I Alone Level-Up


I Alone Level-Up Chapter 72

I Alone Level-up: Chapter 72

'Shall we get started?'

The Shadow Soldiers appeared behind Jinwoo's back. His army was composed of infantry, mages, beasts and the two knights. At their head stood Jinwoo. The two knights stepped forward and took place at Jinwoo's sides. Ygritte to his right, Iron to his left. Looking at the pair, Jinwoo beamed with pride.

'They're rather dependable.'

Even if it was his skill, they felt like comrades that protected his back. It gave Jinwoo a sense of security.


'Facing that thing head on is a bit…'

Dangerous. Mainly because of the giant wooden club that Volkhan was holding.

'It's amazing there's a tree large enough to make that thing.'

Taking Volkhan's giant body and the size of the wooden club into account, a single swipe would wipe away his entire army.

'Well, being wiped away is fine.'

The problem was the limited amount of mana he had to regenerate his entire army. Jinwoo knew his mana would plummet to the ground if he stupidly rushed at the demon with everyone at his disposal. That left one option,

'That musclehead is mine.'

His army would take care of the trash mobs around Volkhan, while Jinwoo fought the giant demon on his own. He felt that that was the best way to approach this fight.

'I just have to not get hit.'

Unlike his soldiers, Jinwoo was confident in his ability to dodge Volkhan's attacks. The Hunter ordered the Shadow Mages to fire the opening shot.

'The ranged attacks will grab aggro from the trash mobs. When that slow looking thing lumbers behind the high-level demons, I'll go fight it one-on-one.'

It was a straight forward tactic.


When he gave the signal, fireballs shot out from the Shadow Mages' hands.




The fireball exploded near the mobs around Volkhan and signaled the start of battle.


The Overlord of the Lower Floors, Volkhan of Avarice has noticed an intruder!

Volkhan's Bodyguard has noticed...

Volkhan's Bodyguard has noticed...

ring, ring, ring!

The warning tones came one after another repeatedly. With the warning, Volkhan and the bodyguards turned their gazes toward Jinwoo.


They succeeded in grabbing the enemy's attention. Jinwoo activated 'Stealth'; his plan was to flank around the trash mobs and get to Volkhan.


Everything was going to plan.

...Or so he thought.



Contrary to Jinwoo's expectations, Volkhan was the first to run towards the Shadow Army. If it wasn't for the fact that they were about to engage in a difficult battle, it would've almost been comical sight. Instead of lumbering slowly, the giant demon was running at full sprint towards them, almost as if,

'What the hell?! What's with its movement?! It's like someone pressed fast forward on a video!'

Indeed, Volkhan had reached them in a blink of an eye! Leaving behind his bodyguards, the giant demon stopped before the Shadow Soldiers.

'I fucked up!'

Jinwoo's eyes opened wide. The demon's mountain-like body displayed a speed that betrayed all logic.


Volkhan raised its club and brought it down. As the club fell down towards the exposed Shadow Mages, Iron appeared out nowhere and raised his pitch-black shield to block.



It was a valiant effort… While the giant knight managed to blocked the attack, Iron's two arms were completely destroyed. The Shadow Soldier with the highest defense was rendered useless after a single attack.


Pieces of Iron's two broken arms fell onto the ground.

"Mm? Mm?"

As if disappointed by its last attack, Volkhan tilted his head and squinted at his club. Well, the demon's confusion only lasted for a split second. The wooden club was brought down once more.



With no way to defend anymore, Iron and the Shadow Mages behind him were crushed without resistance.


Watching this scene, something snapped inside of Jinwoo.

'You fucking…'

The Hunter bit his lower lip. His body moved before his mind could give the order.


Before he realized, Jinwoo was already in the air, flying towards Volkhan. His target was clear. Compared to its mountain-like body, the demon's head was tiny. Jinwoo twisted his hips midair, pulling his right arm back. The muscles on the Hunter's right arm and shoulder flexed. As he focused every ounce of his strength into his clenched fist, 'Stealth' was released.


Volkhan discovered Jinwoo too late. Jinwoo was not about to miss a target at this range.


The man's fist shot forth like a bullet into the side of Volkhan's face.


The body of the giant demon was thrown back. The demon rolled on the ground for some time, finally stopping when it struck a building with only frames remaining.


What remained of the building collapsed when the giant demon crashed into it.


Jinwoo nimbly landed on the ground but was surprised.

'Why did he fly so far?'

He looked down at his fist with disbelief. There was not a scratch on the fist that blew away giant demon. Then he realized,

'Oh right…'

Jinwoo looked up. The stat screen was pulled up.


Strength: 150

Constitution: 109

Agility: 139

Intelligence: 109

Sense: 111

(Available stat points: 0)

Physical Damage Reduction: 46%

'...I forgot.'

Because he had mostly received Assassin-class skills and obtained a Mage-class as his class, Jinwoo had forgotten about something:

Strength: 150


Even though he had invested every point into intelligence lately, his strength was still nearly 50% higher than intelligence.

'I really invested a stupid amount of points into that, huh.'

On top of that, he had explosively raised his levels in the past few days. Looking at the stats, he was able to feel his growth.

And the results of that growth was… that. Jinwoo looked at Volkhan's body in the rubbles of the building in disbelief. It was hard to tell when he fought the low-level and mid-level demons. But using his powers against the boss-level monster gave him assurance,

'I… have become strong.'


