Harem Pirates


Harem Pirates Chapter 6

Harem Pirates: Chapter 6 - Dreaming of Ruling the South Sea
“It really has been too long, Scarlet. I didn’t want to be reunited like this, though.”
“I couldn’t agree more, Sigrain.”
Oddly enough, the location was the desert island where Ricardo and Isis had been taken prisoner. With the white sandy beach and jade-colored water, the island was as beautiful as ever.
The Etruria Kingdom’s famous admiral spoke with an elegance of voice and expression that befitted her nickname of the White Lady and the fierce pirate woman agreed from the bottom of her heart.
Scarlet wore her black and gold bustier and deep red skirt, but she was bound with leather straps and seated on the beach.
Sigrain wore a white dress and light pink cape as she stood next to the pirate, looking down at her. The sea breeze blew her long skirt, revealing the while legs within the bold slit on the side. It was a humiliating position for Scarlet because it almost felt like she was being told to lick the woman’s feet.
Behind her, Rose (who was looking as displeased as ever) and around one hundred other pirate women and girls were bound and seated just like their leader.
Standing next to the admiral woman, Ricardo gave a meek look while dressed in a princely outfit of shorts and a shirt made of white silk and gold thread. Standing protectively on the other side of Sigrain, Isis wore her naval officer’s uniform impeccably.
The nearly one hundred twenty female sailors of the South Sea Falcon stood behind those three with frightening looks on their faces.
Circumstances were the exact opposite of ten days before.
“You really got me here. That’s the White Fox for you.”
Scarlet tried to raise her hands in a symbol of surrender, but she remembered her arms were bound and shrugged instead.
Sigrain gave a graceful rather than prideful smile.
“Scarlet, you seem to be mistaken about something. I was not the one to come up with this plan.”
The pirate woman frowned and the admiral placed her hands on the prince’s shoulders.
“Prince Ricardo was the one who plotted to capture you. I was only a pawn obeying his instructions.”
“…What do you mean?”
Since her former subordinate seemed confused, Sigrain explained in more detail.
“When Prince Ricardo revealed his identity to you, he was only setting the stage for this plan.”
When the crew of the South Sea Falcon had been captured and forced to surrender, Ricardo had voluntarily revealed he was a prince.
He and Captain Isis had been the only ones there who knew his identity and he had known that natural-born military woman was too loyal to talk. As long as he had stayed quiet, he would have been captured along with the rest of the crew and released with the rest of them when the kingdom paid the ransom.
That would not have caused him to lose face as a prince. There had been no real reason for him to chivalrously name himself there.
“You should have thought a little more about why Prince Ricardo went out of his way to reveal his identity and increase the likely ransom money by a hundredfold.”
Sigrain rubbed her cheek against Ricardo as if she could not restrain her love for him, but he only squirmed uncomfortably.
“When I heard about the incident form the crew of the South Sea Falcon, it hit me. After all, my prince is such a smart little boy.”
She narrowed her eyes and freely praised him, but that only embarrassed him.
When Admiral Sigrain had learned that Fourth Prince Ricardo and Captain Isis had been abducted by Pirate Woman Scarlet and that a ransom was being demanded, she had immediately decided to pay it.
However, there was still the matter of the kingdom’s pride.
To keep it all a secret, Sigrain had paid from her own pocket. She had prepared a sum of money that could buy a small city and handed it over to Rose who had appeared as the pirates’ representative. And of course, she had not tried to follow the girl.
Once the gold coins were confirmed to be real, Isis and Ricardo had been freed.
Secret dealings between an outlaw group and a kingdom was a dishonorable thing, but it was far from rare.
However, this particular incident had then strayed from the norm.
The pirates had been delighted with the kind of money they could never earn through normal piracy.
It was the sad story of the poor.
When people gain more money than they know what to do with, they end up partying. And it was impossible to stop in an unregulated criminal organization like a pirate crew.
Plus, Scarlet tended to play the big sister role, so she could be favorably described as tolerant and unfavorably described as irresponsible. She had not interfered with her subordinates’ merrymaking.
From there, it had not been difficult to use an intermediary to determine their identity and location.
As a result, the location of Scarlet’s pirate fortress island had been revealed.
That island had become an earthly paradise buried in gold, silver, and jewels, filled with high-quality alcohol, and served by the finest male prostitutes. A naval fleet commanded by Sigrain had attacked during one of the sweet nights there.
They had rounded up the pirates with barely any fighting.
