Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 750: Genius Jue Qian (2)

"Master, I don't really understand this seal."

Xiao Mo's voice was very weak, evidently somewhat depressed. He very much wanted to help Yun Luofeng, but there were many things that he no longer remembered, so he did not know the method to break this seal...

Yun Luofeng turned taciturn for a long while before turning to Yun Xiao, "Yun Xiao, help me restrain Lin Yuan."

The young lady's voice was like a light breeze, entering Lin Yuan's ears. Lin Yuan's face originally had a disdainful smile but after hearing her words, he suddenly froze as he looked at the unfeeling man walking towards him in horror.

"You..., what do you want to do?" Lin Yuan retreated a few steps back as he swallowed with great difficulty.


A powerful force stuck him on his back, and instantly he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood while his footsteps staggered forward and all of a sudden, he fell on the ground.

Yun Xiao's feet rested on his shoulders, and if Yun Xiao were to use force, he could immediately crush his shoulders. Therefore, while facing Yun Xiao's threat, Lin Yuan dared not oppose him and his pale face contained fear.

"Exactly what are you thinking of doing? Even if you want to kill me, you should give me a reason!"

Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin and walked towards Lin Yuan while narrowing her eyes. She then smiled devilishly. "How much do you understand about this seal?"

"I… I don't know…" Lin Yuan's expression became increasingly pale, "I only know that there's a weakest spot to every seal. Just attack that spot and you'll be able to break it! However, it's evident that this seal is not the same as I've already attacked the weakest point but there are no changes!"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and continued asking, "What else did you omit? For example, the principle regarding seals…"

Lin Yuan did not understand what principle she meant, but what he knew was, Yun Luofeng did not know anything about seals! Even if she wanted to learn on the spot, it was already too late. What could she possibly learn in such a short time?

Although Lin Yuan thought so internally, he didn't dare to express it. On the contrary, he had obediently explained everything regarding seals to her.

Listening to him, Yun Luofeng turned silent.

She felt that the principle behind this seal's construction seemed to be similar to something...

Construction of puppets?

Suddenly, Yun Luofeng reacted.

Wasn't the principle of this seal similar to the method to construct puppets? The making of puppets was invented by Jue Qian! Could it be that there was some sort of relationship between this seal and Jue Qian?

Thinking of this, Yun Luofeng felt delighted as she hastily took out the book related to constructing of puppets that she obtained from Jue Qian's refuge place. After that, she found a place and sat down, while quietly flipping through the book...

"She… she really intends to learn on the spot?"

Lin Yuan was dumbstruck as he stared blankly at the young lady who was studying under the tree and the others were also stunned.

No one would have thought that at this moment, Yun Luofeng was actually studying. She who didn't even understand a single seal, could it be that she could learn the method to break the seal in such a short time?

This was simply a fantasy!

Yet, Yun Luofeng did not worry about those questioning or contemptuous looks as her fingers lightly flipped the book in her hand.

This book had been in her hands for several days, but she had never had the time to read it! Other than the contents of the first page, she knew nothing about the book's content.

"I found it!"

Yun Luofeng's eyes slightly brightened. "Sure enough, other than puppets, Jue Qian had invented the existence of seals! If this abnormality was still alive, the entire Continent would be his world!"

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