Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 760: The Woman in Red Got Angry (2)

"Master, let me help you!"

Long Fei turned pale. However, when he was going to come forward, Fu Sheng raised her hand and slammed it on Long Fei's chest, shouting out loud, "Go!"


Long Fei fell back, and he could only watch the three of them swallowed by the black hole...


After quite a while, a sad cry resounded to the skies, and the birds, resting on the trees, all fluttered their wing and fled…

After the three of them dropped into the black hole, the hole automatically filled in, and the ground was level as if nothing had happened!

"Haha," the gray-robed man laughed grimly. He was lying weakly on the ground and blood kept running out of his mouth. "This is my revenge against you!"

The green flame was still burning his body as if burning his life. Besides, as he had forcibly broken the taboo, his body was so weak that he could not even lift his fingers...

Long Fei stood up from the ground and walked toward him. The flames on the gray-robed man's body seemed to have consciousness and didn't hurt Long Fei at all when he walked through them.

"Tell me, where are they?" Blue veins protruded on Long Fei's temples, and he grabbed the gray-robed man by the collar and asked angrily.

Hearing his words, the gray-robed man spat out a mouthful of blood and sneered, "A hundred feet underground! No matter how powerful they are, they will not be able to escape from there!"

Even if he would die, he would make them die with him!


Long Fei kicked him in the belly, a murderous look in his eyes, "Free them now, or I'll torture you to death!"

The gray-robed man sneered and closed his eyes, ignoring Long Fei's kicks to his chest...

"Long Fei!" Su Zheng sighed, stopped Long Fei and said with a frown, "It's useless to torture him now. The most urgent thing is to save them. As for him... we can punish him after we have rescued them!"

Long Fei stopped and glared at the gray-robed man. "Don't think you can run away. I swear I'll cut you into pieces!"

After he had said this, a voice of contempt suddenly came from behind them.

"As I said before, evil people are liable to retribution! Look, now they have received their retribution! It just serves them right!"

Lin Yuan looked at them with a sneer. He was afraid of Yun Xiao but never took the other people seriously. Now that Yun Xiao was not here, he wasn't afraid of anything!

Long Fei turned his eyes to Lin Yuan. "What did you say?"

"You heard me. Those people deserved to die miserably! This just serves them right!"

Every time he thought about how Yun Luofeng had ruined so many of his medicinal herbs, he felt his heart was trembling and just wanted to cut her into pieces!

While Long Fei was exasperated, Su Zheng suddenly took two steps forward and stared at Lin Yuan.

"You are so presumptuous because you think no one here can punish you?"

Lin Yuan's eyes darkened.

He didn't forget that Long Fei used to call Fu Sheng Master, so this man must be Fu Sheng's Martial Brother!

Thinking that this man used to stay with Fu Sheng, he was quite upset, and his tone became even more presumptuous.

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