After being given more money than they had ever seen, the pirates had let their guard down and had the tables turned on them. That was the plan Ricardo had thought up.
It had been a spectacular success, but it had been little more than a simple bit of psychological warfare. His sense of aesthetics told him true honor came from slaying the enemy fair and square in a naval battle, so he was not too proud of his victory.
In fact, he was more impressed by Sigrain’s ability to grasp his intent and act accordingly when she was simply told the situation.
“You were fooled by his adorable appearance and misread what was hidden beneath the skin.”
Sigrain gave Scarlet a look of scorn, but her eyes grew amorous when they turned toward Ricardo.
Ricardo could not keep his cheeks from flushing.
That was partly due to his embarrassment over her lavish praise, but it also had to do with her air of adult sexuality.
He had slept with quite a few women now, but none of them could match that aura of hers.
Simply smelling the mixture of her sweet perfume and her natural scent caused his blood to reflexively flow into his penis.
“Eh heh heh. My prince looks so cute, but he has quite the naughty cock.”
Ricardo panicked when she spotted the tent in his pants, but Sigrain smiled as if it was no big deal.
“I’m sure you had fun with those equally naughty women while you were held prisoner.”
Sigrain glanced over at Pirate Woman Scarlet and Captain Isis.
One had stooped to piracy and the other had been outdone by a pirate. They were both unworthy protégées.
Isis lowered her head in shame and Scarlet looked the other way.
“It would seem they both fell for your charm, my prince. With a cute face like that, one would think you could never a hurt a fly, but you’re actually quite the lady killer.”
Sigrain acted like she knew exactly what sort of “fun” Scarlet and Isis had used Ricardo for.
She knew their personalities so well, it was possible she could make some very good guesses.
“Did having sex with those two feel good?”
Ricardo could not lie in front of her, so he answered honestly despite the embarrassment. Sigrain then whispered another question in his ear.
“Then what did you think of fucking every last girl on the South Sea Falcon?”
“E-every last one…?”
The ship had a crew of more than one hundred. Even Ricardo felt unchaste when it came to numbers that large.
He shrank down in shame at the fact that she suspected that, but she whispered sweetly in his ear.
“But you tasted them all, didn’t you?”
He looked to the faces of the crew again. He knew them all. He could recall the shape of their breasts, butts, and vaginas, and he remembered the unique tightness each one had brought to his manhood.
The girls’ gazes stabbed into him and he could not rudely deny it now.
“Y-yes. They all felt amazing…”
He was ashamed by his own lack of morals, but Sigrain gently cheered him up.
“There is nothing to be ashamed of. Every last one of them was placed on that ship for you.”
“Eh!? What do you mean!?”
Ricardo looked shocked and Sigrain changed the subject with an elegant smile.
“Now, Scarlet. The traditional punishment for piracy is hanging. Are you prepared?”
“Eh!? Wait! That’s way too sudden…”
Ricardo panicked from a new shock.
He thought he had to have misheard because Sigrain’s noble expression seemed far too calm.
What she said may have been true, but wasn’t that too heartless when it came to a former subordinate?
Daunted, he looked to Isis, but the captain retained her obedient look. He looked to Scarlet, but she just looked disappointed.
Even so, the prince hesitantly attempted to argue.
“Um, I don’t think you’re wrong about that, but…Miss Scarlet doesn’t seem like that much of a villain. Um…she’s apparently known as a good pirate, so isn’t there any way to spare her?”
Even if it had been forced, he had slept with her many times and pumped a fair amount of cum inside her, so he felt like he knew her fairly well.
He knew this was a hopeless request, so he did not sound very confident.
But the woman bluntly shot down her prince.
“How naïve.”
Ricardo was stunned speechless as those beautiful eyes pierced him.
Sigrain always seemed composed, but she must have had difficulty stomaching this.
While Ricardo used his brain to its fullest in search of an argument, Sigrain placed a finger of her left hand on her slender chin to feign thought.
“But you have a point. Her skills as a sailor are top-notch. This sequence of events has unfortunately proven that she is more skilled than Isis.”
Isis instantly took a step forward and kneeled in front of her commander.
“My apologies. If you will show mercy and allow me a chance to redeem myself, I will make up for this failure with an even greater success.”
Sigrain answered her loyal subordinate’s strict apology with a simple “I’ll hold you to that” and then looked down at her former subordinate with a meaningful look.
“It would be a waste to kill her here. And if you insist we spare her life, my prince, there is a way.”
