Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 755: Jue Qian Taking Action (2)


The gray-robed man laughed to his heart's content. His laughter was arrogant and proud, while carrying a gloomy aura.

"Unfortunately, you no longer have a future!"

After saying that, the gray-robed man no longer continued speaking nonsense and launched an attack towards Yun Luofeng. At a critical moment, it was still Yun Xiao who stepped forward and blocked that man's attack that was like a hot knife through butter...

The gray-robed man's attack was very fierce with every move bringing death!

"What should we do?"

Other experts who followed Lin Yuan looked at each other in dismay. Facing the power of the battle, their feet involuntarily moved. "Let's go, we'll leave here immediately. This sort of battle is not something we can handle!" Those people turned, thinking of running away...

"Thinking of escaping?"

The gray-robed man looked at those figures escaping and snorted. After that, the aura on his body suddenly attacked towards that group of people. In an instant, raging flames were ignited in the entire forest.


Within those flames, shrill cries could be heard, causing a wave of vibration in the entire forest.

Lin Yuan was so scared that his neck shrunk back and he tried to reduce his presence. Fortunately, he was so scared that he couldn't even move and did not try to escape together with those people. Otherwise, the people burning in the raging flames would definitely have included himself...

Others who were lucky enough to have escaped the flames had also received a violent shock and one had even wet their pants. Their frightened gaze looked towards the two of them who were in a fight.


Not far away in the dense forest, reins were pulled to forcibly bring a horse to a stop.

On the horse, the red-robed woman wrinkled her brows and turned towards the burning forest as she questioned in a serious tone, "Brother Ye, what happened there? Could it be that there's a dispute between the spirit king beasts of the Forest of No Return, causing a great war?"

Ye Jinghao quietly thought for a long time before asking, "How about going there to have a look?"

"Alright," The red-robed lady slightly nodded, "Xiao'er and Yun Luofeng are both inside the forest and I really can't feel reassured. It'll be better if we go and have a look."


Ye Jinghao pulled the reins tight and the horse galloped towards the forest that was on fire...


Inside the forest, all living things were set on fire.

Yun Xiao's expression was somewhat pale, and his face was grim as before.

Compared to him, the gray-robed man's face was full of shock. Clearly, he didn't expect that the other party could resist so many of his strikes!

It seemed that he hadn't come out for a long time, and there were more geniuses on this continent than before. Unfortunately, even if he was talented, he would be ending here...

"Boy, I admit that your talent is very strong. However, even if you are a genius, you will definitely die here today!"


The gray-robed man attacked once again and this time, he exhausted all his strength and even caused a violent storm in his surrounding, with his clothing dancing in the wind.


Yun Xiao blocked the opponent's attack and suddenly he felt his arms going numb, with injuries expanding gradually on his hands.

He did not retreat, even if it was a step!

He knew that if he were to take a step back, he would reduce the amount of force he blocked from this attack and Yun Luofeng would definitely receive the blow!

For her, he cannot cower!


Power penetrated across, but Yun Xiao was expressionless. It was impossible to see fear on his face, nor did he know what was called pain.

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