Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 752: Breaking the Seal

A gale wind blew, and spiritual power drained out from Yun Luofeng and headed towards the seal at a speed visible to the naked eye...


A powerful spiritual force exploded on the seal but it did not make Yun Luofeng fly out the way everyone expected. Instead, the seal that originally did not move a single bit trembled under her attack...

That's right, the seal indeed moved!

Even if it was a small change, it was sufficient to cause everyone an endless shock.

"How can this be?!" Lin Yuan's expression was somewhat pale, "She clearly only found out about seals earlier on, so how can she have such strength? Don't tell me she really learned the principles of seals in such a short period of time?"

Lin Yuan's words caused everyone present to suck in a cold breath. In that short period of time, a person that did not have the slightest understanding of seals had changed to become knowledgeable enough to break the seal. How could you describe this sort of talent?

Lin Yuan suddenly felt regret. Regret that he had competed with this young lady and even more regret that he offended her from the start...

What made Lin Yuan unable to understand was that he also used brute force to attack the seal. While he and Su Zheng had failed, how did she succeed?

In fact, this point was easy to explain. Although Lin Yuan had some understanding of seals, what he knew was only superficial knowledge! He simply believed that the weakest point of all seals was in the middle! In reality, just now when Yun Luofeng closed her eyes, she was actually sensing where was the seal's valve!

If someone else tried this, they would require several days to sense the valve. What's more, some powerful seals could even conceal it, making it impossible for others to notice the valve.

However, Yun Luofeng's spiritual power was too overpowered and coupled with the God Code World providing her an unending stream of spiritual energy, it allowed her to use the method written down by Jue Qian to find that valve...


Yun Luofeng launched another attack and the seal trembled more and more under her bombardment. Even the entire mountain range shook...

Inside the seal.

On the edge of the clear pool, a gray-robed man was sweating profusely. His hands tightly pressed against the woman's chest while threads of spiritual energy convergence at the woman's chest.

"This king spirit beast will belong to me in a little while!"

The corner of the gray-robed man curved up, revealing a smug smile while he slightly narrowed his eyes. "However, her resisting consciousness is too strong, causing me to exert a lot of energy to subdue her. Luckily, this energy won't used in vain!"


Suddenly, the gray-robed man felt the ground trembling, and his expression instantly turned serious.

"Who is it? Who is breaking my seal? They sure have the nerve to do so!" The gray-robed man stood up and looked at the green-robed woman on the floor, while his eyes revealed a sinister radiance, "I'll settle those people now and subdue you in a little while!"

After he had finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the outside.

Outside of the seal.

Witnessing cracks appearing on the seal under Yun Luofeng's attack, everyone's gaze brightened as they cried out in their hearts.

"A little more, a little more and the seal can be broken! As long as this seal is broken, we can head into the Forest of No Return to look for the most precious treasures!"

Even Lin Yuan's eyes brightened up...

By breaking the seal, it meant that he was a step closer to Fu Sheng!


The last attack fell, and the seal had finally been reduced to incorporeal fragments under the intense attack, like stars floating in the air...

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