Harem Castle


Harem Castle Chapter 6

Harem Castle: Chapter 6 - The Great Bath

“Your Majesty, I have brought Lady Ursula.”
Louise showed Ursula to the royal bath.
After passing through the entrance, a middle-aged royal maid arrived to help remove her clothing, but Ursula refused.
She of course wanted to take a bath after her deep and intense session of sex with Felix, but she was not naïve enough to share a bath with such an obviously hostile woman.
Her caution must have seemed odd because Louise gave her an icy smile and Ursula glared back at her.
Louise gave a light shrug and left the changing room without removing her dark red apron dress. Ursula found that odd and followed her into the next room while still in her silver armor.
Warm steam pressed in and a cloyingly sweet aroma surrounded their bodies.
The stone room was a dome and the ceiling contained stained glass to let light in, but it was already evening and the light was faint.
Instead, several spheres of magic light floated around the room, giving it all a fantastical atmosphere.
The room was amazingly spacious. It was even larger than the great bath the knights loved to use. The dim light made the exact size difficult to judge, but it could probably hold over one hundred people with ease.
Large evergreen trees grew here and there and large flowers of beautiful primary colors were used as decoration. Several marble chairs were placed around and a giant fountain was installed at the center.
The fountain’s water seemed to be warmed because steam rose from it and the room was a little warm while dressed.
The area around the fountain was built like a pond and a river of warm water flowed around the entire room. There were chairs positioned around the river, but no one sat in them. A few maids in bath wear were standing behind them, though.
Their nude bodies were visible through the thin silk and they were using harps and wind instruments to play music so elegant it sounded heavenly.
“I was waiting, my adorable daughters.”
Splashing could be heard beyond the steam and a woman stood up from the warm water.
Her skin was as white as sugar and it glittered wetly from the bathwater. She wore a few accessories with large jewels shining on a golden base, but as mere accessories, they did not actually cover her body.
Her ample breasts, her pink nipples, her smooth and slender belly, and her large butt that completed her hourglass figure were all visible. Every last part of her soft-looking and aromatic feminine beauty was left exposed.
She brushed up her luxurious honey blonde hair and sat on the edge of the fountain.
As soon as her amethyst eyes turned Ursula’s way, the knight felt a chill run down her spine.
This woman was not just beautiful; she was too beautiful.
Ursula had been jealous of Louise’s body because – unlike her own – it had seemed the type of body men liked, but those feelings never even surfaced with this woman.
She was simply from another dimension entirely.
That was how overwhelming her beauty was.
It was an otherworldly beauty. She was a spirit of beauty or perhaps a monster of sexuality.
She was so bewitching that Ursula did not know who she was at first.
Confused by Louise’s bow, she focused on the mystery woman for a while longer and finally realized who it was.
“Qu-Queen Gloriana?”
The people had sworn fealty to that woman as their holy mother.
Ursula had known the woman possessed unmatched beauty, but she had been wrapped in an aura of purity itself when Ursula had seen her in the sunlight. There was no change at all to her features, so where did this oozing sexuality come from?
She knew it was irreverent, but the phrase “devilish woman” flashed through the back of her mind.
With only other women around, the queen was thoroughly relaxed and she casually lifted her left heel up onto the fountain’s edge.
This naturally spread her legs and Ursula could not help but see the pubic hair colored a shade of honey blonde duller than her head. And the hair was frighteningly long.
History was filled with stories of woman whose unparalleled beauty made slaves of men and brought down powerful kingdoms, but it was said those women always had plentiful pubic hair.
There was no way to prove it one way or the other and it was only a legend or superstition, but upon seeing this, Ursula wondered if it was true after all.
“Silver War Goddess Ursula, I hear you get along well with my adorable boy.”
Her pubic hair was exposed, but the queen showed no hint of embarrassment and elegantly brushed back the wet hair on her head. The unrefined knight was unsure how to respond.
From the moment she was born, this woman had lived a life where someone was always watching her. In her mind, having someone of lower status see her nudity was nothing to be embarrassed about. Ursula could tell just how different a lifestyle this woman had lived.
“This bath may only be used by the women who have received the king’s affection.”
To a lot of women, a bath was a form of entertainment, so this bath was a place of amusement and socialization for the king’s mistresses.
“But it is meaningless for me, so I have opened it for the women of my adorable boy who will soon inherit the throne.”
That woman with the refinement of a royal and a noble calmly glanced around before looking back to the rough female knight.
“The only ones with the right to use this bath are me as the queen, Louise who has sex with His Highness nightly as his educator, and you starting today.”
Ursula felt a thick sweat pouring from her pores. When having sex by the lake that day, she had not sensed anyone else around, but it seemed everyone knew about it. Even the queen already knew.
“What is that look for? I’m not condemning you. In fact, I’m thankful. I told that boy to fuck plenty of girls, but he’s such a late bloomer.”
Gloriana brought a hand to her cheek and sighed to express how unexpected that had been.
“A boy his age is supposed to have a limitless libido, so I thought he would start devouring all the beautiful girls around him. Instead, he has only shown an interest in Louise.”
The woman in a dark red apron dress only blushed and prostrated herself at the queen’s accusing look.
“It’s fine, it’s fine.”
Gloriana casually waved a hand and swept her eyes from the top of Ursula’s head to the tips of her toes.
“I see. So you were more his type. I was careless.”
