Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 781: Journeying to Ye City (1)

"You're from the Ye Family, yet you need me to offer you shelter?" Yun Luofeng recovered her senses and asked while seemingly smiling yet not smiling.

Huohuo froze for a moment before suddenly pushing Ye Ximo to one side and spoke pitifully, "I don't know him and we didn't come here together. Sister, I lost my way and I beg you to offer me shelter."

Ye Ximo was thoroughly dumbstruck. Had he been abandoned just like that? He brought her to find the person she wanted to find and as a result, this darn girl fell out with him on the spot and said she doesn't know him?

Ye Ximo was deeply hurt, and he held on to his chest pretending to be feeling unwell as he looked at her. "Huohuo, you're too ruthless, I've been hurt deeply by you."

Huohuo's mouth twitched. "You shouldn't randomly acknowledge strangers. I don't even know you and you'd better return to your Ye City without delay. Don't interrupt Sister taking me in."

Ye Ximo pouted while feeling wronged. "Huohuo…"

Huohuo turned away, no longer looking at Ye Ximo and instead, blinked her bright eyes and looked towards Yun Luofeng. "Sister, I'm truly not acquainted with this guy and my family no longer exists, leaving me alone wandering about. If you don't take me in, I don't have any other place to go and I might starve to death on the streets. Do you have the heart to see me in such a plight?"

Facing Huohuo's pitiful expression, the smiling intent on her face became deeper as she softly said that. There existed such a deep connection between her and the God Code World, so how could she fall into such a plight?

Therefore, Yun Luofeng's replied mercilessly, "Yes. In addition, didn't you say that he was your brother?"

Huohuo blinked her eyes. "He deceived me! That's right, he's a swindler and he saw that I looked cute so he tricked me into being his sister. Actually, I have no relations with him…"

Ye Ximo felt even more heartbroken. He looked at Huohuo while feeling wronged and his eyes were filled with water, seemingly tears.

He came with good intentions and as a result, this darn girl actually called him a cheat?

In order to strike up a conversation, sure enough, she was completely unscrupulous. To think she could even find such a lame excuse!

"Come with me." Yun Luofeng grabbed Huohuo's petite hands and pulled her into the room.

Ye Ximo originally wanted to follow her in, but when he came to the door, it had been slammed closed with a bang, nearly causing his nose to be smashed.

This woman is the person Huohuo's looking for, so she shouldn't be in any danger. After Ye Ximo thought it through, he stretched his waist. Since that's the case, I'll return to my room first and rest, not caring about their matters anymore.

Although Huohuo appeared to be eight or nine years old, she was actually very mature and unwilling to suffer losses. Furthermore, he did not believe that Yun Luofeng would harm Huohuo!

Even he didn't understand why but clearly, today was their first meeting but he had a good feeling towards those two! Even when Yun Xiao used his aura to threaten him, he did not get angry...

Not long later, Ye Ximo then understood the reason why he had good feelings toward them was due to fate.

In the room, Huohuo timidly looked at Yun Xiao who embraced Yun Luofeng and sat down. She didn't know why she felt fear towards Yun Xiao. Perhaps because this man's aura was too strong, to the extent that she did not dare to look straight at him.

Yun Luofeng sat on Yun Xiao's thighs and looked at Huohuo inside the room. "There's no need for us to speak in roundabout terms. Was your motive for coming here to find me?"

Huohuo stared blankly. She knew that her lie had been seen through and no longer continued acting cute. Instead, she cleared her throat and asked. "You knew?"

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