Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 778: We Should Be Reasonable (2)

Mu Qingran nodded approvingly. However, when he just wanted to speak, Ye Ximo's fists had swooped towards him. With a bang, his body flew out again and fell downstairs from the railing.

"See?" Ye Ximo still tried to educate Huohuo, "A fist is the truth. Remember it."

Mu Qingran, who had fallen downstairs, spat out blood when he heard Ye Ximo's words. He thought Ye Ximo was a reasonable person, but it turned out that this guy was evil, insidious, and shameless! No wonder Jun Fengling adopted him! His character was exactly the same as hers!

On the Continent of No Return, many people didn't know anything about the Ye Family. Mu Qingran, who had a close relationship with Ye Qi, certainly knew that Ye Jingchen's wife was Jun Fengling! It was said that Jun Fengling was a mean woman who bewitched the young master of the Ye Family, Ye Jingchen, and adopted a boy because she couldn't give birth to a child.

Ye Qi was also adopted by Ye Jingchen...

As a shameless woman, Jun Fengling always resorted to violence when she was offended! And she was also a jealous wife. A family once wanted to gift their daughter to Ye Jingchen as his concubine. As a result, the jealous woman intruded into that family alone, and all the strong masters of the family couldn't stop her!

Her foster son would only be as evil as her!

Mu Qingran covered his chest with a hand and struggled to get up from the ground, but suddenly countless gold-seeking hamsters popped up from nowhere. They were densely packed and made his hair stand on end.

"What... what are these things?"

Mu Qingran almost fainted. Seeing the gold-seeking hamsters climb up his body, he quickly waved his hand and shouted, "Go away!"

The other people of the Mu Family were also suffering. These gold-seeking hamsters were so cunning and kept slipping into their clothes. They just couldn't get rid of them, no matter how hard they tried. Feeling their soft bodies crawling around on their skin, everyone got goosebumps...

Ye Ximo was also stunned, and he turned his eyes to Yun Luofeng with a surprised look, wondering where these gold-seeking hamsters came from.

Yun Luofeng walked downstairs, ignoring his gaze.

Every step she took, Mu Qingran turned more anxious, and he gnashed his teeth and asked, "Are these gold-seeking hamsters yours?"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and looked down at Mu Qingran, "Where is the gold-seeking hamster you captured?"

"What do you want?" Mu Qingran's pupils constricted. "I tell you, I will never give that gold-seeking hamster to you! You already have so many gold-seeking hamsters. Why do you still want mine?"

"Now I'll give you one last chance. Where is that gold-seeking hamster?"

The girl coldly stared at Mu Qingran, her eyes sharp and domineering.

"That gold-seeking hamster is my son's medicine. I can't give it to you."

Mu Qingran clenched his teeth. He could admit defeat and even surrender to her, but he would never give her that gold-seeking hamster!

"It's not that gold-seeking hamster that made your son ill! How can you exchange his life for your son's life?"

Mu Qingran snorted and said, "A hamster is just an animal. How can its life be compared with a human life? An animal is only an animal and a human being is always a human being! An animal's life is cheap while a human life is precious! Don't you understand this simple truth?"

Even in the face of the gold-seeking hamsters, he still insisted on his opinion. He didn't think these gold-seeking hamsters could cause him any harm. They could only disgust him at most.

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