Ursula felt like the woman was appraising her and she very well might have been, but either way, being exposed to her ruler’s rude gaze was too much for Ursula to bear.
“I think I’m getting a little overheated.”
Gloriana lightly shook her head, crossed the bathwater, walked barefoot across the stone-paved floor, and lay face-down on a spacious seat with a carpet on it.
“This bath is filled with water all day long, so feel free to use it whenever you like.”
She reached out a slender hand to activate some simple magic.
“You can have iced tea, coffee, or fruit juice brought to you. Or fruits and ice candy if you want a treat. You can gather with the other women to chat, to wash each other’s bodies, or to do anything you like. Yes, anything.”
A maid brought over what the queen had requested, but Louise quickly walked over and took the glass container.
It was a large serving of shaved ice.
The dark red maid walked over to the queen, prepared a small bite on a spoon, and held it out toward the lovely queen’s mouth.
“Oh, sherbet tastes so good in the bath. Not much can match this flavor.”
Gloriana kicked her feet in satisfaction.
Ursula’s position gave her a perfect view of the artistically beautiful curves of the queen’s butt and even the anus deeper inside.
The queen may not have cared, but it bothered Ursula and she blushed.
“Ahh…that woke me up♪ I was so exhausted after working all day long. I never should have become queen.”
The queen was thoroughly relaxed as she enjoyed the ice that the silver-haired maid held out on a silver spoon.
“If Hilmedes wanted the throne, he should have just said so in the first place. I never wanted to rule the kingdom. I only accepted because everyone said no one else could do it. Honestly, now.”
“Some people are very narrow-minded.”
Everyone knew it was her Kriemhild family that had kept Hilmedes from the throne, but Gloriana shamelessly complained about it. To Ursula, the queen and Louise looked like an evil queen and her treacherous retainer.
But the female knight had already decided to offer everything up to Felix. For that, she could not hold a negative impression of the queen.
“Ursula, I hear you have long been close to my adorable boy.”
“Yes. With all due respect, I have.”
Gloriana was cheerful now that she had nothing to worry about.
Whether it was the charm of a wicked woman or a unique type of charisma, the beautiful queen had the kingdom’s greatest female knight speak of her past while having the kingdom’s most talented women feed her an ice treat.
It was such a luxurious and decadent scene that a royal artist would have been unable to resist making a painting out of it if he saw it.
Time slowly and elegantly passed as the queen asked about different stories of Felix’s childhood.
“Thank you. That was fun. I knew my boy had to have been cute as a child too. You can tell me more some other time. …Ahh, I’m so very happy. I think this is the first time I’ve been glad I became queen. This is paradise♪”
The nude queen sat up on the carpet-covered stone seat.
“I need to find a way to thank you.”
“I could never make you do something like that.”
“Eh heh heh. There’s no need to hold back. Felix is my son, so any girl that adorable boy has filled with semen is my daughter. Now, come here.”
The queen wrapped an arm around the armored woman’s waist and slowly walked forward.
An indescribable madness filled Gloriana’s amethyst eyes and Ursula had a very bad feeling about what was coming, but she could not possibly brush the queen’s arm aside.
“This is a paradise for women, so it is fully equipped for our enjoyment.”
“I see…”
A blank look entered Ursula’s eyes as the queen’s charm overwhelmed her.
“Yes, this should be perfect for you. Sit here.”
Gloriana gestured toward some granite next to the stream of warm water.
It seemed oddly shaped to Ursula, but she could not disobey the queen’s orders.
As instructed, she sat on it facing the stream and found the smooth surface of the stone quite comfortable to sit in.
Gloriana sat next to her and wiped some sweat from Ursula’s brow with a fingertip.
“You’re sweating so much. You must be thirsty. I got so focused on hearing you talk that I forget to offer you a drink. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“You can order a drink. Is there anything you want?”
“Then I will take a carbonated fruit drink.”
“It isn’t a difficult piece of magic, so do it yourself.”
She sent a signal with the simple magic the queen taught her to use and a beautiful maid in thin silk gracefully carried in a glass container which Louise took and handed to Gloriana.
With the clear, bubbling drink in one hand, the nude queen whispered to the armored knight.
“The more I look at you, the lovelier you appear. Not only are you heroic enough to represent our kingdom, but you have this beauty too. Heaven blessed you with many gifts. …I’m jealous.”
“Th-that is not true…”
Ursula at least had no intention of being envied by a woman of unparalleled beauty who had been born to one of the most powerful families in the kingdom.
“Eh heh heh. There’s no need to be modest. Your skin is so lovely. It almost looks like crystal. That alone would be bad enough, but I simply cannot let you be closer to Felix than his own mother is. I’m about to go mad with envy.”
“Like I was saying, that isn’t…eh!?”
The stone Ursula had sat on was apparently a magic tool.
It restrained her as if sucking in her hips and limbs.
Creating magic tools took a lot of time and effort, so they were quite expensive. Ursula could not understand why royals would use them for a simple entertainment facility.
“Wh-what are you doing!?”
“Nothing at all. Just calm down. You saved my life and my adorable boy loves you, so how could I ever do anything to you? Now, drink up.”
Gloriana took a drink from the glass cup and suddenly kissed Ursula.
“Ghhh…gulp, gulp…”
Her mind told her being fed a drink from another woman’s mouth was unpleasant, but her body appreciated the liquid after her time in this sauna-like bath.