“What will you do?”
“Instead of publicly executing her as a pirate, I will use her as an officially licensed pirate…that is, a privateer.”
Sigrain elegantly yet arrogantly looked down at her former subordinate.
“But if I am to do that, she must swear her absolute loyalty to you. How about it, Scarlet? Are you prepared to dedicate your life to my adorable prince?”
Scarlet looked up at her with searching eyes as she answered.
“You want me to swear my loyalty to Prince Ricardo, not Etruria?”
“Correct.” Sigrain gave a meaningful nod. “Become my adorable prince’s slave, my adorable Scarlet♪”
“Don’t call me that. It gives me goose bumps.”
Sigrain reached out to touch her cheek, but Scarlet reacted like a cat bristling its fur. Sigrain could not hide the shock on her face.
“Oh, my. What’s this? You used to love this. I was so sad when you disappeared.”
“Liar. You’re the one that abandoned me for that man.”
“Oh, my. You’re still upset over Bellrick?”
Sigrain wrinkled her brow as if to say that was a problem.
Ricardo was not sure what to do about the stagnant and heavy atmosphere that had fallen over the two of them.
Neither were Isis and the rest of the crew.
That atmosphere reminded them of a bickering couple. And then Sigrain dropped a bombshell with a honey-soaked voice.
“Do you think a day went by that I didn’t think about you? I still remember that stormy night.”
“Idiot…don’t bring that up.”
Scarlet blushed and quickly shouted back, but Sigrain continued all the same.
“That was when you came to my room and tearfully confessed your love for me. And that led to countless nights of passion, didn’t it?”
Ricardo’s eyes widened and he was not the only one. The more than two hundred women could not hide their shock either.
Even iron-masked Isis was left reeling by the fact that her respected commander and her rival had once been in that sort of relationship.
Only Rose remained calm, so she may have already known.
“I won’t let you say you’ve forgotten these fingers. There isn’t a part of your body they haven’t touched. It was even these fingers that broke your hymen. Eh heh heh. Do you still piss yourself when you cum?”
There were many legends as to why Scarlet had become a pirate, but they were all wrong. No one had suspected it was a matter of lesbian jealousy. Ricardo felt a little faint.
But the most frightening one of all was Sigrain.
She had been a bisexual in the past and she was into little boys now. Her elegant demeanor could be deceiving, but she was actually a pervert in many different ways.
Scarlet trembled with teary eyes and flushed cheeks as she sat bound on the ground.
(I wonder what kind of incredible things she did to Scarlet back then?)
Ricardo could not stop his sexual fantasies when he saw how shaken that pirate woman was.
“You leave me no choice but to rid you of your ignorance.”
Sigrain resolutely stood back up and faced Scarlet, Ricardo, Isis, and the rest of the South Sea Falcon’s crew.
“Listen carefully everyone. I will now reveal one of our greatest secrets.”
Once everyone realized she was going to tell them something important, their expressions tensed in anticipation.
“Etruria is an ocean kingdom. We do not want land and we wish to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to the Jade Sea. Isn’t that right?”
All of the sailors nodded.
“But the leaders of our kingdom are trying to get us involved in the land war surrounding the Double Kingdom.”
“Such nonsense,” spat out Scarlet and Sigrain nodded.
“That is where Prince Ricardo comes into the picture. Your Highness, could you reveal your personal theory to everyone? The one about your idea for Etruria’s future.”
“Eh? You mean about Etruria being the ruler of the Jade Sea?”
“Yes. That one.”
He did not know why she was bringing this up all of a sudden, but she gave him a large nod.
“Etruria is heading in the wrong direction at the moment and I believe Prince Ricardo has the correct view here.”
Someone so close to the kingdom’s leaders was openly criticizing the kingdom’s policy, but no one spoke a single word of protest.
“The only way to make this a reality is to place Prince Ricardo on the throne. I would like for all of you to be the vanguard in that effort!”
Sigrain was essentially beginning a rebellion.
She turned away from the confused crew and looked to her former subordinate and current pirate.
“Scarlet, this is what you wanted to do, wasn’t it?”
Ricardo recalled that it really was.
When trying to recruit Isis, Scarlet had mentioned a dream of being a “pirate queen”. That meant unifying the Jade Sea.
“Ah hah hah hah hah!”
Refreshing laughter rang through the blue sky. It belonged to Scarlet.
“I see. So that’s it. This was your plan for this boy.”