Strength filled Jinwoo's fist and spread throughout his entire body. Suddenly, the familiar electronic tone rang,


'What is it?'

Jinwoo raised his head.

"Mm? Mm?"

Volkhan used its club as a support and rose from the ground.

'Is it warning me that a monster is getting up?'

Had the System ever been that friendly? With a tilted head, Jinwoo realized the true meaning of the System's warning tone.

The Overlord of the Lower Floors, Volkhan of Avarice has used 'Rage'.


ring, ring, ring

The warning tones continued.

It will permanently enter a state of rage.

Volkhan's all attributes are increased by 50%.

Volkhan cannot feel any pain.

'That skill is…?'

Before even Jinwoo could recall the memories of Cerberus, Volkhan charged at him with blood-red eyes.


The ground shook with each deafening footstep. Jinwoo took a quick glance back; his Shadow Soldiers and Volkhan's minions were in a fierce battle.



Amidst the chaotic battle, Jinwoo found Iron. As a testament to Volkhan's destructive power, the giant knight was still in the middle of regenerating.


Jinwoo shouted. His knight immediately understood his liege's order. Iron threw his shield with strength towards Jinwoo. The Hunter quickly snatched it out of the air. When he turned his gaze forward again, Volkhan was already before him.

'If I dodge, my soldiers will be hit.'

It would be impossible to take down Volkhan and his minions without his army. And so, Jinwoo selected the best method to protect his soldiers. He raised his shield and focused strength into his arms.


Volkhan's club fell.




The brutal attacks that made the earth cry rained down mercilessly on Jinwoo, but the Hunter held his ground. It was only made possible due to his high physical damage reduction and constitution stats.

"Mm? Mm?"

Enraged that his attacks were ineffective, Volkhan started swinging his club with fury.


However, Jinwoo's knees did not buckle.


Just blocking like this would never bring down that mountain. Jinwoo's brows furrowed. Unlike Cerberus, Volkhan's 'Rage', while it was less effective than the dog's, did not have a time limit. He could not wait for it to time out like last time.


Jinwoo clenched his teeth.

'Not really my style to be a Tanker anyways…'


The moment Volkhan's club retracted for the next blow, Jinwoo leaped towards demon's head again. However, Jinwoo wasn't the only one looking for an opportunity.


Timing its movements, Volkhan stepped back as Jinwoo flew towards him.


Jinwoo saw the club swinging towards him horizontally.

'...He got me.'

If he was on the ground, it would've been a different story. But there was no way to dodge midair. Even if he blocked, he would be smashed into something.


In a world of slowed time, Jinwoo saw the club making its way to him in slow motion.

'Is there anything I could do?!'

If only he could move his body somehow. Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind,

'If I could only move my body?'

There was no time to think. Jinwoo quickly used 'Ruler's Hands' to try and push Volkhan.


Of course, moving that mountainous body with his current level of proficiency was impossible. However, the rebounding force instead pushed Jinwoo's body back.


The tip of the club passed before his eyes.

'Thank you Newton ahjussi!'

Because of the erratic movement, Jinwoo lost his balance and rolled on the ground for a bit, but it was nothing compared to the damage he would've received if he was struck by the attack.


Jinwoo collected himself and sighed in relief.


On the other hand, Volkhan's face scrunched hideously in anger. Missing its planned attack made every inch of its body tremble in rage.

"Mm, Mm!"

Looking at the demon's face turning red, Jinwoo scratched the side of his head.

'Now what?'

It just displayed the ability to dodge when he jumped at its head. Additionally, it did not feel like Jinwoo could do much damage to the rest of its body considering its size.

'Is there anyway I can prevent it from dodging?'

Jinwoo thought of an idea. The corners of his mouth rose. The Hunter turned around and ran. Mistaking it for Jinwoo trying to escape, Volkhan rapidly chased after him.


Jinwoo controlled his pace so Volkhan could follow right behind him. His eyes lit up when he found a suitable building.

'That should work.'



As the distance between it and Jinwoo closed, the demon swung his club.

This insectile existence!

The chance to crush this annoyance was here. A disgusting smile appeared on Volkhan's face. But as his club fell down towards the ground, the insect suddenly sped up and ran up the side of a crumbling building.


Something felt off, but it was too late to slow down.

"Mm, mm?"

The insect on the building reached the demon's eye level, then kicked off the building with all his might.


The wall he kicked off of cracked like a spider's web, and something flew toward Volkhan's face faster than it could react. It was the insect.


Volkhan's eyes widened. Jinwoo met its eyes with a smile. Wielding Baruka's Tanto in his right hand, Jinwoo sliced the bulging artery on demon's neck.


As fitting of its large body, blood spilled out like a fountain from the wound.


"Mm? Mm!"

Volkhan threw away its club and quickly put a hand over the wound.


However, it was not enough to stop the bleeding. The giant demon's eyes began to tremble.


Jinwoo had already climbed behind its back and used his two daggers to stab the demon's neck.

'Is once not enough?'

With a tilted head, Jinwoo used the skill again.

'Vital Stab!'

The two daggers dug into Volkhan's neck again.



And finally, the victorious message appeared.


You've defeated the Overlord of the Lower Floors, Volkhan of Avarice.

You've earned 150,000 experience points.

Volkhan has thrown up the Demon Souls in his stomach.

You've earned 72 Demon Souls.

You've leveled up!

You've leveled up!


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