Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 756: Jue Qian Taking Action (3)

It seemed that other than for Yun Luofeng, this man did not have any feelings towards any person or thing except for being grim! He was just like a tree, sheltering her from the wind and rain.

"Yun Xiao!"

Yun Luofeng hastily rushed in front of Yun Xiao. Seeing his arms covered with blood, her heart ached, just like it had been torn. However, compared to the pain, her heart contained more anger.

"You're actually still alive after taking a full-force attack of mine?" The gray-robed man was somewhat alarmed. "Do the people of this era have such a strong vitality to this degree?"

Yun Xiao expressionlessly said, "If I were to die, she would be injured."

"..." The gray-robed man stared blankly, clearly not understanding the meaning of his words.

"Therefore, I will never die!"

The man's voice was low and horse, while his figure was similar to a gigantic mountain that stood before Yun Luofeng, blocking all the danger for her!

If he died, there would be no one to protect her.

As such, how could he die?

Yun Luofeng tightly clenched her fist. It was the first time she felt so powerless. Strength! If she had sufficient strength, Yun Xiao wouldn't be injured and they would not have encountered the danger of today! In the end, she was just not strong enough...


Just then, an egotistical voice that sounded like it was transmitting from the horizon could be heard in her mind.

"As my successor, how can you fall at this time? Little girl, let me lend you a helping hand!"

Jue Qian?


Yun Luofeng was shocked by this egotistical and domineering voice. Suddenly, she caught a few points from his words and froze on the spot.

Jue Qian? Isn't he already dead?

Furthermore, why were these words only heard by herself? The others seemed to be unable to hear this man's arrogant voice...

"Jue Qian, where are you?" Yun Luofeng calmed her senses and asked. As Jue Qian's voice sounded from her mind, therefore she used soul transmission to ask.

"That year, I was hunted down by those experts and had fallen! However, my soul escaped by a fluke, so I returned to that palace and left a fragment of my soul in the book! Furthermore, if the person who obtains this book were to meet with danger, this fragment of my soul will appear and save them onceā€¦"

"Little girl, lend me your body! Let me meet with this depraved disciple! I just need you to do something for me as the price of saving you!"

Yun Luofeng suppressed the surge in her heart. "Please speak."

"Although my physical body has fallen, I still exist! What I want you to do is to find my reincarnation and accept him as a disciple!"

"Alright, I promise you." Yun Luofeng lifted her eyes and questioned, "However, you should at least tell me how I can find him."

"You can rest assured that when you meet him, you'll naturally feel something!"

After Jue Qian's words finished, Yun Luofeng's body suddenly trembled, as a powerful force invaded her body and forcefully controlled her. However, this was done under Yun Luofeng's permission. Without her permission, Jue Qian's soul fragment couldn't occupy her physical body!

Yun Xiao originally wanted Yun Luofeng to leave immediately. However, the moment his eyes met hers, his expression turned cold. "Who are you?"

Yun Luofeng did not speak and unhurriedly walked up to the gray-robed man. Her gaze faintly revealed a red light that was arrogant and domineering.

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