I Alone Level-Up


I Alone Level-Up Chapter 85

I Alone Level-up: Chapter 85

An E-rank Hunter volunteered to go into an A-rank Dungeon?!

It indeed stirred a commotion amongst the Hunters.

"The high-level magic beasts are waiting in there!"

"Sung-ssi, what are you thinking?!"

"You're still young, don't throw away your life for some money!"

The members of the mining team swarmed him, trying to change his mind. Team Leader Bae explained to Son Gihoon,

"Oh no, that fellow just started working here. He must've raised his hand without knowing anything."

"What is his rank?"


The team leader glanced at Jinwoo and whispered,

"He's an E-ranker. His rank is too low, why don't you take someone else? Taking that fellow is too dangerous."

Son Gihoon's expression became serious.

'That man… is an E-ranker?'

The man who had met his eyes earlier. Certainly, the A-ranker did not detect any strong magic power coming from him. But what was it? The man had... an unexplainable and dangerous aura about him.

'He didn't feel like an E-ranker.'

In any glance, he did not look like the lowest-ranking Hunter. Of course, Son Gihoon didn't think that Team Leader Bae was lying, but he could not shake his instinct.

'Still, the porter's rank doesn't matter.'

All the porter had to do was carry the baggage. If the porter placed at the rear of the raiding party was in danger, the Raid would've already failed. If it got to a situation where an A-ranker's life was in danger, what did it matter if the porter was C-rank or E-rank? They'll all die just the same. However, Son Gihoon could not think beyond that. The time was running out. He looked at Jinwoo and spoke,

"No, we'll take that man."


"Is it too heavy?"

Son Gihoon asked. Jinwoo shook his head,

"I'm alright."

The bag on the E-ranker's back contained the raiding party's clothes, weapons and defensive gears. The size was quite large, but to Jinwoo, it did not feel heavy at all. It was the power of his Strength stat.

'He doesn't look like he's struggling.'

Son Gihoon looked over Jinwoo's expression then turned towards the Gate. Jinwoo also turned his head. In front of them, a Gate as large as yesterday's floated in the air.

'Wait, is this one bigger?'

However, they said the magic power seeping out today's Gate was smaller than yesterday's. Since the Raid's difficulty was determined by the magic power and not the size of the Gate, the secondary raiding party was deployed here.

'Huh… the magic power coming out is pitiful compared to yesterday's.'

In front of the Gate, Jinwoo was assured. It seemed that the Association's measurements were not off.

But what was this feeling? Just like in front of the Red Gate, the E-rank Hunter felt a strange sense of dread.

'...I'm just imagining it, right?'

Son Gihoon gave the order,

"Let us go."

The members of the raiding party that had been waiting near the Gate all started to move as one. One by one, the Hunters entered the Dungeon.


Watching them, Jinwoo followed behind.

You have entered the Dungeon.


The insides were rather plain. Having entered with his nerves on edge, Jinwoo relaxed once he came across a tunnel far smaller than yesterday's.


Thankfully, they were not transported to another world. Well, the composition of the party might be able to clear a Red Gate.

11 A-rankers and 6 B-rankers.

Like Team Leader Bae said, in any other Guild, this party would have never been the secondary raiding party. Jinwoo smiled,

'I'm not even part of the raiding party, let's relax.'

Yesterday and today. In a way, he was just here to play around. Only difference today was that he would be able to witness more things. There was no need to be on edge. With that in mind, his heart relaxed a bit.

"Don't be so nervous."

From his side, a female Healer-class Hunter struck up a conversation. She looked like she was in her late 20s? It seemed that she had noticed his hardened expression and wanted to cheer him up a bit.

"Gihoon oppa, I mean, the Raid Leader and everyone here are experienced Hunters. Well, except for me."

A brightly smiling Healer. From the start, there was nothing like fear in Jinwoo's heart, but at her carefree expression, his sharpened nerves emptied from his heart like someone popped a balloon with a needle. Jinwoo held back a laughter and nodded,

"Ah, okay."

As if satisfied by her work, the Healer put on a proud expression.

Meanwhile, having confirmed that there were no magic beasts near the entrance, a signal was given to move forward.

"Let's move."

Jinwoo and the Healer matched the pace of the raiding party and walked slowly. Because they were taking care of their surroundings, the movement of the party was slow.

"If it's heavy, could I help out a bit?"

The Healer asked after glancing at the baggage Jinwoo was carrying. Without a word, he held out a water tank in his left hand. The woman took it and immediately faltered at its weight.


Jinwoo quickly grabbed the water tank from the Healer who was about to lose her balance. The entire party halted and stared at the Healer.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

The Healer bowed her head left and right. Of course, she did not offer to help again. Instead, she glared at him every once in a while. Jinwoo swallowed a laughter and feigned ignorance. It's been a long time since he felt like laughing in a Dungeon.

'It's dangerous to get distracted.'

Especially in his recent Raids. When he thought back on the difficulty of the Demon Castle, he shuddered. However, today was different. It felt nice to tag along as a nobody in a Raid like this.

Suddenly, Jinwoo stopped. Noticing what the E-ranker noticed a beat later than he did, the raiding party also stopped.

"Here they come!"

Before even Son Gihoon finished giving the order, the entire party got into defensive positions. It was in a blink of an eye. Jinwoo was amazed,

'So this is the Raid of high-ranking Hunters…'

It was in a completely different level than the raiding parties he had seen in the past. Even the naive-looking female Healer also was in a utmost ready stance, a clear light coming from her hands.

'Looks like I won't have a chance to step up.'

