I Alone Level-Up


I Alone Level-Up Chapter 33.1

I Alone Level-up: Chapter 33 (Part 1)

Having focused on the clash of daggers, Kang Taeshik was caught off guard by the sudden surge of pain shooting from his foot and backed off.

Jinwoo did not give the man any room to breathe.


Sprint has been activated.

Your movement speed is increased by 30%.

While active, 1 mana will be used up every minute.

As Jinwoo rapidly chased after the man, Kang Taeshik was surprised once more.

'He got faster!'

Up until now, he had felt that his speed was matched by Jinwoo's; maybe he was just a smidgen faster. But seeing Jinwoo suddenly speed up a level, Kang Taeshik could not afford to lose a moment of focus. Jinwoo closed the gap in an instant and stabbed his dagger into Kang Taeshik's thigh.


It was an attack that slipped past Kang Taeshik's defense that had been focused on his upper body.

Paralysis has been inflicted.

The target's resistance was too high. Effect cancelled.

Bleeding has been inflicted.

The target will lose 1% health per second.

'Good enough!'

One of Casaka's Poisoned Fang's special effects went through. It was a shame that it wasn't 'Paralysis', but 'Bleeding' would still make the fight much easier.

But Kang Taeshik held his pride as a high-ranking Hunter!

His resistance was not at all low. He leaped after Jinwoo with his knife.

slash- slash-

Jinwoo dodged the knife by a hair's breadth and counterattacked towards Kang Taeshik's vitals. Even with a wound on his thigh, the man skillfully blocked Jinwoo's attacks.

clang, clang!

Both of the fighter's brows moistened with sweat.

'The speed is about even!'

'Our speed's the same!'

The two men praised the other's speed and continued their ultra short-range battle of speed. A single misstep would mean defeat; the duo mercilessly attacked each other with attacks meant to kill.

slash, slash, slaaaash, slash- slash!

A spectacle that would drain the blood of those watching, it was truly a fight to the death.

'I have to break the balance.'

Jinwoo focused strength into his eyes.

Bloodlust has been activated.

Kang Taeshik looked into Jinwoo's eyes and flinched.


Fear has been inflicted.

The target will lose 50% of all attributes for 1 minute.

'It worked!'

Jinwoo became assured of victory. On the other hand, Kang Taeshik's eyes were trembling.

'What's happening to me?'

After meeting Jinwoo's eyes, it suddenly felt like he had been submerged in deep water. His body felt heavy, as if he was struggling to move underwater. The speed that he was so proud of was cut drastically.

slash! slaash!

The stalemate had been broken. Jinwoo's attacks began to land. One by one, wounds started appearing on Kang Taeshik's body.

'This, this can't be!'

The B-rank Hunter was in panic. This was definitely an effect of a debuff skill. He had never heard of an Assassin-class that could use a debuff magic.

'Is he not an Assassin-class?'

But if not, how was his speed possible?

Kang Taeshik could not finish his thought. His panic quickly turned into terror. Jinwoo was charging straight at him from the front. Kang Taeshik swung his knife at Jinwoo's eyes with all of his speed as a final resort.


Jinwoo quickly twisted his head but was scratched by the knife on his cheek. But this amount of damage was in his calculations. He had thrown his entire body into the deciding blow, anticipating to dodge the desperate counterattack.

The two men had fought in a world where time had slowed down. In their final infinitesimal moment, Kang Taeshik frowned in realization.



Casaka's Poisoned Fang dug itself deep into Kang Taeshik's chest.


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