Hikawa Sensei wa Otaku Kareshi ga Hoshii


Hikawa Sensei wa Otaku Kareshi ga Hoshii Volume 1 Chapter 0


"Come on, please be quiet"

High school, Spring in the first year

Entrance ceremony.

I still remember the time she sounded with such a cold voice, in front of freshmen who would be excited by a new beginning. 

Standing on the platform, was a female teacher.

She was wearing a black jacket and black pants.

her appearance of wearing black-rimmed glasses gave the impression of that she seems to be serious,  and with a sharp eye that can be seen from the back

Her black suit gave out a pretty prudish expression.

I wonder if it’s a beautiful woman, however if it’s a combination of stinginess and coldness.

The female teacher gazes around the gymnasium and says.

"I’ve been looking at you for a while now, but there are a lot of private words. In addition, there are some people who are hiding and looking down at your cell phones. you're at the entrance ceremony now. It’s not a good place for you to do whatever you want."

"Please be mindful not to be pointed out that even elementary school students can do it."

Such is natural, but with one severe words, my high school life is the one that came to an end

I heard later that the person is a female teacher who is said to be [Snow Princess], In our high school, she seemed to be a strict and frighting teacher

Since then, I’ve been…… Or rather, we first-year students have a weak consciousness of the [Snow Princess].

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