Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 777: We Should Be Reasonable (1)

There seemed to be two flames in her eyes, but when you looked again, the two flames had disappeared…

No one could deny that this little girl was quite beautiful! Even Yun Luofeng couldn't help but cast several glances at her.


Yun Xiao raised his hand and threw Mu Qingran out, which nearly killed him.

"Ahem!" Mu Qingran coughed painfully and vomited a mouthful of blood. He wiped the blood from the lower corner of his mouth and looked up at Ye Ximo who was walking up to him, "Are... are you Ye Ximo of the Ye Family?

Why did Ye Ximo appear here? And what did he mean by saying that? It seemed that he was quite unhappy with him for mentioning Ye Qi.

"The Mu Family..." Ye Ximo turned to Mu Qingran and raised his sword-shaped eyebrows. "As far as I know, the heir to the Mu Family is seriously ill and only the flesh of a god-level gold-seeking hamster can save his life. For this reason, the Mu Family is looting medicinal materials around the world and trying to make the gold-seeking hamster you captured a god-level spirit cultivator as soon as possible!"

Mu Qingran was shocked to hear that Ye Ximo knew about this.

Looking at his startled eyes, Ye Ximo coolly raised the corners of his lips, "Unfortunately, even if you collected all the medicinal materials in the world, you can't make a gold-seeking hamster a god-level spirit cultivator, so why do you bother harassing people for those medicinal materials?"

Mu Qingran's face darkened bit by bit, "Even if there is only a faint gleam of hope, I will give it a try!"

Gold-seeking hamster?

When Yun Luofeng heard the three words, the hamster tribe staying in the God Code Space also heard them.

The hamster queen sounded quite anxiously, "Master, I know that my request might be too rude, but all gold-seeking hamsters are all my subjects. In recent years, countless gold-seeking hamsters have been lost from the underground castle. I'm sure that the gold-seeking hamster they mentioned is one of my subordinates. Please save them for me, Master."

Though other gold-seeking hamsters couldn't speak, from the soul contract, Yun Luofeng could feel that they were also pleading with her.

As a tribe of solidarity, the hamster tribe would never coldly look on their tribesman captured and to be eaten by a human being! It was because of their solidarity that they managed to survive in the Forest of No Return...


Without any hesitation, Yun Luofeng promised them. She wasn't irritated by their requests for her help and was instead quite glad. So she wouldn't reject their request!


"Little Ximo, why are you wasting time with these people?"

Not satisfied with Ye Ximo for wasting time with Mu Qingran, Huohuo frowned adorably and cast a grim glance at Mu Qingran.

"Just kill him! Why bother talking to him?"


In Huohuo's mind, anyone who had offended her eyes should be killed! She didn't care whether the person deserved to die or not, she only knew that anyone who had pissed her off should die! However, Huohuo forgot that Mu Qingran didn't even talk to her, so how could he provoke her? He only provoked Yun Luofeng!

Ye Ximo's mouth twitched, and he patted Huohuo on the shoulder, saying, "Huohuo, don't kill people randomly. It's not right. We should be reasonable..."

Yes, we should be reasonable!

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