Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 768: A Mysterious Girl (1)

Ye Ximo stopped and frowned slightly, "Just stay at home and wait for Foster Mother and Foster Father to come back. Don't mess around with your evil friends!" After saying this, Ye Ximo walked out of the courtyard without looking back.

Staring at the receding figure of Ye Ximo, Ye Qi bit her lips tightly, and her eyes were filled with displeasure. Why did her brother still dislike her as always no matter how hard she tried and how well she behaved?

What should she do to change his attitude towards her?


Ye Ximo walked out of the gate, looked at the vast sky and slightly frowned, "It has been several days. I still can't find them though I've searched all the cities nearby. How on earth can I find my brother and sister-in-law?"


Suddenly, a sweet laugh came from a tree nearby.

Following the sound, Ye Ximo saw a little girl with two ponytails sitting in a tree. The girl was cute and fair-skinned. When she laughed, her eyes were crescent-shaped. In a fiery-red robe, she looked quite lovely and beautiful.

"Huohuo, why are you here?"

Ye Ximo was surprised. As a matter of fact, he didn't know where the girl came from, except that she was taken from the Ye Family by Foster Father.

The Ye Family, however, seemed not to know about her existence!

The girl sat in the tree, her feet swinging and her arms holding the tree. With an adorable smile, she said, "How stupid you are! Ye Jingchen used to tell me that the woman called Yun Luofeng is a physician. As a physician, she must be interested in the black market in the neighboring city."

This girl was the only one who dared to call Ye Jingchen by his name in the whole Ye City, but Ye Jingchen didn't seem to mind it. Fortunately, the girl rarely showed up in public, or else people might mistake her for his daughter!

"You mean Qin City? Ye Ximo's eyes lit up.

How did he forget that, in the black market, there were many medicinal materials that were not available at auctions? Of course, if you wanted to buy valuable medicinal materials, you had to have sharp eyes.

As a physician, Yun Luofeng must be interested in the black market in Qin City! How could he forget this...

"Huohuo, thank you very much. If you didn't remind me, I would still be wondering where to find them." Ye Ximo laughed heartily.

Huohuo curled her lips, "Don't rush to thank me. I helped you because Ye Jingchen said he would help me find the one! If he hadn't promised me this, I wouldn't have left the Ye Family with him!

"Huohuo, may I ask you what your relationship is with the Ye Family? And who are you looking for? Why are you always so elusive?"

In the Ye Family's Estate, besides Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling, only Ye Ximo knew about her existence.

Even Ye Qi had never seen her!

"Don't ask me so many questions, because I don't want to answer you." Huohuo came down from the tree and fell at the front of Ye Ximo. "But I can tell you, I will only stay with you for three years, as I promised Ye Jingchen."

"You don't want to answer my questions? Fine. But I'm also from the Ye Family. Can you tell me about your relationship with the Ye Family? Why has no one found you even though you stayed in the Ye Family for so many years?" Ye Ximo asked curiously.

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