Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 762: The Woman in Red Got Angry (4)

When Su Zheng said this, the woman in red became excited and asked, "Do you know the whereabouts of Xiao'er and Luofeng? If you do, please tell me, and I will owe you one!"

She looked really excited, but Su Zheng kept silent.

"Martial Uncle, let me tell her," Long Fei slowly stepped forward, patted Su Zheng on the back, and then turned his gaze to the woman in red, "Yun Luofeng is my lord, and Yun Xiao is her man! I don't know what your relationship is with my lord, but I can tell you... they were trapped and are buried a hundred feet down in the earth! I'm afraid they won't make it out!"

Like being struck by a bolt from the blue, the woman in red was stunned, and then a wave of rage swept through her and she shouted angrily, "Who? Who trapped them? Get the h*ll out now!"

Lin Yuan was completely stunned, and his flustered mind was totally crushed. He quickly hid behind a tree to avoid being noticed.

However, the woman in red didn't pay any attention to him but turned her eyes to the grey-robed man in the fire as directed by Long Fei.

"You did it?

The grey-robed man snorted and didn't answer her.

"Good, very good!"

The woman in red said coldly, "Brother Ye, wait for me for a moment, I'll teach this b*stard a lesson!"

The grey-robed man stayed silent. She would just punch him out at most, which was no big deal compared with the flame burning him. His master was truly cruel! He just threw him into the flame and let the flame slowly burn him! He had no idea when the flame would turn him to ashes...

The woman in red walked slowly to the grey-robed man, and looked down at him, "I'll give you a chance. Get them out, or else I'll torture you to death!"

"Haha," the grey-robed man sneered, "Get them out? Do you think I'm stupid? Just do whatever you want! Don't bullsh*t!"

The woman in red slightly narrowed her eyes, "Fine, as you wish! Brother Ye, give me the knife."

"Knife? What are you going to do?"

"Cut him into pieces!"

Didn't he just ask her to do whatever she wanted? Then she would do as he asked!

Ye Jingchen handed the knife to the woman in red, who took the knife and sliced across the grey-robed man's arm.


A shrill cry rang through the sky, and the grey-robed man trembled with pain. Tortured by both the flame and the knife, he really wished he had died.

"Tell me, how can I save them?"

"I don't know!" The grey-robed man clenched his teeth.

Not saying anything, the woman in red cut again. The flesh on his arm was sliced off piece by piece, and the white bone was exposed.

Seeing this, all the people were terrified. It never occurred to them that such a gorgeous woman would be so cruel. When she sliced off the grey-robed man's flesh, she didn't even hesitate, as if she was cutting pork...

"No! Please don't! I really don't know. Please let me go."

"Let you go? Didn't you tell me to do whatever I want? Now I am just doing as you told me. Why are you begging for my mercy?"

Hearing her words, the grey-robed man body trembled harder.

The green flame was torturing his soul.

While this woman was torturing his body!

With the two extreme pains, he just wished he was dead!

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