“It was. And I assume you will join me.”
“Of course I will!” powerfully announced Scarlet.
“You really are different,” commented Sigrain. “You’re always a step ahead of me.”
Isis took a step forward and strictly swore her loyalty.
“I have no objection. I doubt I will be of much help, but please allow me to help build Prince Ricardo’s dream of ruling the south sea.”
“I’ll help too!”
A loud voice of agreement burst from the crowd. It was Marion.
As a fisherman’s daughter, she must have dreamed of peace in the Jade Sea since she was little. That would be why she had joined the navy.
That belief was shared to some extent by all of the sailors, so Marion’s shout triggered a wave of agreement from the South Sea Falcon’s crew.
Rose and the other pirates also began agreeing now that their boss had done so. Their reasons for becoming thieves likely had some connection to the current state of the Jade Sea.
“Wait a second. I was never thinking of rebelling.”
Ricardo protested, but Scarlet coldly shot it down.
“A man’s gotta take responsibility for the women he’s fucked. And with this many women, becoming a king’s about the only option left for you.”
Ricardo was too dumbfounded to say anything more and Sigrain continued on.
“All of us here are Prince Ricardo’s women and we all wish to place Prince Ricardo on the throne. Any objections?”
The women spoke in splendid harmony.
Ricardo could tell they were not going to let him say no.
“Secrecy is of the utmost importance. Anyone who reveals this will have their head displayed on a pike. I will not ask you to make a blood pact, but let’s carve this into our bodies in a different way.”
“By having our future king carve his symbol into us, of course.”
Sigrain walked over to the South Sea Falcon’s sailors and stopped in front of a girl with a jade-colored cloth over her head.
“You were the first of the sailors to agree to this, weren’t you? What is your name?”
Sigrain’s eyes narrowed lovingly as she viewed the healthy-looking girl.
“A lovely name. And you’re so young. Was it the prince’s cock that made you into a woman?”
Marion straightened her back when that naval admiral spoke to a commoner like her.
“Yes, I had His Highness take my virginity!”
“Do you want to have sex with Prince Ricardo much, much more?”
Marion blushed but honestly answered that straightforward question.
“He will not treat you as anything special. Yes, I suppose he would treat you as a tool to relieve his lust. He would treat you as a bucket for his cum. And as just one among many such buckets. Are you sure that is what you want?”
“Yes. I don’t mind. Just having him use my body is an honor.”
Marion responded promptly and showed no hesitation.
“Oh, my. My prince is so popular.”
Sigrain was teasing him, but Ricardo simply could not believe what Marion had said.
“Why would you go that far…?”
“Because you put yourself in danger to save us. Now it’s our turn to repay you.”
“I did that for myself. You don’t have to repay me for anything.”
Sigrain stopped him from saying anything more.
“Eh heh heh. A girl like this will never betray you. Treat her with care.”
Sigrain touched Marion’s plump cheeks.
“Yes. You are my little sister.”
“I too was fucked by His Highness. Women who have shared the same man’s cock are sisters, aren’t they?”
Marion nodded.
“Yes, my sister…”
Ricardo watched as that energetic but pure girl was completely taken in by that veteran older woman. He felt like he could see a lily flower blooming behind them.
“Eh heh heh. What a cute girl♪”
As everyone watched on, Marion was pushed to the ground and had her sailor’s clothing stripped away.
Ricardo was dumbfounded as the energetic girl was brought to climax so helplessly she looked like the lady’s toy.
The highlight was when Sigrain removed just her panties and began scissoring the girl.
A fountain squirted from the healthy young girl’s crotch and soaked the seductive woman’s white skirt. Some of the spray reached Sigrain’s face.
“Pant, pant, pant…”
Marion gasped for breath as she lay exhausted on the sand, but Sigrain got up and sucked the love juices from her fingers. Her expression was unbelievably obscene.
“My adorable little sisters, have pride in your position as Prince Ricardo’s women. And when you feel lonely, pleasure yourselves among sisters. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sister Sigrain!”
After nodding happily at their response, she pulled Ricardo close, pulled his erection from his pants, and turned him to face the sailors and pirates.
Every last woman and girl was of course staring right at the fully erect item.
“Now, my adorable little sisters. If you want to enjoy this cock, then make your appeal to His Highness.”
Thanks to Sigrain’s previous example, the crew of the South Sea Falcon and the pirates all began embracing each other, kissing each other, and performing a variety of lesbian sex acts on each other. A great orgy between over two hundred women and girls had begun.
