Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 743: Hypocrite’s True Colors (2)

So what if they weren't physicians? Were they not allowed to have medicinal herbs if they weren't one?

As long as they obtained these herbs, they could demand a favor by bringing these medicinal ingredients to those famous physicians after leaving the Forest of No Return. Not only that, they could also sell them to others!

Even at this point, no one had forgotten the words Lin Yuan said previously. He said that after coming to the Forest of No Return, no matter what they found, he would never contest for it with others and would leave everything for them!

Where could they find such a highly principled, selfless, and devoted City Lord?

However, what everyone didn't expect was that at this time, Lin Yuan was already swearing uncontrollably in his heart.

Selfless and devoted? To hell with that!

As everyone knows, there are numerous rare treasures within the Forest of No Return and even more countless expensive and valuable medicinal plants. However, discovering all these requires luck, while those who were unlucky could only return empty-handed.

Lin Yuan didn't think that his luck would be good to such an extent!

The words he said at the City Gates were only because he liked to be flattered and complimented by others, so he had blurted them out without thinking! Lin Yuan's expression was somewhat unsightly. If it was in the past, it wouldn't matter if these people took it all! After they settled the matter, he would just kill them all and seize the items forcefully!

Yet at this moment, Yun Luofeng suddenly appeared out of nowhere! Based on this woman's personality, would she allow him to get away with it?

"City Lord!"

The men from the City Lord's Estate were also somewhat anxious. These medicinal herbs were too precious! They could auction them for an astronomical amount if taken to auction houses, and not only that, they would also be vied for between countless physicians! If he were to give them away now, wouldn't it too much of a pity? Looking at these people walking towards the medicinal herbs, Lin Yuan finally spoke. "Hold on!"

Suddenly, everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him in confusion.

"Everyone," Lin Yuan's eyes flickered a few times as he spoke righteously, "I did promise to hand over all the treasures within the Forest of No Return to all of you! However, these medicinal herbs cannot be counted as treasures and moreover, there are no physicians present and these herbs would be wasted if handed to you! It would be better for me to collect them all and if you have any ailments in the future, I will let the physicians of the City Lord Estate treat you."

Suddenly, a commotion spread between everyone and all of them were seemingly discussing a decision!

Looking at this scene, Lin Yuan continued, "You can rest assured that since I've mentioned that there are treasures unearthed, then those precious treasures definitely exist! At that time, I won't keep anything and will leave everything for you to distribute among yourself!"

His speech was said beautifully and full of righteous, making those people believe him to some degree at that moment. Indeed, to them, these medicinal ingredients could at the very most be sold for money and it would be better to leave them to the City Lord.

It would be sufficient if the City Lord did not vie for the treasures with them at that time! Seeing the softening expressions of everyone, Lin Yuan slowly relaxed in his heart. Just when he was about to continue speaking, a laugh could be heard all of a sudden.

"You can just straightforwardly say that you want to appropriate these medicinal herbs for yourself, why should you find all these excuses?" The young lady crossed her hands and lazily looked at Lin Yuan. "Furthermore, it's not definite that those treasures you speak of truly exist! If you were to take possession of all these medicinal herbs, but then we are unable to find other treasures, then how should we deal with it?"

That's right!

If by any chance he takes possession of all the medicinal ingredients but there are no other treasures, don't tell me that we can still snatch those medicinal ingredients back?

Thinking of this, everyone cast a suspicious gaze at Lin Yuan. If it was yesterday, these people would definitely trust Lin Yuan with no second thoughts. However, after the incident with Lin Ruoxin, there was a slight change in their attitude towards Lin Yuan.

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