Jinwoo rid himself of the worry and at the same time was disappointed.

Anyways, the magic beasts arrived.

Beast? Dog?

Son Gihoon's eyes narrowed.

da da da da da da da da

A group of magic beasts that looked like hyenas ran towards the group. Each of them was a size of a midsize car. Son Gihoon tilted his head,

'Dungeon Jackals?'

As they neared, he became sure. They were Dungeon Jackals. Son Gihoon relaxed his tensed form that held out a shield. The man slammed his shield down on a Dungeon Jackal that leaped toward his neck.


"The hell?"

"Dungeon Jackals?"

The members of the party that had been maintaining a tense stance also relaxed and tilted their heads. Soon, the cry of Dungeon Jackals filled the cave.




The magic beasts were routed in no time. The dozen or so jackals were quickly turned to corpses. The Hunters dusted off their hands in confusion.

"What was that?"

"I didn't even have time to finish casting my spell."

"Why would Dungeon Jackals come out of an A-rank Dungeon?"


"Did the Association fuck up again?"

Their voices were raised. It was a cardinal rule in Dungeons not to raise your voice. The appearance of the Dungeon Jackals were shocking enough to make the Hunters forget that rule.


Son Gihoon looked over the jackals' corpses and scratched his temple.

'Why would magic beasts from a C-rank Dungeon come out here?'

The Tanker looked around in disbelief. Everyone had similar expressions. Except one man.

Jinwoo was looking at the corpses of the jackals with an uneasy expression.

'They're not normal jackals.'

His eyes narrowed. He looked over the traces of matted furs around the jackals' necks. It was evidence that they were tied up somewhere.

'That means there's something else here that raised these things…'

Magic beasts with intelligence. Jinwoo recalled the White Walkers from the Red Gate. No matter what race they belonged to, magic beasts with intelligence were a difficult enemy.

'That feeling I had… might be right after all.'

It was not a good omen.

"What are you looking at so seriously?"

The female Healer came up to him and stared blankly at the corpse.


Jinwoo held up a finger.

step step

step step

He heard footsteps coming this way from deeper into the cave.

'The real thing is coming.'

Jinwoo got up. Meanwhile, the other Hunters also realized something was wrong.

"Oh my god…"

"P-prepare for battle!"

Son Gihoon squeezed out an order. Finally, from the darkness of the cave, the real enemy appeared. The eyes of the Hunters widened.

"High orcs?"

"Of all the magic beasts, why high orcs?!"

The high orc warriors that looked battle-hardened were standing in a formation. There was 22 of them. Even if it was just normal high orcs, 22 of them would've been a difficult enemy. But these were high orc warriors.

"Something… something went wrong."

Someone uttered. To think that the low-level magic beasts would be followed by high-level magic beasts that were known for their strength among the high-level magic beasts.

Clack! Clack!

The long spears of the high orcs pointed towards the Hunters.

'The Hunters and the high orcs are about evenly matched.'

Jinwoo evacuated to a corner. He planned to quietly observe the situation and look for the timing where he had to step up. The female Healer mistook his intentions,

"Stay there and hide so you don't get hurt!"

For some reason… that was a bit infuriating. Jinwoo closed his eyes and took deep breaths to try and calm his anger.

Soon, the battle began.


At the approaching high orcs, Son Gihoon used a wide area taunting skill. However, the high orcs were not so easily provoked. Soon, the Fighter-class Hunters and the high orcs clashed.




Blood spilled everywhere, followed by screams.


The completed spells of the Mage-class Hunters fell upon the high orcs.

Bang! Boom!

The high orcs struck by 'Arrow of Light' lost their heads. However, the spells did not shoot out repeatedly. While the magic's effects were strong, it had a drawback of having casting times.


The high orcs were starting to win the melee.

"Heal! Heal!"


The number of injured increased, and the Healers became busy.


The female Healer was also running left and right.

"I'm on my way! I'm on my way!"

She knelt down next to a Hunter that had lost an arm and uttered incantations.


With a bright light, the Hunter's arm began to regenerate. It was the power of healing afforded by an A-rank Healer's powers. But while she was focused on her patient, a large shadow fell over her. The Healer raised her head. A high orc that she had thought was dead was standing over her with an axe in hand.


The Healer's face turned white. Unfortunately, there were no allies nearby. When the orc raised its axe, instead of running away, the Healer covered her patient with her body.


She held her head down, waiting for the blow to come. However, no matter how long she waited, she did not feel any pain. In a moment where a single second felt like a minute, the Healer raised her head slightly. An incredible sight was before her.

"Ku... Kwek…"

The high orc was floating in the air, flailing its limbs.


What was happening? The Healer opened her eyes wide.



The high orc's head separated from its body, pulling up its spine with it. It was an incredible display of power.



Looking at the high orc's body that collapsed to the ground, the Healer looked completely dumbfounded.


The high orc's head was still floating in the air.


'...Bleh, I got blood on me.'

Jinwoo scrunched his face and threw the high orc's head.


Another high orc was struck by his comrade's head and fell to the ground. Its neck twisted in a grotesque way, it was not going to be getting up anytime soon.

'Two down.'

Jinwoo turned his gaze. He was currently in 'Stealth'. Neither the high orcs nor the Hunters could see him in this state.

The man had worried about stepping up and getting scolded by the Hunters, but then found a solution in his 'Stealth' skill. With this, he would be able to do whatever he wanted. The corners of his mouth rose.

'Shall I get started?'

In that moment,


He saw the Raid Leader, Son Gihoon, fighting with three high orcs at once.

Jinwoo's legs moved with incredible speed.


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