“I love you, captain.”
Magician Apprentice Martha gave a cry and suddenly embraced Captain Isis.
“I’d always thought you were full of yourself and hopelessly disagreeable, but when you were taken prisoner after having sex with Ricardo, I fell in love with how dignified you acted even with his cum dripping down your inner thigh.”
How people acted in failure meant a lot and adversity had a way of strengthening people. Isis seemed to have unexpectedly won her crew’s confidence.
“I really love the saga of your exploits, Lady Scarlet, and I’ve always looked up to you.”
Cook Apprentice Jimmy fidgeted as she approached the pirate woman.
It went well beyond just Isis and Martha or Scarlet and Jimmy. The beautiful desert island was now filled with the naked bodies of lovely maidens.
They split apart into compatible pairs and kissed, fondled each other’s breasts, performed sixty-nine, or began scissoring.
No matter where one looked, there were horny girls carnally enjoying each other’s bodies.
Then the one boy walked through the lesbian party being held by over two hundred women and girls. It was a feast of any female body he might want. He felt like he had wandered onto the legendary island of women. It simply did not feel real.
“This many women moaning at once is truly a sight to behold, isn’t it?”
Ricardo answered Sigrain in as few words as possible.
His penis was about to explode. He wanted to stick it in every single girl he saw, but he had a feeling that would make him a terrible man.
Sigrain provided devilish temptation as she looked down at the penis glittering wetly with precum as it curved back almost to his naval.
“These are all your women. You are free to enjoy any one of them.”
Sure enough, the women were not simply enjoying their lesbianism. When Ricardo passed nearby, they would spread their dripping pussy lips and beg him to show them some “affection”.
They all put on an act to convince him to stick his penis inside them and their behavior was an obscene sort of beautiful.
He followed Sigrain on a stroll around the island while visually enjoying the nude bodies of those young and healthy maidens.
“Oh? You’re still going?”
Ricardo looked back when he heard Sigrain’s voice and he saw Scarlet and Isis there.
Scarlet’s bustier was pulled down from her giant breasts and Isis’s white pants were gone, leaving her lower body bare.
Scarlet brushed back her curly golden-red hair and gave a fierce smile.
“Eh heh heh. I haven’t fallen so low I’d let a little girl like that get the better of me.”
“Young girls are so sensitive. All I did was show her a little love…”
Isis looked puzzled as she wiggled her fingers a little.
Both of them had love juices around their mouths and a sticky fluid on their fingertips.
Ricardo looked around and saw Martha and Jimmy lying in the bright sun with their legs spread wide. The white sand had darkened from the great quantities of fluid that had shot from their crotches.
They both looked satisfied after the women they had feelings for brought them to orgasm.
“What’s this, Your Highness? Have you not had your first yet?” asked Isis.
“That’s right,” replied Sigrain. “The boy is surprisingly shy.”
“Then I think we need to build up his resolve.”
Scarlet grinned and the sea breeze lifted up her red skirt. There was no sign of her usual panties and her red pubic hair was visible instead.
Ricardo took a step back without thinking, and Sigrain, Scarlet, and Isis all approached.
The young women may have won out over the young girls, but they had not escaped unharmed themselves.
Scarlet’s wine red nipples stood erect and Isis’s inner thighs glittered stickily with love juices.
Sigrain maintained her usual style, but she wore no panties below her long white skirt.
“You two are pretty horny too, aren’t you?”
Sigrain’s exasperated comment was answered by Isis.
“I do have to teach him how to be a proper king, don’t I?”
“I am His Highness’s slave and isn’t it a slave’s duty to pleasure her master?”
Isis removed Ricardo’s gold-embroidered blouse and Scarlet removed his shorts. Before he could even feel embarrassed about being stripped to his birthday suit, Scarlet placed his manhood in her mouth.
The sexual atmosphere had caused the head to swell out with eager anticipation and he could only sigh in pleasure as the young woman sucked on it inside her warm mouth. Not wanting to lose to her rival, Isis began sucking on the shaft from the side.
“So this side of Isis has finally awoken. I think this is the perfect time to deepen our friendship.”
Just as Sigrain had hinted, Isis was behaving just like a cock-hungry slut.
“Ahh, ahh…”
Ricardo gasped in ecstasy at the intense blowjob from the three young women and his legs soon gave out underneath him.
Drowning in a sea of carnality, he was unable to resist and the three of them gently laid him down on his back.