Her body gulped it all down, including the ice that the queen had crushed between her teeth.
“Delicious, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll get hooked on it.”
The bewitching woman absentmindedly admired her gulping captive.
“It seems rude for you to be wearing clothes when I’m naked. I’ll take care of that for you.”
The queen’s delicate hands moved to the knight’s chest and fumbled with the armor until a puzzled look appeared on her face.
“Oh, dear. How do you remove armor? Do you know, Louise?”
“No, as I’ve never worn any.”
Gloriana had never even dressed herself, so she did not know how to remove someone else’s clothes, especially something as unique as armor.
“Well, whatever.”
Her hands stroked lovingly across the knight’s tight belly and thighs. After rubbing her inner thighs, she reached inside the waist armor.
The power of the magic chair forcibly spread Ursula’s legs. She tried her best to fight it, but it was no use. Her crotch and the black panties covering it were exposed.
“P-please stop this!”
“Nope♪ Eh heh heh. Now this I know how to remove.”
The queen sweetly whispered as her hand grabbed the crotch of the panties and slid it to the left.
“Wow, do you have any idea what’s going on inside your panties right now?”
“Th-that is pretty amazing…”
Gloriana’s eyes widened in surprise and Louise nodded in shocked agreement as she peered in from the side.
Ursula could imagine what they were seeing.
She had done nothing more than put her panties back on after Felix had pumped her full of semen.
On the way here, she had felt tons of semen flowing back out of her vagina.
The sticky liquid fermented from a mixture of semen, love juices, and sweat had to be covering even her dark pubic hair.
“Louise, how many times did my adorable boy show this girl his favor?”
“Three times that I saw.”
“Eh heh heh. He is so young. And so are you. Three times without pulling out for your first time? You must be pretty tough.”
Ursula’s face reddened in humiliation as the queen placed her fingers on the outer lips and slowly spread the slit.
She could feel the sticky white liquid flowing out.
“So this is the pussy of the wicked woman who seduced my adorable boy.”
“Y-Your Majesty, please spare me this…”
Ursula’s desperate plea was ignored as her woman’s bilge was visually violated.
“Oh, it’s swollen. You really did go at it until you’d been rubbed raw, didn’t you?”
Ursula clenched her teeth, but any protests would be empty since it was true.
A long, slender fingertip scooped up some of the frothing white liquid flowing from her honey pot and the bewitching woman placed it in her mouth.
A look of ecstasy appeared on her face as if she had just tasted some sweet honey, but that expression completely changed a moment later.
“This thing milked my adorable boy three times? What a vulgar pussy. I need to punish it.”
The jealous queen suddenly jammed two fingers inside Ursula’s vagina.
The knight shook her head in protest, but the queen’s fingering knew no mercy.
“My adorable boy’s cum is wasted on a slut like you. Spit it all out.”
“Eeeeek! F-forgive me…!”
The queen’s fingers moved as if to scrape all of the fluid from her vagina. She scraped all along the folds of flesh.
But the more her fingers scraped around, the more love juices were secreted.
“There’s no end to it. And why is this clit so erect? You depraved woman!”
With the fingers still in her vagina, Ursula’s clitoral hood was peeled all the way back.
When the queen saw the engorged red bud, she gave a sadistic smile and pinched it tightly between her fingertips.
The knight raised a pathetic scream and tears welled up in her eyes.
When the queen tugged on Ursula’s clitoris, even Louise sympathized with her as a fellow woman.
“Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”
The woman raised her head, opened her eyes and mouth wide, and howled like a wild animal. Love juices gushed from her crotch.
“Oh, what a wonderful pussy. I can see why that boy set his eyes on you. It’s so rough and it’s squeezing down on my fingers.”
Gloriana was growing aroused as she attacked the knight. Her skin flushed pink, her plump butt danced back and forth, and her inner thighs rubbed together.
She was acting as if she were receiving the same treatment she was giving Ursula.
Unable to hold back any longer, the queen turned her palm upwards and started rubbing at the top of Ursula’s vagina with incredible speed.
“Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!”
Ursula’s skin flushed such a brilliant shade of red that it looked like the setting sun was shining on her.
An obscene wet sound rang out and the spray reached Gloriana’s face and chest, but the queen did not seem to mind as her eyes glittered brightly.
“Wh-what…why…are you…eek…doing…this…?”
The female knight could tell her arousal was building, but it was a different sensation that confused her. Her tight lower stomach undulated and her entire body convulsed.
Even as a strong-willed woman, she was still a healthy adult and had of course masturbated before. Ever since guiding Felix to his first ejaculation, she had pleasured herself especially intensely while thinking back to that scene.
But now she was overcome by a biological desire she had not felt when climaxing from masturbation or sex.
In other words, the greater the pleasure grew, the greater her desire to pee grew.
Wetting herself at this age would be too embarrassing. Worse, the queen was positioned between her spread legs. As a knight, she could not allow herself to do that, but despite her worry, the queen fingered her all the more intensely.
“Ahhh! I can’t hold back, Your Majesty! Please move out of the way! I’m going to….eeeeeeeek!”
Even as she tried to explain, her body reached its moment of bliss. At the same time, she heard the sound of her pride as a knight and – even more so – her pride as a woman crumbling away.
It came out with an intensity rivalling Felix’s ejaculations and the amount of fluid was far greater. A magnificent fountain launched skyward from the female knight’s crotch and rained down on the gorgeous queen’s naked body.
