Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures


Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 63 part4

“According to the rules of the Haoyue Country, the winners can be challenged by others.”

With those words, it explained his intention.

At this time, the crowd burst in cheers once again. It was very rare to watch battles about strong individuals. Naturally, they were much more reluctant to leave.

At this time, Ji Yaotian ran in front of the emperor.

“Your majesty, it seems Young Master Su is truly blessed with talent. He just won and there is someone else who wanted to challenge him. Why don’t his majesty watch another battle before going back to the palace? Young Master Su might reveal his full power, who knows if he has another surprise?”

“Well! It’s according to the rules, so it’s okay. Su Li’s cultivation level is truly rare for a 5-year-old child.”

The emperor looked at Mu Yunxuan, that child has always been cold, but today he was holding Su Xin in his arms, which made him feel strange.

The man in dark green robes suddenly jumped on the stage and knelt in with one knee.

“Your majesty, this lowly one, Zhao Yongyun, want Young Master Su to enlighten me.”

“According to the rules, you can challenge him. You don’t need to ask for it and just go on.”

The Emperor looked at him in the eyes and nodded his head.

“Yes, your majesty.”

In an instant, he attacked Su Li. Su Li’s little figure jumped to evade Zhao Yongyun’s and then counterattack. At this time, Su Li was fierce like a general in the war, which made the people in the surrounding couldn’t divert their eyes… …

Su Qi sneered and looked at Zhao Yongyun, who suddenly attacked his brother with a gloomy face. He thought everything finally ended, but suddenly this man named Zhao Yongyun came. He hated it.

Mu Yunxuan looked up and stared at Zhao Yongyun. Zhao Yongyun, this man, how come he never heard of him?

“Big brother, say, do you think this is an arrangement of Zhao Guogong? This man, Zhao Yongyun, I never heard of him, he just suddenly pop out.”

“Aside from him, who else could it be? But this man is not necessarily Lier’s opponents. Li’er just got promoted by three stages, I’m afraid he’s still physically weak. This old man’s humor to the emperor is nothing more than to hide his real intention.”

Mu Yunxuan couldn’t help but cursed Ji Yaotian inside his heart.

Mu Yunxuan coldly glared at Ji Yaotian. Ji Yaotian suddenly had goosebumps.  What does the Lord of Yun City mean by this? He can’t remember when did he offend him!

“Shiyu, say, where did this guy come from?”

He Yunting lived in Haoyue Country for almost a year now, but he had never heard this man name before.

“I don’t know where he came from, that is to say, this man is being kept in the dark.”

Liu Shiyu sees things more thoroughly, and his heart had some suspicion.

With Liu Shiyu's words, He Yunting understood the situation by 8 points. It seems this matter cannot be separated from Zheng Guogong. This old fox secretly used his backhand, even if Su Li just showed mercy and didn’t kill Ji Hong.

Murong Shaofeng calmly looked at all the scenes. He believed in Su Li's strength, but then his eyes swept over towards Mu Yunxuan. Su Xin fell asleep on his arms.

“Shaofeng, why are you being absent-minded?”

A pleasing sound and a pair of clear and bright eyes suddenly pulled him back to his senses. Murong Shaofeng's face immediately showed a tender smile.

“I thought you wouldn’t come?”

“That is my son, how can I not come?”

When Su Zimo came, Zhu Yan immediately got up and moved.

Su Zimo gratefully looked at Zhu Yan and then sat next to Murong Shaofeng. Such simple movement, but still attracted Su Ziyun’s attention. That woman finally appeared. Su Ziyun carefully looked at Su Zimo: Is she really Su Zimo?

Who is that man sitting next to her?

“No one said that he is not your son, right?”

Murong Shaofeng's smile was so amazing that Su Zimo was suddenly stunned.

“Hey! Shaofeng, when did you learn to joke around, huh?!” Su Zimo looked at Murong Shaofeng with a ghostly face. When he was with her. He was always polite, gentle and elegant. During a happy time, he will smile. During distressed moments, he will also smile. In his eyes, there seemed to be nothing that be can’t be solved.

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