That alone would have been fine, but Scarlet grabbed the back of his knees and lifted his hips up higher than a woman urging a man to penetrate her in the missionary position.
“Kh! Ah… Wait…stop…that’s embarrassing~”
Having his lower body lifted like that was embarrassing to the point of humiliation.
“It’s too late for embarrassment now. Just enjoy the pleasure.”
The shameful pose exposed the boy’s anus and Scarlet pushed her wet tongue inside.
“Hyah, ahn, no…”
A beautiful woman was sticking her warm and wet tongue inside that filthy hole meant for excretion. The boy writhed in the gap between shame and pleasure and he moaned like a maiden.
He was afraid that he would lose something important as a man if he felt pleasure from his anus, but there was no helping it.
“Your Highness, please lick my pussy.”
Isis sat on the writhing boy’s face.
His face was embedded inside her white butt and she began rubbing up against him.
“Facesitting is the dream of sluts everywhere. You’ve wanted to do this since you saw me do it to him, haven’t you?”
“I-I have not!”
After snapping back at Scarlet, Isis asked a hesitant question of the boy below her butt.
“You like this kind of thing, don’t you? If it will make you happy, I’m willing to put up with it.”
(Liar. You were dying to do this.)
Even Ricardo could tell that, but he still nodded because was not opposed to the idea.
“Oh, thank goodness. I will use my hips to pleasure you, Your Highness. Ahhhn.”
Now that she had her justification, Isis rubbed her butt against his face.
Her soft sexual flesh stuck to his face. In fact, it reached more than just his face. She was moving in every direction. She produced quite a lot of love juices, so there was plenty of lubrication. She slathered his entire face with it.
Even as he writhed in pleasure, Ricardo did his best to stick his tongue out and lick. In a way, he viewed it as compensating for the enjoyment he received from having his anus licked.
“Y-yes, yes… Lick me there, there, there, ahhh…”
He had known Scarlet was a pervert, but Isis was giving her a run for her money.
“Amazing. They often say the more straight-laced the woman, the farther they fall when the time comes, but it looks like it’s true.”
Isis’s horny behavior was enough to astonish Scarlet.
She roughly rubbed her crotch back and forth as if using Ricardo’s face to masturbate. Scarlet dug into his anus just as roughly.
“Honestly, look at you moaning in pleasure there. You’re just so cute, my prince.”
Sigrain sat elegantly by Ricardo’s right side and grabbed the throbbing rod that had its underside exposed.
One woman was licking his anus as he sucked at another woman’s vulva. That had filled him with incredible arousal, but it had seemed somehow lacking.
Namely, it lacked any stimulation to his penis. When that desired stimulation arrived so suddenly, his body shook in a wave of pleasure.
“Eh heh heh. You like this, don’t you?”
Sigrain stroked his rod with elegant jealousy in her voice and on her face.
The balls wriggled even with no one touching them. The jewels inside seemed to be silently informing everyone they were ready.
The hole on the swollen tip opened wide and plenty of precum flowed out.
Sigrain licked her lips.
Her womanly body had been forced to wait for the month since Ricardo had left on his voyage, so she could not stop the shameful drool that welled up like a dog sitting in front of its favorite kind of meat.
“K-khaaah! That feels too good~~~”
Ricardo shed tears of pleasure as drips fell from the tip of his rod.
Sigrain could restrain herself no longer once she saw that.
She brought her face to her favorite kind of meat and stuck her tongue from her elegant mouth. The wet tongue tip licked at the underside of the head.
“Ah, ahhh~…”
Isis’s vulva sat on his face, Scarlet was licking his anus, and Sigrain was sucking at the most sensitive part of his body.
The woman enjoyed slowly stimulating his weak point.
Toying with the boy’s penis without allowing it to go over the edge had to be a simple task for such an experienced woman. He trembled in pleasure as if his entire body had become a sex organ.
(Th-this feels way too good…)
He thought the pleasure was going to break his brain. Tremors ran from his hips to his inner thighs.
His manhood felt about to burst and he thought he would die if she teased him any longer, so he pleaded with her.
“Sigrain, p-please…”
“Eh heh heh? What is it?”
The adult women could tell at a glance that his swollen penis was about to blow.
“I want to cum. P-please… I-I’m suffering. Just let me…cum…”
Pinned down by the three women, the boy tearfully begged for the final release.
