Harassing Thief Girl


Harassing Thief Girl Chapter 7

Booby trap

The evening on that day.

Following the Thief Guild’s summons, Ellis brought her business tools and went towards the Thief Guild. Lowe could only accompany her up until they got to the Thief Guild, but after that came work in the darkness. Originally you were not to let the members of your family know you had work–if the work is a success, you go back as if nothing happened. If you fail, you get buried in darkness. It was just that type of job. For peace of mind, Ellis separated with Lowe outside of the Thief Guild. Lowe activated her Earrings of Spying at Ellis. Afterwards, Ellis replenished Lowe’s Ring of Mind and passed it to her, compensating for the MP. With these, Ellis’ voice will be transmitted to Lowe.

Lowe disappeared into the alleys, and Ellis arrived at the Thief Guild. Cathy silently welcomed Ellis. Ellis, too, silently passed by her.  Thereupon they whispered mutually.

Cathy「Caught a tail-nya.」

Ellis「Thanks Cathy.」

From only that exchange, Lowe understood that Cathy had gotten her hands on some helpful info for Ellis. Ellis entered a dressing room inside the guild, changed into her black clothes, and then entered the Guild master’s room.

「Ellis has come.」

「Ooo, so you have arrived.」

The Thief Guildmaster was a soft and flabby “Mr. Chubby” type of guy. Of course, even though I had went in and out of this room, if you can sense presences, then you can understand it’s just a disguise. This is a standard among the Thief Guild executive candidates. And then, the 8 year old Ellis saw through it.

「Oji-chan, why are you hiding?」

With those words, Angus’ proposal towards the Guild master namely, letting Ellis join the infiltration unit, was unearthed.

「Ellis, it’s a job.」

「Yes Master.」

「With your smarts, you should have guessed it to some extent, right?」

「I wonder what it is, Master?」

The Guild Master heartily laughed. The hikineet who read the Diary studied the Master’s traits and laughed with him.

「You, go and leave this paper there beside the guild master daughter’s pillow.」

He passed over a letter in an envelope.

「This is about Frau, isn’t it?」

「That’s right.」

The guild master’s strangeness won’t stop.

「It’s just about an idiot’s tail being caught, you know.」

Aah, Master knows everything already.

「Understood, I shall conduct it.」

「Yeah. Also about the organization, it’s already fine. You don’t need to worry about it.」

Ellis rushed out towards the dark night.

These were the two pieces of info that Lowe got from Earrings of Spying: Cathy is an ally, Frau is an enemy. And Ellis’ wordplay sounded idiotic. She was clearly being tested by the Guild Master.

Ellis had simply infiltrated the Guildmaster’s house. From the start, Ellis already had a high ability foundation and also had the Thief God’s appending bonus from the Agile aptitude. Ellis knew that Lowe was jealous of Frau.

「Fuun, so then should I suggest an offer to her?」

and then she thought about it.

「Well, let’s make her mine tonight.」

There was no mistake that Frau had affection towards Ellis.

「Oh Yeah plan: 2nd target capturing: start」

The hikineet was burning up.

Around Lowe’s surrounding, several people’s presences were drifting about. They sure are good as expected. The Thief Guild that is. It’s not that several of them were accompanied by bloodthirst, no. It was just that Lowe is a swordsman. Including the blood thirst, she sensed all presences. Lowe indirectly moved towards a spacious location. For such a situation, the usual strategy was to place yourself in a narrow place and then take them on one-on-one. However the opponents this time are Thieves. They are a company of people who use projectiles, poison, and whatever else there is. If that’s the case, then it will have to be like this. Inside the darkness of the crescent moon, Lowe came to a spacious spot. And the presences chased her.


Lowe erased her presence. Confused, the presences gathered to where Lowe was. As the presences accumulated, Lowe once again chanted.

「Let there be light.」

The place was enveloped in light. The thieves panicked in chaos as they were blinded.

