Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 745: Hypocrite’s True Colors (4)

If possible, he wanted to keep all the medicinal herbs for himself. However, he understood that he wasn't able to beat that unfeeling man and if he wanted to obtain the medicinal herbs, he had to disregard their previous disputes and collaborate!

Lin Yuan's words caused Yun Luofeng to laugh. Her eyes were filled with laughter as the corner of her lips curved up in a slight arc.

"You want to cooperate with us? Do you think you are worthy?"

Lin Yuan's expression changed. "I know that you are very strong. However, there are also numerous dangers within the Forest of No Return! Do you think that you are able to break through into the Forest of No Return by relying on your strength? Only by working together will we be able to survive!"

"You can rest assured. Even if you were to perish a hundred times, I will never die!"

The young lady's voice was very arrogant and her condescending look had neatly laid out that she did not place Lin Yuan in her eyes. Seeing that Lin Yuan wanted to continue speaking, Yun Luofeng interrupted him.

"These medicinal herbs are too common and of no interest to me! If you want, you can take them all for yourself. In regards to cooperating, don't even think about it!"

Red Hackberry Tree? Elder Rong of the Medicinal Pavilion had gifted her one in the past and was still kept inside the God Code World. Furthermore, she had renamed it as Spiritual Fruit Tree!

Blood Ginseng?

Does she even need this Blood Ginseng to keep her dying breath?

There wasn't even a need to mention the other medicinal ingredients!

Not long ago, within the betrothal gifts that Yun Xiao gifted to her, there were numerous thousand-year-old medicinal herbs! Furthermore, she had obtained plenty of precious ingredients from the hamster tribe.

Therefore, she had truly no interest in these medicinal ingredients!

More importantly, before entering the pathway to the right, Long Fei had informed her that regardless of what she saw, she shouldn't pay any attention to it, and if she were to discover any treasures, they couldn't be taken!

Lin Yuan's expression turned solemn as he snorted before turning to walk towards those medicinal herbs. This woman truly didn't know what was what! Since she didn't want them, then he would monopolize these medicinal herbs!

Under everyone's furious gaze, Lin Yuan walked to those medicinal herbs. He then bent down and started to pick the herbs...

To prevent damaging the medicinal herbs, his actions were exceedingly slow as he cautiously and solemnly dug the plant out from the ground and threw it into his space ring.

"Alright, next would be the other herbs…" Lin Yuan's vision turned towards another plant stalk.

Just then, everyone who was standing behind him seemed to have seen something inconceivable as they astonishingly opened their eyes widely and quickly shouted, "City Lord, be careful!"


Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment before he turned back. All of a sudden, a huge flower appeared behind him with its mouth opened wide, revealing its sharp teeth and biting towards Lin Yuan. With Lin Yuan's sharp eyes and nimble hands, he swiftly grabbed someone nearest to him and threw him towards the man-eating flower. That man was caught off guard as he was thrown by Lin Yuan. Before he had the time to scream for help, he had been swallowed whole by the man-eating flower.

Taking advantage of the moment, Lin Yuan ran away for a few meters. He wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead while fear lingered in him!

If he was a second late, the person who died would be him!

Fortunately, his reaction was comparatively nimble and he conveniently grabbed someone else to use as cannon fodder.

Lin Yuan never expected that there would be a man-eating flower here...


Suddenly, a frantic voice could be heard from the crowd. A man rushed towards Lin Yuan as he screamed with bloodshot eyes,

"Lin Yuan, return my brother's life!"

The person who was used as cannon fodder by Lin Yuan earlier on was not someone from the City Lord's Estate, but one of those experts that had followed him! Therefore, everyone who was at the scene was infuriated.

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