Instead of escaping, Gloriana enjoyed the warmth pouring down on her jewel-decorated nudity.
“My, my. Peeing on your queen? Such a rude retainer.”
As a knight, she had no idea what to think about having covered her master with urine and her mind went blank from both the physical and mental shock. The queen stared sadistically down at the female knight and she instructed Louise to deactivate the magic tool.
That was when an unexpected visitor arrived.
“Your Highness, you mustn’t! …Ah.”
An energetic girl’s voice cut through the decadent and sensual atmosphere.
Everyone looked over in surprise and found someone who should not have been there.
“Wh-why is Felix here?”
The queen had no excuse for treating Ursula so roughly when she knew he loved her.
Felix was sure to feel scorn, disgust, and hatred for her.
The queen’s pride as an alluring, composed, and wicked woman had vanished. So had her dignity as his stepmother and as a woman. She looked almost pitiable and a disturbed tremor filled her voice.
The crown prince wore his personal clothes of a white silk shirt and pants. Sasha was trying to cover his mouth, Magali had her arms wrapped around his waist from behind, and – whether it was doing any good or not – Carol clung to his waist from the front. Each individual girl was light, but together they were fairly heavy.
One of the maids desperately holding back the crown prince, a girl with a red ponytail, did her best to apologize when everyone’s eyes gathered on them.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This is all my fault!”
After returning to his tower, Felix had been confused by Louise and Ursula’s absence and had asked where they were.
Wanting to please him, Magali had carelessly told him about this place.
The prince’s boyish purity had filled him with anger, so he had immediately run here to interrupt, but the three maids had desperately tried to stop him.
“That’s enough. Let go of me.”
The three maids knew it was too late now, so they did as he said.
The usually majestic queen was trembling like a criminal awaiting judgment.
She had the ultimate body as far as the feminine beauty to seduce men was concerned. Felix glanced at her full, tight breasts and her wet and shining inner thighs as he recalled Louise’s lesson that all women were shameful animals.
He blushed as he walked forward, but his educator maid quickly stood in his way.
“Her Majesty only did this because of how much she cares for you, Your Highness. Please be understanding.”
“I know that. So move out of the way.”
Louise must have realized something from the still look in Felix’s eyes because she obediently let him through.
“My adorable boy…”
Felix’s shoulders trembled as he approached the queen and saw the pleading look on her lovely face.
“Yes, go ahead and hit me. If you will find it in your heart to forgive me afterwards, then hit me.”
Due to his upbringing, the thought of hitting a woman had never occurred to him before. But she had tormented the woman he loved, so no matter how well she had treated him, he wanted to throw his anger at his stepmother.
With no outlet for that anger, the boy simply glared at his stepmother, but help came from an unexpected place.
“Feli Boy, hitting Her Majesty will not settle anything.”
“But, Urs.”
Ursula was lightly stretching her body after being freed from the bonds of the magic chair, but then she said something truly unexpected.
“Feli Boy. Fuck the queen.”
It was so unexpected that Felix, Gloriana, Louise, and all the other maids widened their eyes in surprise.
“She only teased me as a substitution for sleeping with you. That was also why she chose these beautiful girls to be your maids.”
As a woman, Ursula could see the true meaning behind the queen’s eccentric behavior.
“If you fulfill her unmet desires, this will all end happily.”
“You can’t!”
As Felix hesitated, Gloriana gave a shout.
“You…you can’t. I am your mother.”
“You are his stepmother. You aren’t actually blood related, right? And you wanted to do it with him, didn’t you?”
“I’m sorry for what I did. So please stop bullying me. I have to keep up appearances with the kingdom in such a precarious position. If a scandal like that were to get out, I would lose the people’s trust.”
The queen held her head in her hands and shook her head in protest, but the female knight looked over to the crown prince.
“How about it, Feli Boy? Do you want to sleep with the queen? If you don’t fuck her now, your relationship will always be strained.”
“But I love you, Urs…”
“I know you do and I love you too. But as crown prince, it’s only natural for you to sleep with other women and I’m not so narrow-minded that I would blame you for it.”
The words of that trusted knight convinced the prince.
When Felix placed his hands on her shoulders, Gloriana’s body easily crumbled.
The queen tearfully pleaded her stepson, but her body betrayed her. When he grabbed her knees, her legs put up no resistance and spread like a frog’s.
“Wow, you’re soaking wet.”
This woman was praised as the kingdom’s holy mother, but her swollen vulva split apart and released a spray of lustful pheromones.
It looked like the perfect example of an aroused woman’s sex organ. It was ready for use without any need for foreplay.
Felix pulled his raging erection from his pants.
“Your Majesty…Stepmother, this is what you wanted, isn’t it? Here, I’ll give it to you!”
When the queen saw the maddening organ, she gave a look of limitless longing, but then she tearfully shook her head in protest.
Her actions were filled with masochism. The more she resisted, the more he lost control and the more he desired to violate her. She truly was a devilish woman.
“I want to put it in you, too! I can’t stop now.”
In the missionary position, the young male organ was brought close to her opened vagina. Sorrow filled the queen.
“Ahh… Y-yes. This is entirely my fault for being such a pervert… So please punish me with your cock.”
Despite her admirable words, her woman’s flower was contracting obscenely, so the boy shoved his rod inside.
The guilt acted as an aphrodisiac for the woman.
