Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 763: The Woman in Red Got Angry (5)

"I really don't know!" Cold sweat was rolling down from his forehead, and his whole body was covered by blood, his voice shaking, "They can't get out unless you dig them out."

Dig them out?

The woman in red frowned slightly. Was this the only way?

"Brother Ye," she turned to Ye Jingchen, "please go back and ask for help. I'll get them out anyway even if I have to dig a hundred feet down!"

"Okay," Ye Jingchen nodded slightly, "Wait here for me. I'll be back soon."


Ye Jingchen whipped his horse, and the horse immediately turned back and galloped away...

The woman in red turned her eyes to Lin Yuan and the other people, "Why did you say you didn't know Xiao 'er and Luofeng?"

Lin Yuan shuddered and almost cried out, "We really didn't know their names."

"Really?" The woman in red looked puzzled and asked, "Didn't you come to this place together? Why don't you know their names?"

While Lin Yuan was trying to explain, Long Fei came up to the woman in red.

"He didn't know my lord's name, because my lord is his enemy, so she didn't tell him her name."


Hearing his words, her eyes suddenly turned very sharp, and she snapped, "What's the matter?"

Long Fei glanced at Lin Yuan who was trembling all over, "It's all because of his daughter. His daughter fell in love with my lord's man, so she framed my lord, trying to sow discord between them! But her trick was seen through. As for him... he tried to preach to my lord, but she didn't listen to him like the others, so he got angry with her."

Seeing the woman's face turned increasingly sullen, Long Fei continued, "By the way, he said that it served them right for Yun Xiao and my lord to fall into the ground."

The wind in the sky had disappeared.

The weather was quite good.

However, despite the good weather, a hurricane suddenly appeared around the woman in red and her clothes were fiercely fluttering in the wind.

"I'm afraid your daughter doesn't deserve my Xiao'er!" The woman in red sneered, "If he was really attracted by your daughter, I would doubt his taste."

She always believed her son's taste! He would not randomly pick a woman.

Lin Yuan moved his lips and wanted to defend himself, but he couldn't say anything under the sharp stare of the woman in red.

"How dare she frame my daughter-in-law in order to get Xiao'er?!" The woman in red walked slowly toward Lin Yuan, her eyes getting cold, "As for you... you wanted Xiao'er and Luofeng to accept your preaching? What made you believe... you had the right?"

She stopped her steps, her long dark hair was fluttering in the fierce wind, and she looked so powerful and valiant.

Among the survivors from the grey-robed man's attack, a person uttered in a shocked voice, "I remember who the man is who just left. He seems to be from the Ye Family."

"The Ye Family? Are you talking about that Ye Family, the first Family of the Tianyun Kingdom? Lin Yuan will be finished this time, for he got in trouble with the Ye Family! It is said that the old ancestor of the Ye Family has reached a realm above the god level… "

He had reached a realm above the god level, so then he must be a sage-level spirit cultivator! There were only a few sage-level spirit cultivators on this continent!

Hearing their discussions, Lin Yue turned paler and stared at the woman in red.

"What's your relationship with Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao?"

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