Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 751: Genius Jue Qian (3)

Unfortunately, a genius who was talented in all aspect had died in this sea of people early on...

Thinking about this, Yun Luofeng was feeling somewhat regretful.

"Since seals were also invented by Jue Qian, then there must be a method of breaking them in this book!" Yun Luofeng's expression once again turned solemn as she seriously looked through the book in her hands...

Minutes and seconds passed by, and the young lady in the shade of the tree was concentrating so hard that she was not affected by those clamoring voices around her.

Long Fei's body could no longer persist as fresh blood splattered everywhere. His entire arm had been dislocated and looked as though it could break any moment...

Just when Long Fei wanted to continue striking the seal, a voice could be heard behind him.

"Long Fei, Su Zheng, both of you get away!"

Long Fei's body froze as he turned to look at Yun Luofeng. "My lord..."

"Long Fei, you've worked hard," Yun Luofeng smiled, "Leave the rest to me."

Her smile was particularly bright and beautiful, different from her previous bewitching smiles, yet having the identical effect of a sun lighting up his heart.

Long Fei was stunned as he stared blankly at her bright and beautiful smile while involuntarily blanking out. However, while he was in a daze, a grim gaze shot at his back, causing him to feel as if there were sharp thorns on his back. He hastily looked away and coughed embarrassingly.

Yun Luofeng then went and stood before the barrier. She patted Su Zheng's shoulder and said firmly. "I will definitely save them!"

Su Zheng froze. Not knowing why, at this moment, his impetuous heart unconsciously settled down...

"Thank you." His throat was a little dry, causing his voice to become hoarse.

Yun Luofeng stopped speaking while she raised her head to look at the seal that blocked their path...

If it was in the past, Lin Yuan would definitely sneer, looking at Yun Luofeng overestimating her capabilities. But now, he was still under Yun Xiao's threat. If he dared to utter a word, this man would definitely have him be buried here. As such, he only gave Yun Luofeng a momentary contemptuous glance.

It wasn't only him, other than Yun Xiao who had always trusted in her, Long Fei and Su Zheng, no one believed that Yun Luofeng could break the seal! The reason was simple. This woman simply didn't know how to break seals! She had learned it on the spot and spent only a short time. What could she have learned?

Did she truly think of herself as a God that ruled the world and knew everything?

Long Fei and Su Zheng stared at Yun Luofeng without blinking. Their breathing was hurried and shallow while their expression revealed nervousness.

Yun Luofeng did not speak and merely stuck her palms on the matrix and slowly shut her eyes while quietly standing in the breeze.

"What's she doing?"

"Not sure, probably sensing something?"

"What can she feel with just a hand? Say, could she be acting as…"

That person wanted to ask if Yun Luofeng was acting as if she knew something but actually didn't. However, recalling Yun Xiao standing on one side, he quickly paused his words and timidly look at him.

Clearly, in these people's eyes, Yun Xiao had already become a wicked man who didn't blink when he killed...

At this time, Yun Luofeng gradually opened her eyes and her pitch-black eyes revealed a bright radiance.

Momentarily, everyone looked at her once again and their eyes all contained doubt.


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