, isn’t it more like a prank?

「Fu-fun~ It surely is a wonderful wire trap. People would be full of carelessness and blind spots in such an ordinary day.」

Unless you’re exposed beforehand.

From the back of the girl who stood up and praised herself with confidence, I approached her with concealed footsteps. Once I got near her, I grasped her shoulders and slowly pushed her forward.


While letting out hysteric voice, the girl tried to balance her body by flapping her hands and wings to avoid falling.

Ohh, these wings sure are a good imitation.

With my interest focused on the latest special costume she used, still grasping her shoulders, I talked smilingly.

「Even this early, you’re doing something fun aren’t you?」

「Ehh!? W-When did you!?」

Turning only her head, she looked at me with a fright as if I was something akin to supernatural phenomena.

With a smile on my face, sending my gaze to the wire trap at my feet, I asked her with a gentle voice,

「So? What on earth is this suppose to do?」

The girl, with a stiff smile, timidly replied as her blue eyes wandering around.

「Umm, that……. It seems like this house security is inadequate. While presumptuous, I set this up as thief countermeasure.」

「Don’t lie.」

Dismissing the painfully obvious excuse from the girl, I pushed her body forward again.

「Waaaa-! Sorry, I’m sorry! It’s a lie, please forgive me! Ooo~ ooooh~ I’m going to fall!」

Looking at the girl who, with her disheveled hair, flapped her hands and wings while begging for forgiveness, I chuckled.

Umu, it’s good that you’re obedient. Or rather, as expected, more than this will bother the neighbors.

Satisfied with the punishment I gave to the girl, I released her after pulling her back.

The girl, losing her power, fell to the passageway. Her shoulders went up and down from her heavy breathing.

I glanced at her while I was removing the wire trap. Once done, I heaved a sigh as I put the wire into my pocket.

「Seriously, I don’t know what you’re planning, but if you do these prank again, I will call the police and leave your treatment to them.」

If this is planned by the TV station, the police and their guns will surely stop them.

However, against my warning, the girl shook her head. With tears in her eyes, she looked up and pleaded,

「T-This is not a prank! I have my duty as a Goddess of Reincarnation, I’m seriously trying to reincarnate you!」

Is she really trying to kill me? That’s seriously bad then!

Getting fed up by the girl who looked to have a severe case of chuunibyou, I took out my smartphone.

「Errr, for the time being, the police number is……」

「Ahhh-! P-please don’t! Calling public institution will be bad for the balance of interference rate!」

When I was pretending to report her to police, the girl hurriedly tried to reach for my phone to stop me. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t reach because of the difference of height between adult and child.

Really, if you’re afraid of the police, then don’t do something like these prank since the beginning.

After stopping her from bouncing around by grabbing her head, I, with a smile as to not gave her a trauma, said,

「I don’t quite understand, but I will overlook it this time. But, there is no next time okay?」

Hearing that, the girl’s shoulders trembled, she looked frightened.

Whoops, Did I just show her a Devil’s Smile?

Oh crap, I will be late if I don’t go now.

Releasing my hand from the girl whose breathing like a bull’s, I quickly ran down the stairs while paying attention to my feet.

「Ahh-! Again!? Wait, please wait!」

I could hear the girl’s voice from behind, but I just ignored it and left the apartment.

I was a little depressed when I thought I still need to work.

t/n: this chapter is actually hard to translate, rather, the easy one is easy, while the hard one is really obscure. Hopefully, it’s not like this on every chapter

actual note:

  • 津浦荘 – Tsunoura Manor, literally means inlet port manor, or apartment
  • one person Ikedaya make-believe – look for Ikedaya incident or affair, now, I’ve looked for it for around an hour or two, but I still don’t understand how Ikedaya incident connected to the trap, I might need to watch the documentary for it to know
  • Supernatural phenomena – in case you guys don’t understand, it means she thought of him as a ghost
  • Chuunibyou – eight grader syndrome, basically a person who mixes their imagination and reality and act upon them
  • Devil’s Smile –  a smile that’s not a smile or a threatening smile, this shouldn’t be a foreshadow to the MC’s real identity