When looking only at the tightness or the number of folds, Louise or Ursula’s youth and muscular development gave them an edge. But Gloriana’s was far better at pleasuring a man. It seemed to be made entirely differently.
Louise and Ursula’s vaginas had moved more stiffly as if they were not used to having a man inside them, but Gloriana’s was soft and yet tightly wrapped every inch of his penis in a rough texture.
Instead of providing intense arousal, her vagina knew how to let a man enjoy himself.
(This truly was made to pleasure a man.)
It made an odd amount of sense to Felix.
“Ahh…it feels so good. Your cock is so hard and feels so good…”
About two years without sex was close to torture for a woman of around thirty, so the queen shed tears of joy as she clung to her stepson.
“I’m…going crazy…! Ahhh, yes, I’m going crazy it feels so good!!”
A look of ecstasy covered her face as she thrust her butt up off the floor. She wiggled her body, moved the folds of flesh, wriggled the entire flesh tunnel, and tried to digest the penis pounding against her womb.
Only breasts as incredibly large as hers would bounce so delightfully even as they lost their shape under their own weight. As the queen gave into her lust, her nostrils flared and her mouth opened wide. The gap from her usual perfect beauty made it look amazingly obscene and he almost came just from seeing it.
Felix desperately clenched his teeth to hold back.
Louise and Ursula had both been more lustful than they looked, but not to this extent.
If he had not already released three loads in Ursula during the day, he would have been milked dry in no time.
“My pussy! My pussyyyyy! My pussy feels amazinnnnnggggggg!!”
That lady among ladies exposed her pale throat and shouted that dirty word at the top of her lungs.
Her white skin flushed pink and a sexual sweat glittered like jewels as it flew through the air.
Entranced by her alluring form, Felixwanted to make her feel even better and to tease her much, much more.
He stole her plump lips, sucked on her rough tongue, slurped down her sticky saliva, and licked across her smooth neck. He roughly fondled her breasts that spilled out from his palms and he sped up his hips. The flesh wrapped around his rod started pulling back with it.
“Ahh! No, don’t pull out!”
He had no intention of pulling out. He stopped just before the head came out and he thrust right back in.
He pushed the flesh back down and shook her womb. A wave ran through her lovely body and her eyes and mouth opened wide when it reached her brain.
Her hips bounced on the ground and her exposed white throat shook as she screamed.
“Nn, nn…nnah!”
Gloriana’s disarray was far too obscene. She was much more experienced than Ursula and Louise, so she knew exactly what kind of reaction would delight a man.
It may have looked like the boy was unilaterally violating her, but she was actually in complete control.
She was not as tight as the younger women, but her vagina sucked at the entire surface of his hard penis as if trying to digest it. Instead of trying to suck him dry, it let him enjoy himself.
Without the more intense arousal, Felix lasted longer than he ever had. On top of that, Gloriana’s reactions were so splendid that he felt true satisfaction at having thoroughly conquered a woman.
“I’m going to cum!”
“Yes, cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!”
The boy thrust his hips at the writhing beauty below him and finally released his semen.
It sprayed out into her vagina and the queen screamed at this fulfilling feeling she had been without for so long.
The indecipherable scream was accompanied by the expression of a truly obscene woman.
A warm spray covered Felix’s lower stomach.
Based on the force and duration of the spray, it may have started as vaginal fluids, but it seemed to have switched to urine partway through.
As the queen sprayed from her honey pot, her internal flesh writhed about him and her wandering eyes melted.
The sound of a gulp rang loud in the silence.
It could have come from Ursula, Louise, one of the other three maids, or all of them.
Gloriana’s disarray left them trembling in amazement and envy that a woman could so lose herself in lust.
They had just seen a woman go through the kind of pleasurable hell that anyone born a woman wanted to experience at least once.
“Pant, pant, pant…”
Felix almost looked possessed as he gasped for breath and pulled out his flaccid penis. The boy gave in to the pleasant exhaustion as he started dressing himself, but Ursula called out to stop him.
“Isn’t it a little rude to be calling it quits now? There are still plenty of women here.”
“But I came three times in you earlier…”
That young woman was the athletic type and she hated to lose. And Felix’s confusion was further interrupted by Louise’s voice.
“I have heard boys your age can easily cum ten times a day.”
“Oh, so you still have six more shots left in you?”
“Ten times? I can’t. I’ll die.”
Felix backed fearfully away from the sadistic smile on the bikini armor knight’s face, but his back ran into two soft mounds of flesh.
“Your Highness, you must not turn your back on a girl.”
He was between a rock and a hard place.
Louise’s dark red apron dress was plastered to her body by sweat and steam and she reached her hands around to remove Felix’s clothes. Then she stroked his chest and pinched his nipples like she was fondling a woman’s breasts.
“Eh heh heh. Your nipples are nice and hard.”
He felt the two giant masses of flesh pressed against his back while his (for some reason) erect nipples were gently kneaded. It tickled but felt good.
He was unable to move, so Ursula walked up in front of him.
“U-Urs, i-it’s not what it looks like.”
“How is it not?”
She removed her breastplate, revealing the beautiful hemispheres of flesh swelling out just below her collarbone. They were not as big as Gloriana’s or Louise’s, but she was not about to lose when it came to shape.
He thought they were incredibly pretty, but this was no time to enjoy the view.
