Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 769: A Mysterious Girl (2)

Hearing his words, Huohuo puckered her lips, "The Ye Family? They don't deserve to know about my existence!"

Ye Ximo blinked and looked at the girl standing in front of him with surprised eyes.

Huohuo patted Ye Ximo on the shoulder, "Aren't you going to Qin City? I want to go with you."

Ye Ximo paused, "You want to go to Qin City with me?"

Huohuo nodded like an experienced adult. "The person I'm looking for should be a physician."

She said 'should be' instead of 'is'.

Hearing her words, Ye Ximo was more confused. Didn't Huohuo know who she was looking for?

"Brother." Just then, Ye Qi's clear voice came from the door.

Hearing her voice, Ye Ximo subconsciously hid Huohuo behind him, because he knew that she didn't want too many people to know about her existence.

However, Ye Qi spotted Huohuo, who was hidden behind Ye Ximo.

"Brother, who... Who is she?"

Ye Qi bit her lip tightly and looked sullen. Her brother, who had always been cold to her, was so protective of a little girl as if she would hurt her...

"Ye Ximo, it's time to go." Not even looking at Ye Qi, Huohuo flicked the dust off her red robe and puckered her lips.


Ye Ximo looked away and answered softly.

"Carry me."


Ye Ximo looked at the girl, speechless. "Don't you have legs?"

"I don't want to walk, carry me!" Huohuo was quite willful. "Otherwise, I will tell Ye Jingchen that you bullied me!"

Ye Ximo squatted down helplessly, "Come up."

Huohuo's face lit up with a bright smile and got up on the back of Ye Ximo, her eyes as bright and beautiful as the moon.


Looking at this, Ye Qi couldn't believe her eyes. Her brother, who she respected so much, would carry a little girl? And the girl just called her Foster Father by his name?

Turning around and glancing at Ye Qi, Ye Ximo ordered, "Ye Qi, stay in the Ye Family. I'm leaving for a few days," and walked towards the City Gate.

"Huohuo, you're so heavy. You should go on a diet."

"Stupid Ximo, what are you talking about?!" Huohuo smacked him on the forehead and said angrily, "I am light, lighter than a feather. You think I'm heavy because you're too weak!"

Lighter than a feather? What was that?

Ye Ximo's mouth twitched slightly, and a helpless look flickered across his handsome face. This girl was really fussy!


Qin City was famous for its black market and many physicians came here for it. At any time, the Qin City was quite bustling. But now, on the busy street, there was a sudden flurry of noise.

"Come on! Get out of here! It's the Mu Family!"

"Why are they so flustered? Is there something wrong with the Mu Family?"

"Whatever it is, we'd better stay away from it, so as not to get into trouble. I really don't want to mess with the Mu Family..."

The pedestrians all ran away and even the peddlers, who were busy at the stalls, hastily packed up and kept away from these rampaging people...

The black market quieted down as a group of people walked in. Everyone looked at these people who were rushing towards them and no one dared to speak...


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