I Alone Level-Up


I Alone Level-Up Chapter 55

I Alone Level-up: Chapter 55

While staring at the screen in happiness, Jinwoo noticed something else.

Title: Wolf Slayer (...1 more)

'...One more?'

Ah. He suddenly remembered that the reward from the class advancement quest did say something about a new title. Jinwoo checked the hidden title.

One Who Has Triumphed Over Adversity

For every 1% HP lost, all stats increased by 1% .

It's a title given to the one who has courageously endured against adversity.

'I like it!'

It was an amazing buff that would increase all of his attributes as he lost life. The 'Wolf Slayer' was a decent title on its own, increasing his attributes by 40% against beast-type monsters. However, its condition made it difficult to see the benefit most of the time.

'If I'm facing something other than a beast-type, it's as if I didn't have a title.'

And now, he had earned something that he could always use. After thinking about it, it even had a good synergy with the 'Unyielding Spirit' passive. Without a hesitation, Jinwoo changed his title.

Title: One Who… (...1 more)

The unused title would be hidden, but he could always swap it out when he needed it.

'Next, stats.'

There were three rewards he had received after reaching a high amount of advancement points.

The first was the advancement to a higher class.

The second was the new title.

And the third was bonus stats.


Strength: 132

Constitution: 91

Agility: 111

Intelligence: 70

Sense: 93

(Available stat points: 10)

Physical Damage Reduction: 46%

There were 10 undistributed points. In the past, he would've invested them into agility or sense, but things were different now. Jinwoo put all 10 points into intelligence. Even still, the stat was only at 80.



Strength: 132

Constitution: 91

Agility: 111

Intelligence: 80

Sense: 93

(Available stat points: 0)

Physical Damage Reduction: 46%

Compared to strength or agility, it was really lacking. It even fell behind the constitution stat, which he had neglected because he wanted to raise agility higher. That was how much Jinwoo had left behind the intelligence stat.

'I never thought I'd be using magic.'

His plan for the time being was to invest every point into intelligence. However, Jinwoo did not plan to switch up his fighting style.

'Man, even the other new skill feels like it belongs to Assassin-class.'

It was the new skill he had learned during combat.

Dagger Throw.

He did not need to read the explanation to understand what it was.

Dagger Throw (Lv. 1)

Active Skill

Mana Cost: 30


Throw your dagger to inflict damage.

As the skill level increases, the accuracy and damage increases.

'As I thought.'

He had fought like a Fighter-class up until now. Just because he had earned a new class and class-specific skills, he couldn't just throw away his way of fighting. For now, he would use the shadow skills as a support and continue to wield the dagger.

'At least, until my intelligence is high enough.'

An outstanding combat skill, supported by the shadow army. His goal before receiving the class was unchanged.

'Only difference is..'

The Shadow Soldiers appeared more useful than he thought. He did not think it was possible to subordinate a boss-level monster.


If he relied solely on those new skills, the dagger-specific skills he had obtained would be wasted. On top of that, he had just purchased Knight Killer.

'If I knew I was going to be a Mage-class, I would've bought a staff or something.'

Of course, had he done that, he might not have been able to finish the class advancement quest.

Jinwoo closed the status screen. He had sufficiently absorbed all of the new information.

'Oh shit, the time.'

He had spent 20 minutes going through everything. Jinwoo scratched his head.

'Time to head out, I guess.'

Jinwoo smirked. The power of the attributes did not shine just in fighting magic beasts. When he focused, time slowed down. More accurately, Jinwoo had sped up. He opened the door and went outside of his room.

Shower. Dry. Put on clothes.

It took him 3 minutes.

He could've done it faster, but he felt like the worn down apartment would not be able to withstand his full speed.

'My hair's still wet.'

Still, he had basically saved about 20 minutes, so there was no need to hurry. Jinwoo was about to leave when realized he forgot something.

His keys.

The keys were on top of the desk. On any other day, he would've walked over in annoyance to grab them. Today, he stretched a hand towards it.

'Where else would I use this?'

Ruler's Hands!

The key slowly slid across the table, then shot into his hand as if pulled by a powerful magnet. Jinwoo grabbed the key and smiled. Having finished all preparations in a flash, Jinwoo left his house while whistling.


The first place he visited was the bank. He was curious on how much he had earned from the magic cores.