「Oh Swallow, come forth!」

Several thieves were stabbed to their death–there was no need to attack again. It was a one-sided slaughter. A slaughter that you can’t even call a match. And then Lowe found a recognizable face. She indifferently cut off the head. Then, after extracting its blood, she wrapped it with cloth and put in her pouch.

「Fuun~, so it’s that room.」

Ellis found Frau’s room.

Looking at how the light were off specifically here, she sure is fired up to catch me.

「Now then, I wonder how I should do this?」

The Hikineet wonders.

「So I should purposely get caught for a moment and let her have the upper hand.」

As you would expected from the Hikineet. The things it thinks are all sleazy.

Ellis infiltrated the room from the window. Inside the dark, she put the letter near Frau’s pillow. And accordingly, a sudden light magic was cast, and Ellis was binded from behind. The one who bounded her was Frau. Ellis surrendered.

「So a mission failure. Frau, kill me.」

Frau’s hand that was binding Ellis loosened, and Frau made Ellis stand face to face with her.

「Stupid Ellis. I can’t just simply kill you for this.」


Ellis started pouring out her tears in large drops. As if her heart was captured by such appearance, Frau felt a heart-wrenching pain.

「It’s not–it’s not like that, you know! I didn’t intend for Ellis to feel sad!」

Got her. The Hikineet knew that she had caught Frau in her spiderweb.

「I am a thief, you know. Mission failure is death, you know. Father also died, you know.」

After hearing Ellis sobs, Frau noticed that the lending hand she was holding out was outrageous.

「Hey, Frau, please kill me. If I just stay like this, then I won’t be able to go back to the guild.」

Ellis was pressing for an answer. Frau was in chaos.

「I’m sorry Ellis, I’m sorry, you did not fail, OK? That’s why, please don’t cry…」


The emerald colored eyes leaked a large teardrop as Ellis gazed into Frau’s deep red eyes.

「Yes, really, that’s why, please don’t cry….」

Ellis embraced Frau………….and then kissed her. In panic, Frau received it and furthermore embraced Ellis back.

「I’m sorry, Ellis, I’m sorry….」

The birth of the 2nd victim.

buhihihihi (9: and here is you favorite a low-life man in a loli Hikineet Eiji!!!)

Until morning, Frau was tormented by the Hikineet techniques of the 8 year-old girl.

「My mission, it’s a success, right?」

Frau wasn’t able to get up. She could only entreat Ellis.

「Ellis, your mission is a success. That’s why, please come back again.」

「Shut yer trap, you swine!」(9: and a birth of a pig)

With Ellis’ last words, Frau fell into a state of panic. To be loved by Ellis, what should I do?! Ellis continued speaking.

「Right now, I am going back to the Guild; however, weren’t there things that you had to say?」

Ah, that’s right. If I tell her everything, then Ellis will come again. Frau started to dress flusteredly.


「I have come back.」

Ellis went inside using the secret back door of the Thief Guild and reported to the Master.

「How was it?」the Guild Master grinningly inquired.

Ellis returned with a smile.

「The Thief Guild sure has some unpleasant points.」

The guild master heartily laughed. A messenger entered.

「A person calling herself Ellis’s relative is coming here carrying Kevin’s head. What should we do. Should we kill her?」

Another messenger.

「The Adventurer Guildmaster’s daughter came here suing Kevin for instigating a trap on Ellis. A~re, why is Ellis here?」

Cathy came in with these ending words.

「Proof of Kevin being Angus’ murderer–I got my hands on it, nya~」

The Thief Guildmaster called his aid and whispered something. Then he turned to Ellis.

「Ellis, daughter of Angus, from now on, you are a Thief Adventurer. As much as possible, please help finance the guild.」

「Thank you, Master.」

As Ellis hugged him, the Master whispered.

「Just a little bit more here.」


And then, Ellis kissed the the designated place where the Master’s skin was exposed. Then Ellis went back to the Thief Guild’s hall, and everything was already settled.

Thief Guild’s Iron Law: 「Death to those who kill their comrades.」 The fellows who were involved with Angus’ murder, including Kevin’s wife, were all purged by sunset.