Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 749: Genius Jue Qian (1)

Before approaching the barrier, Lin Yuan took a deep breath while his eyes revealed a serious look. At this moment, that woman's dainty and beautiful face surfaced in his mind, causing his heart to be filled with excitement.

As long as this barrier was broken, he could meet his dream lover!


Lin Yuan's fist was wrapped with a layer of a powerful force and suddenly slammed against the barrier. In a flash, the force was reflected from the barrier, causing his body to fly out instantly.

Witnessing this scene, someone in the crowd sneered, "Lin Yuan, didn't you say that this was just a seal? It seems that you are not even able to break a seal, yet you had the cheek to be so arrogant?"

Lin Yuan's face was unsightly to some extent. He climbed up from the ground and hastily rushed towards the seal...

A fist arrived with a bang, and the fierce fist was just like a gigantic mountain.

However, the seal under his fist did not move the slightest, whereas it was his body that once again shot out!

"Impossible!" Lin Yuan revealed a stunned expression, "I've exerted all my strength to attack and it is reasonable to say that I can break this seal, but why is there no reaction?"

Thinking about it, his face involuntarily became pale.

"It seems like this Lin Yuan doesn't have a use after all." Long Fei shook his head. "If I knew before that he would be useless, it would have been better to resolve him earlier."

Lin Yuan eyes turned cold as he spoke with a cold voice. "Among everyone, only I have some understanding towards this seal and I know the weakest part of it. However, since even I am unable to break it, there will not be anyone who can break this seal among us!"

Long Fei was somewhat furious as he fiercely glared at Lin Yuan. At this time, Su Zheng suddenly stood up and frantically rushed towards the seal. His fist attacked the seal again and again while his eyes were bloodshot and opened wide.

"Martial Uncle!"

Seeing Su Zheng's crazy appearance, Long Fei was shocked and went up to stop him without delay. However, before he reached Su Zheng, he had been stopped by him.

"Scram!" Su Zheng turned his head and furiously roared at Long Fei, "I must enter this damned seal! All my family is inside waiting for me, so how can I hide outside by myself?"

Unfortunately, no matter how powerful Su Zheng's strength was, he wasn't the match of this seal! Every time he attacked the seal, he would be injured by the rebound force of the seal until he spat out fresh blood.

Even so, there was no stopping him...

Long Fei's eyes reddened.

Although his Martial Uncle was frequently indecent, and even if it would cause a huge ordeal, it hadn't stop him from teasing a woman.

However, his Martial Uncle's feelings for the other king spirit beasts were equally sincere!

His brothers and sisters had all met danger, so how could he be free and unfettered alone outside? Even if he was unable to save them, he still wanted to face life and death together with them!

This was his Martial Uncle!

A lecherous and shameless man, yet a hero that was worthy of other's respect!

"Martial Uncle, I'll follow you! Even if my body will be torn and crushed under the rebound force of the seal, I am also not willing to retreat!"

Long Fei's gazed hardened little by little. He took heavy steps and walked towards the seal...

If even his lord had no methods, perhaps truly no one could save his own master!

Therefore, he could only die together with everyone!

Looking at Su Zheng's and Long Fei's reckless behavior, Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes and asked, "Xiao Mo, do you have any solutions?"


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