The frightening female knight had a full smile on her face, but the boy was not so careless that he overlooked the bulging veins at her temple.
She held his shoulders so he could not escape, brought her face close, and placed her lips on his.
“Nn, nnn…”
It was an intense kiss that seemed to claim him for herself.
As he enjoyed how the dignified young woman licked across and sucked at his lips, the fronts of their bodies pressed together. He loved the feeling of her breasts squishing against his chest.
When Louise noticed, she pulled down the chest of her dark red apron dress and pressed her bare breasts against his back.
With beautiful breasts on his chest and giant breasts on his back, Felix was sandwiched between female bodies.
The two beauties’ competitive spirits were on full display. They wiggled around and pressed against him to increase the surface area in contact as much as possible.
When Ursula’s intense kiss ended, Louise’s lips immediately arrived from behind.
Louise’s saliva was added to the mixture of Ursula and Felix’s saliva already in his mouth. The sticky liquid was too much for the boy’s mouth to hold, so it spilled from his lips, soaked his chin, and dripped onto Ursula’s breasts.
Irritated, Ursula forced her way into their kiss. The two of them both sucked and intensely licked at the boy’s mouth.
His tongue was drawn out, the two beauties took turns sucking at it, and they fought over access to his lips.
When the two of them finally moved away and Felix was freed from their warm and sweet breaths, he let out a sigh of ecstasy.
But those young women were far from satisfied. Louise licked at his right ear Ursula licked at his left.
Their soft tongues moved to his cheeks, his eyelids, and even his nostrils.
The boy’s face was entirely soaked in their thick, warm saliva.
(It feels like I’m being eaten by them.)
Felix lost himself in the pleasant feeling of the soft bodies surrounding him. All thoughts left his mind and he started feeling that being eaten by them was exactly what he wanted.
Their warm and wet tongues moved down his neck and started licking around his armpits. On the front, Ursula sucked at his nipples. At the back, Louise licked his backbone and shoulder blades.
After coating his upper body in saliva, they slowly moved lower. Ursula kneeled in front of him and grabbed the penis that was still feeling the afterglow of its round with Gloriana.
The flaccid organ was covered in love juices, semen, and urine, but the female knight placed the entire thing in her mouth, balls and all.
Fear raced through the boy as he thought she might bite the whole thing off, but she did nothing that cruel.
She sucked at the flaccid penis in her mouth and beat it with her tongue.
The soft, small male organ drowned in a sea of thick female saliva. She rolled it around with her tongue and almost seemed ready to swallow the balls.
Felix gave a pathetic cry and writhed on his feet.
Blood gradually returned to the penis. As Ursula enjoyed the sensation of it growing inside her mouth, she looked up with a smug smile.
But it was not directed at Felix. She was looking up at Louise who looked back down from over his head.
Looking angry, Louise slid down while keeping her breasts pressed against him. Her kisses began at the back of his neck, moved down his spine, and finally stopped at his butt.
She spread the boy’s small tight butt.
“Wait, Louise! What are you doing!?”
“Stay still, Your Highness.”
Motivated by her competitive spirit, Louise placed her thumbs against the boy’s anus and looked at it with damp, heated eyes.
She extended her wet tongue and started licking his cute anus.
“Ahh, ahh~ Stop, stop…”
Apparently, both men and women cried out just the same at times like this. Felix’s adorable shouts were the same as those of a girl having her anus licked.
And that had a way of stirring up the lust of these women who loved little boys.
Louise enjoyed the feeling of his butt cheeks on her face, licked all around his anus, and finally stuck the tip of her tongue out sharply as if trying to dig inside.
Felix was worried he was about to lose something important as a man. Yet it was pleasure that raced up his spine like a shudder or a chill as his penis filled with life. It began expanding even further in Ursula’s mouth and quickly grew too large to fit.
Ursula did not know how to handle the growing organ since this was her first time giving a blowjob, so it jabbed deep into her throat.
“Cough, cough, cough…”
She spat out the penis as choked with tears in her eyes.
“Are you okay, Urs?”
“Yes, just a little surprised.”
The penis shining from her saliva rose grandly before her eyes.
And then it curved back even further.
“Ah, stop that, Louise!”
Jealousy must have filled Louise when she sensed the intimacy of childhood friends between the two. She began rotating the tongue tip sticking inside his anus.
The boy’s writhing form stimulated Ursula’s competitiveness again, so she wrapped her lips around his penis.
“Ee! You too, Urs?”
Ursula slurped at his penis while Louise licked at his asshole. He was at the mercy of the young women’s passionate assault.
“Kwah! Ahhhh!”
The boy raised an agonized voice and he thought the pleasure had exceeded bearable levels. If this continued, he was sure his brain would be fried.
Meanwhile, a new figure stood in front of him and grabbed his chin.
“Ohh, my adorable boy. You’re just so cute when you’re overwhelmed by pleasure.”
“Eh heh heh. You understand, don’t you? Louise and Ursula are two of the greatest woman of the kingdom. Your average man would never even dare speak to them, yet you have already made them your sex slaves. I fear to even imagine what you will accomplish in the future. …And of course, I too am your sex slave.”
An entranced look covered Gloriana’s face as she brought her lips to Felix’s face which was already soaked with two other women’s saliva.
The boy protested in his heart as he exchanged a passionate kiss with his stepmother.
(I’m pretty sure I’m the sex slave here.)