His entire body was trembling from the extreme arousal, but Sigrain gently wrapped her hand around the source of his suffering and lovingly licked at the tip before tempting him like the devil himself.
“Just promise me one thing: that you’ll become the ruler of the Jade Sea. Do that and we will be your loyal slaves. Then you can use this cock however you like.”
He could barely think straight at this point, so he just shouted what he needed to fulfill his desire.
“Okay, I’ll do it! I’ll become the ruler of the Jade Sea!”
“Such excellent resolve, my ruler.”
Sigrain’s words acted as a signal and the three women moved away from Ricardo.
“Now, our ruler. Enjoy yourself to your heart’s content inside whichever woman you want.”
With Isis’s crotch out of the way, he could see the blue sky.
Not knowing what to do with his penis at the tipping point, he got up and found a sea of beautiful women.
There were over two hundred of them and they were a varied bunch.
Sigrain, Isis, Scarlet, Marion, Martha, Jimmy, Rose, and all the others were spreading their legs with horny looks on their faces. Some had an intellectual beauty and some were more the big sister type, making them something of a mini Scarlet. There were some young girls even less developed than Marion.
They were all waiting with their legs spread.
Their crotches were all dripping and ready for sex.
He was free to choose any of them.
His mind went blank and filled with great heat.
The horny women’s looks of burning anticipation stabbed into his penis which was about to burst.
(They’re all so cute, and pretty, and sexy… Uuh, I want to put it in them all, I want to satisfy them all, and I want to fill them all with my cum.)
He knew all too well that was exactly what they wanted too.
One penis was nowhere near enough. He wished he could fuck all of the more than two hundred girls at once, but no matter how horny he was, he could not grow more penises.
He unfortunately had just the one. And with that one penis near bursting, he viewed all of the beautiful and sexual women.
The first one the aroused boy chose was Sigrain.
“Oh, my. Your Highness♪”
Being chosen from among so many women must have stimulated her pride because the female admiral looked delighted.
“You’re going with me first when there are so many young and beautiful girls to choose from?”
“Yes… Everyone’s so pretty and sexy. I love you all.”
He spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.
“My, what a greedy boy. But greed is a good thing. You need enough ambition to announce these two hundred are only the beginning and every last one of the Jade Sea’s women will be yours.”
“Every last one of…the Jade Sea’s women? …That’s not possible.”
Ricardo was clearly daunted by the thought, so Sigrain kindly comforted him.
“It is only a figure of speech. I know you will take care of anything you think of as yours, so I was asking you to take care of the Jade Sea.”
“Oh, that’s what you meant. But right now I’m more interested in putting it inside you than I am in all the women of the Jade Sea. …Can I?’
“Of course.”
Ricardo parted the slit of Sigrain’s long white skirt and pressed his raging erection against the soaked lips he found therein.
As close as he was to his limit, he had been afraid he would explode the instant he entered her, but he somehow managed to endure.
They embraced each other in a sitting position.
“Ahh, your pussy is amazing… My dick feels like it’s going to melt.”
Ricardo could not help but voice his amazement.
He had already known there were plenty of women who outdid Sigrain’s vagina when it came to tightness or the number of folds within, but this was different.
He felt at peace with this lady’s body softly enveloping him.
“I’ve had so many dreams about having sex with you since I left on my voyage.”
“Oh, my. I’m glad to hear it.”
Sigrain rained kisses down on his face.
As happiness surrounded him, Ricardo removed her light pink cape and pulled the shoulder straps of her white dress from her round shoulders.
This exposed the breasts swelling out right below the vivid outline of her collarbones.
(Th-they’re huge… No one else’s tits look as tasty.)
Her weighty breasts moved him. Back when her breasts were the only ones he had known, he had assumed all women’s breasts were like this. But now that he knew so many more, he was shocked by their size.
He groped and toyed with them using both hands. He pressed them in from the sides and thought while staring at the cleavage.
(She could give one hell of a titjob when they’re this big. I need to get her to do that next time.)
The sensation of those meltingly-soft breasts around his penis would have to provide a different sort of pleasure from that of Scarlet’s more resilient ones.
But at the moment, his penis was inside that cave which enveloped it so softly, and he felt no desire to remove it. As a compromise, he buried his face in them.
“Wow, she’s completely spoiling him. And he gets the cutest look on his face when he’s inside her. Isis, you don’t stand a chance.”
At some point, Scarlet and Isis had approached and they were peering down at the point of union.
“I-I am His Highness’s loyal servant. I would never think of such a thing.”
