Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 746: Hypocrite’s True Colors (5)

"Scram!" Lin Yuan's expression was serious as his fist struck that man's chest. Immediately, that man spat out a mouthful of blood as he suddenly retreated back.

"Lin Yuan, you're being too overbearing! I originally thought that you merely deceived the masses, but to think that you would actually pull others in to be harmed in your place! You should pay with your life!"

The reason why these people were so furious was not because of the man who innocently died! It was because there were too many dangers in the Forest of No Return! Right now, it was someone else who perished but they could be the next person who was used as cannon fodder!

Facing everyone's criticism, Lin Yuan's held both hands behind his back as he overflowed with reason. "So what if I made him die in my stead? You should all honestly ask yourself, with his strength, what help would he be to us as we continue on our journey? In contrast, with me alive, I am much better in regards to being useful!"

"You're talking nonsense!" the deceased's brother furiously shouted as he launched a second attack on Lin Yuan.

However, this time, before he even got close to Lin Yuan, he had been promptly struck back over a hundred meters by Lin Yuan's attack, and he couldn't help but spit out fresh blood from his mouth. Everyone did not dare to say anything else and only glared furiously at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan sneered. "My actions were all for your benefit. Who would have thought that all of you would be unable to recognize my good intentions?! If I die, the strength of your team will be decreased by half, and at that time all of you will be completely wiped out!"

Everyone was aware that what Lin Yuan said was reasonable, but recalling the previous scene, waves of fury would surge forth from their hearts. Yet, no one stepped forth to speak up for the deceased...


The man-eating flower digested the person in its mouth and turned towards Lin Yuan, launching an attack once again ...

This time, everyone who witnessed this retreated one after another for fear that they would be thrown to become the man-eating flower's nourishment.

Yun Luofeng looked at this battle scene from a detached point of view. "Long Fei, did you deliberately scheme to draw him here?"

Long Fei nodded his head. "Any precious item within the Forest of No Return is guarded by spirit beasts! In this case, it is merely a man-eating flower that is watching over this place! In fact, the Forest of No Return is not as dangerous as everyone thinks. In an ordinary situation, if you do not touch anything in the forest, those strong spirit beasts will not take the initiative to attack."

It was precisely because people were unable to control their greed after discovering these treasures, causing the spirit beast safeguarding here to launch an attack against them!

Long Fei thought for a moment before he continued speaking. "If he did not pluck that medicinal herb, the man-eating flower would not attack him!"

That person's luck earlier on was slightly better as he had been sent flying by Lin Yuan before he had the chance to pick that medicinal ingredient, thus escaping a calamity!

Greed was a curse that all humans were unable to escape from!

As such, the fight became increasingly intense.

Those experts belonging to the City Lord's Estate had already been reduced to become the man-eating flower's nourishment, with only Lin Yuan going all out at the risk of his life and fighting.

Even though that was the case, Lin Yuan had injuries all over and one of his arms had been bitten off by the man-eating flower...

This can't go on. If this continues, I will definitely perish here! Lin Yuan bit his lips and swallowed his pride to request for help from Yun Xiao, "Please lend me a helping hand!"

Yun Xiao did not even spare him a glance and his expression was unfeeling as always, seemingly not hearing his cries for help.

Lin Yuan's expression became increasingly unsightly. "Within this Forest of No Return, there are unimaginable dangers. If I die, you can't escape from your final fate!"

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