The queen slurped up the saliva as if to remove the mark left by the previous two.
Down below, Ursula poked her tongue at his urethra and Louise seemed to have her tongue half-buried in his anus.
He was so surrounded by their female aroma that something in the back of his brain seemed to fry. His hips gave out.
He lost strength like a felled tree, but the three beautiful women gently supported him and set him down on his back.
The one flesh rod stood tall before the three sexual beasts.
Sparks flew between those undisputed beauties, but Gloriana was the first to act.
She mounted her stepson’s face, leaned forward to take the 69 position, and placed her ample breasts around his penis.
“Eh heh heh. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”
His raging penis danced between her soft and plump breasts.
Felix cried out when the female lips filled with his own semen appeared before his face.
A normal woman would never be able to press her vulva against a man’s face immediately after having sex, but after ridding herself of all shame by breaking one taboo, she was faithfully obeying all of her desires.
Even when faced with that obscene behavior, the other women were not about to back down.
“Your Majesty, you must not keep him to yourself.”
Gloriana tilted her head in confusion when she heard Louise’s protest.
“Oh? Are you defying me?”
The red maid was left speechless in the gap between loyalty and lust, but the silver knight defended her.
“Rank and status mean nothing when it comes to matters of sex.”
“Yes, very true. I may have dedicated my body and soul to you, Your Majesty, but keeping Prince Felix to yourself is the one thing I will never allow you to do.”
Ursula had sworn absolute loyalty to the royal family and Louise had done so to the queen individually, but they both looked on the verge of beginning a two-woman rebellion when Gloriana tried to hog the boy’s rod.
When faced with an erect penis, a woman’s loyalty was apparently as fleeting as shaved ice in the bath.
Realizing that, the queen suggested a compromise.
“Fine then. How about you two join me?”
The two hesitated at the queen’s elegant suggestion, but they both seemed to conclude they too had to cast aside their shame to compete with someone so shameless. The two retainers got down on the ground, grabbed their own breasts, and surrounded the hard rod, Ursula from the right and Louise from the left.
“Ah… You’re kidding…”
His stepmother’s breasts felt good enough on their own and now his educator and his childhood crush had included their breasts too. Felix tried to get up in surprise, but he could not move with three pairs of breasts weighing down his lower body.
From above, one would have seen three beautiful women lying on the floor surrounding a penis from three different directions.
He supposed this would be called a triple titjob. A total of six breasts pressed and rubbed against the one rod. It felt too good to actually exist in this world.
The queen was known to the kingdom as a chaste widow, the female knight known as strong-willed, and the head maid was known as smarter than any man, but they revealed themselves here to be obscene women who could not keep their lust in check. Their intense sexual service wore away their dignity and pride.
“Pant, pant, pant…”
Felix made no real attempt to pleasure the vagina dancing before his eyes and overflowing with male juices, but Gloriana was so focused on the titjob that she did not seem to want any extra stimulation.
He watched that pink clam twitching and spewing white froth and he also looked to the breasts squishing in around his penis.
Gloriana’s were the biggest, Louise’s fell in the middle, and Ursula’s were the smallest, but their elasticity was in the exact opposite order. As proof, the queen’s breasts lost their shape quite a bit as the retainers pressed in their own breasts.
The size of the areolae seemed to be proportional to the size of the breasts themselves. Color-wise, Louise’s were the brightest pink, Ursula’s came in second, and Gloriana’s were the palest.
When Gloriana was winning, he was wrapped in unbelievably soft flesh. When Louise was winning, the elasticity grew. When Ursula was winning, the size was not quite up to par.
(Urs’s aren’t bad, but the bigger ones definitely feel better.)
As much as he favored Ursula, he had no choice but to admit the others’ superiority after directly comparing them. Of course, this just showed how extremely spoiled he was.
Their hardened nipples must have been rubbing together because heat gradually filled the three women’s breaths.
They all started letting drool drip down as lubricant, but they began a meaningless competition there too, creating a something of a swamp between their breasts.
The penis head which had fully left the foreskin began moving in and out of that sticky wetness.
That penis had begun intensely throbbing and it had been trapped in its foreskin not long before. All three women were convinced they had been the first to peel back that thin layer of skin, so they each smiled smugly and stuck out their tongue.
Gloriana licked the top of the head, Ursula the right side, and Louise the left side.
The boy could not stand it as three wet tongues licked all over the swollen red head.
He truly did feel like he was being milked dry as pleasure raced up his rod.
The soft breasts continued pleasuring him even as he ejaculated.
The milky liquid surged out, coated the women’s faces, and flowed down to their breasts.
The penis did not go flaccid. Or rather, it was not allowed to.
The three women wiggled their butts and it was plain as day what that meant.
The semen-covered women’s cheeks flushed as they stared at the erect penis. This was only the calm before the next storm.
Louise got everything started.
“I am the only one you haven’t shown your kindness today, so I think it is my right to have that hard thing inside me first.”
“Louise, he’s pumped you full of his ‘kindness’ every night this week. Boy, please fuck me as hard as you did earlier.”
“Your Majesty, you only just receive his kindness. And after the passionate foreplay you gave me, I think I have a right to it.”
Ursula was referencing the lesbianism the queen had forced onto her, so it must have been incredibly humiliating for her.
Not one of them intended to back down and the storm of women soon arrived.
Ursula took the initiative since she was far more athletic than the others.