Isis’s shaken voice was cute.
It brought a smile to Ricardo’s face and led him to raise his head from the soft mounds of flesh.
“I love Sigrain, but I love you too, Isis. And you, Scarlet. And of course, Marion, Martha, Jimmy, and everyone else. I love horny girls!”
“Your Highness!”
Isis’s lips suddenly sealed Ricardo’s.
His eyes widened at the sudden action and Isis’s tongue stuck into his mouth and licked around.
“Ah ha ha ha. You really are a lady killer. Charisma is an absolute necessity if you’re gonna be a ruler, but if you’ve won over straight-laced Isis, you’ve definitely got what it takes.”
Scarlet embraced Ricardo such that her ample breasts pressed against his left side. Then she whispered warmly into his ear.
“You be the ship and we will do what we can to be your wind.”
“Eh heh heh. We will all be the wind that fills your ship’s sails. Use us to sweep across the Jade Sea.”
Sigrain laughed happily and reached for Scarlet’s crotch on the right and Isis’s on the left.
“Ah, Sister Sigrain.”
Scarlet spoke up in surprise and Isis breathed from her nose while greedily continuing her deep kiss.
“Ha ha. You’re both soaking wet.”
Sigrain’s fingering skills were far greater than Ricardo’s.
Scarlet and Isis’s entire bodies convulsed.
“Eh heh heh. Oh, my adorable prince. You’re so cute I want to eat you up.”
As Isis had stolen his lips, Sigrain licked at his left cheek. Scarlet licked his right ear while pressing her breasts against him.
With his entire face sticky with their saliva, he really did feel like he was being eaten.
(I almost want them to just eat me.)
A pleasant intoxication filled him and he opened his eyes to see the lesbian sex of all the other girls in the area.
(I’m fine being their slave. I’m a slave to make their dream come true and a slave to satisfy their lust.)
The future of more than two hundred girls was honestly a heavy burden, but he could not run away now that he had had sex with them.
(They’re all dreaming of a great ruler unifying the Jade Sea. If I’m the only one that can do that, then I need to stay true to that path even if the world calls me a traitor, a tyrant, or a villain.)
With his mind made up, Ricardo realized all those writhing girls were moving their hips at the same rate. They were all glancing over at his sex and mimicking the rhythm of his hips.
He once more noticed the sensations on his right and left and realized Isis and Scarlet were also moving their hips at that same rhythm as Sigrain fingered them.
(W-wow. I’m only inside Sigrain, but it feels like I’m fucking over two hundred girls at the same time.)
That thought brought such intense arousal that he thought his mind was going to burst.
The woman cried in pleasure, so he mindlessly moved his hips to fuck her harder. His steel-like erection reached the deepest part of her.
“Th-that’s too rough. You’re…you’re shaking my womb!”
Sigrain’s urgent cries continued and the girls on the island all cried out more shrilly.
The soft sexual flesh squeezed at his manhood. His body was surrounded by warm feminine flesh and the air he breathed was filled with a feminine scent. He felt like his entire body was a penis and like he was inside a giant vagina.
“I-I’m about to…cum…”
“Y-yes. Let’s cum together…ah, ah, ah.”
The surrounding girls listened carefully to what Ricardo and Sigrain were saying.
They all seemed to be planning to cum at the same time as him.
(They’re all my women, so I’ll protect them.)
He moved his hips as hard as he could not just to fuck Sigrain but to bring Scarlet, Isis, Marion, Martha, Jimmy, Rose, and all the other beautiful and horny women to simultaneous orgasm.
“Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn…”
Sigrain’s urgent cries grew louder and louder. At the same time, Isis and Scarlet’s sweet and longing breaths grew louder in his ears. All the island’s horny women were moving their hips more intensely.
(They’re all just about to cum. They’ll cum as soon as I pump my semen inside them.)
He moved his hips with all his might, tore his lips away from Isis, and let out a cry.
“I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!”
With a tremendous throbbing, an enormous amount of cum erupted out.
He was overwhelmed by the mind-blowing sensation of cumming inside two hundred women at once.
His intent must have reached them because they all reacted as if his cum really were pouring into all of them.
A wave of orgasm spread out from Ricardo. The sea of female bodies shook as if from an electric current and hot fluids surged from their crotches.
“Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
The beautiful island shook with the cries of girls in the throes of pleasure.
And thus, the hero who would later be known as the South Sea Pirate King joined that stormy age of war.