'I was too busy to check it.'

The management of the magic cores were left to the Raid Leader, Yoo Jinho. The young man had told him that he had sold all the magic cores after each day's Raids. The funds were deposited into the bankbook Jinwoo was holding. However, they did not particularly discuss the actual amounts involved.

'Jinho, that punk. He's so good at reporting on everything else. Guess he doesn't really have an interest in money.'

Maybe because of the circumstances of his life, the young man probably had little interest in financial matters. His conversation topics mostly revolved around celebrities, Raids, music and movies. Well, "conversation" mostly entailed Yoo Jinho talking while Jinwoo just silently nodded along.

'Hmm, also…'

When Jinwoo thought back on the times he spent with Yoo Jinho, the chattermouth had never talked about his family. It was strange.

Before Jinwoo could give it more thought, he arrived at the bank.

'Of all the days…'

The ATMs were being serviced.

Defeated, Jinwoo grabbed a number and waited. Soon, he was called and went up to the counter.


The female service employee had a short hair and a bright smile. She asked helpfully,

"How may I help you today?"

"Could I get some help with this?"

"Of course."

The employee took the bankbook from Jinwoo's hands with a smile. While waiting, Jinwoo looked around the bank. Even though it was a weekday afternoon, there were unusually many people around. While he was people watching, the bank employee took a look at Jinwoo's bankbook and was surprised.


[Account Balance: 1,482,920,000]

She carefully reread the number, counting the zeroes; it was definitely over a billion. And the amount wasn't some life saving. The transaction history showed that it was all collected in the past week.

'He's so young, how could he…?'

She had first thought of Jinwoo as a college student who was running bankbook errands for his mother. Now, she stared at the man with a completely different look. She carefully asked him a question with a slight ulterior motive.

"So… what do you do?"

Realizing how her question sounded, the employee became embarrassed and looked away with her cheeks reddening.

"I'm a Hunter."


The employee nodded. The rumors were true.

'I heard that Hunters earned a lot of money.'

To think it would be this much. She suddenly felt a shame at her ordinary desk job. Just until moments ago, Jinwoo was just a customer like any other. Now, she realized he lived in a different world.

'He's probably a really high-ranking Hunter.'

Only they would earn this much money. This was the first high-ranker she had met. The thought made her heart flutter. A young man like him with over a billion in cash would be considered a VIP at this bank. And if he was a Hunter on top of that, he would be a VVIP. She did not want to miss the opportunity. The employee started to go off as mandated by her training,

"So, there's a new product for VIP customers at our bank,"

Her business-use smile had turned into a genuine one; her eyes were fixed on Jinwoo.

'Oh my, he's…'

The man looked like he had left his house in a hurry, wearing carefree clothes and unstyled hair still slightly wet. She realized he probably lived a very busy life and took valuable time out of it to come here. Looking at such a capable man (in her head), her heart beat slightly faster.

"It's been very popular with the customers. Would you perhaps like to invest in it?"

But Jinwoo held out a hand.

"No, I'm good."

"Ah… Okay."

She could not hide the disappointment in her voice. Feeling like a lengthy conversation might follow, Jinwoo hurried and got up.

"Thank you for your hard work."

While ignoring the gaze of the employee on the back of his neck, he left the bank. The moment he went outside, he sighed in relief.


He had noticed the change in her eyes after he revealed that he was a Hunter. The gazes of others. And their interest. It was something normal for other Hunters but not to Jinwoo.

'I suppose I have to get used to that.'

Once he took the retest and obtained a high rank, the attention on him would become a lot heavier. He had heard that Hunters even had their own share of fans and paparazzi. Looking up, he saw a billboard on top of a building with an advertisement; the model was a famous Hunter. Before the days of the Gates, it would've been an athlete or a celebrity. Now, Hunters received the love of the masses. Jinwoo might become the same. Nowdays, the only people who disliked Hunters were insurance companies.

'Well, anyways.'

After leaving the bank, Jinwoo was finally able to check his income. He was very surprised.


The income from 9 Raids was nearly a billion and a half. It was an average of 160 million per C-rank Dungeon. Considering the C-rank Dungeon with Hwang Dongseok paid out 180 million, he roughly determined that C-rank Gates would give 150~200 million each.

'Well, any employee would be surprised after looking at this.'


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