She straddled Felix’s crotch, placed the erect penis against her hidden place, and sat down.
Once it was entirely contained inside her, she squeezed down on it.
“Ahh, amazing. Your penis feels so good, Feli Boy…”
This was different from the softness of the titjob or the soft roughness of Gloriana’s vagina. The pressure of her squeezing flesh was unique to her.
Louise mounted his face. Her vagina was clean because it had yet to be penetrated today, but after her time spent in this obscene world, it was soaked with whitish nectar.
“Y-Your Highness, you must know my body like the back of your hand by now, so please make me cum. I can’t stand this any longer.”
Louise intensely shook her hips to rub her labia and their silver hair against the boy’s face.
The soft sexual flesh rubbed over his face, so he lost himself in sucking at it even as he started suffocating.
“I can’t believe you two! Do you have no intention at all of supporting your ruler like good retainers?”
After being torn from her 69 position by her two retainers, Queen Gloriana stared jealously at the women riding her stepson’s erection and face, but then she bent her knees to sit next to the boy’s right side.
“Felix, tease me with your fingers.”
The three women’s sexuality seemed to have a multiplying effect because they were fired up even more than usual.
As Ursula tightly squeezed his penis and intensely moved her hips, warm love juices gushed from inside her, soaking Felix’s balls and anus.
Louise rubbed her sexual flesh against him with equal intensity, so his face, ears, and hair were covered in her nectar.
“Oh, honestly…”
The queen voiced her dissatisfaction toward the women so pleasurably riding her beloved stepson.
His fingering must not have been enough. As her hatred of the other women gradually grew, she suddenly brought her right hand to Ursula’s crotch and her left hand to Louise’s.
“Ah, Your Majesty, what are you doing?”
The lewd queen ignored her retainers’ surprise and rubbed their vulvas.
“This is what you get. I hope you shame yourselves in front of my adorable boy.”
She even shoved her slender fingertips inside their honey pots.
“P-please stop that, Your Majesty.”
“I-I’m going to tear apart!”
Louise was only being licked, but Ursula could not bear having these fingers inside her when she already had a penis there.
But Louise was the one that shouted louder. Her long time with the queen allowed her to guess what the woman was going to do.
As Felix watched, the queen’s fingertips pressed against the stomach side of her honey pot.
At the same time, Louise’s entire lower body started trembling as if she were trying to restrain herself from something.
“Th-this feeling. Don’t tell me…”
Ursula’s eyes finally widened too.
“Yes, you will soon have peed on your prince as well as your queen. …Ah.”
Gloriana gave a sadistically beautiful smile, but it did not last long. Unexpectedly, Felix started using the fingers inside her to copy the finger technique she had demonstrated before his eyes.
The three women all began trembling as they endured the urge to pee.
They all leaned forward, Gloriana rested on Felix’s stomach, and Ursula and Gloriana held her shoulders.
“Pant, pant, pant…”
The sexual women’s heated breaths overlapped and become one.
A vagina squeezed down on his penis, a vulva pressed tightly against his lips, and folds of flesh wrapped around his fingers. All three of them contracted at a set rhythm.
Finally, they began writhing as if they could no longer stand it.
With a vagina before his eyes, around his fingers, and around his penis, Felix felt like he was penetrating all three at once instead of just Ursula.
He had thought his testicles had been sucked dry before, but they gave out one last cry.
Hot liquid erupted from the tip of the throbbing flesh tube. Receiving that liquid inside was enough to satisfy a woman, so Ursula’s most important place tightened around both him and the fingers in there with him.
“Ah, nooooo!”
Ursula’s urine was shamefully released with the force of a water balloon bursting.
The three women’s bodies had synchronized to the point that their sexual pleasure did as well.
“It’s coming out, it’s coming out. Your Highness, please forgive meee!”
Louise also scattered a warm liquid before his eyes.
“Ahh, what are we doing…?”
While up on his stomach, Gloriana pulled her fingers from the other women’s slits. She seemed to feel the need to hold something in her arms, so she wrapped them around her retainers’ waists and pulled them close. Then, she too wet herself.
The crown prince’s body was soaked by the three shameless women’s warm torrents.
(It’s so warm… It feels amazing…)
After the pleasure of ejaculation, he was surrounded by the pleasant warmth of those women.
He felt an indescribable happiness as he realized these three were protecting him.
But just because they had peed did not mean their lust had been satisfied. In fact, the shameless act had fired them up all the more.
In a frenzy of sex, the three perverted women joined with him one after another.
One he had finally satisfied their seemingly bottomless lust and released his semen countless times, even he was amazed by the libido that had allowed him to survive that.
He rose unsteadily to his feet with the women sleeping next to him, but then he felt two soft mounds against his back.
They felt nice, but it was not what he wanted to be feeling right now.
“Your Highness, it’s my turn now.” Sasha whispered in his ear. “I’m way younger than any of them, so I bet you’d really feel great if you slept with me♪”
Magali clung to his side.
“I may not be as beautiful as them, but my feelings for you and the elasticity of my skin can’t be 
beat. I’m young, after all.”
“I’m the youngest, so I would feel the best.”
It was not clear if she knew what she was talking about, but Carol nominated herself while stroking his penis.
The three mature women had been more than enough already, but the three young virgins were eager to be penetrated as soon as possible.
Felix felt a cold sweat pour down his entire body.
It seemed the life of a crown prince was not an easy one.